Annual Cookie Baking Day

Note:  This will be my last post until after Christmas.  My boys arrive home tomorrow and I can’t wait.  I’m going to enjoy my time with my whole family home under one roof!  Wishing you a wonderful and joyful Christmas!  See you back here next week.  I”ll have some fun recipes perfect for New Year’s Eve celebrations!

Yesterday was our annual holiday cookie baking day.

Cali, Tessa and I were joined by neighbors Debbie and Hannah and Lizzy of Your Cup of Cake is home from school for the holidays.

We baked and cooked our little hearts out.  Went through a ton of butter, sugar, flour and eggs and made quite a mess of the kitchen.

Cookie Baking Day

Cookie Baking Day

I got up early and mixed up some of the cookie doughs that needed to refrigerate for awhile.

The night before I had made up a batch of white chocolate popcorn, white chocolate cinnamon pretzels and some caramels.  I learned a lesson though.  My old, family heirloom candy thermometer had broken so I bought a new one.  Don’t buy a cheap candy thermometer!  They don’t work.  And your caramels don’t work either when you use it.  But we did find a use for that caramel that didn’t set up – Lizzy piped it into some amazing Chocolate Turtle Pecan Muffins she made.

Cookie Baking Day

We made a batch of lemon drops, snowballs and chocolate crinkles.

Cookie Baking Day

Cookie Baking Day

I think my favorite cookie of the day was one that Lizzy made – eggnog cookies.  The eggnog flavor was just right and the eggnog glaze and cinnamon sprinkled on top were the perfect addition.  If you like eggnog you are going to love these.  Hop on over to Lizzy’s blog for the recipe.

Cookie Baking Day

Cookie Baking Day

We also made some candy.  Debbie made this amazing peppermint fudge.  It was so good.  I was going to wait to share the recipe with you next Christmas but I’m not sure I can wait – want it now or later??  There was a batch of chocolate butterscotch fudge too.

Cookie Baking Day

The girls all pitched in so we got a lot done.  They did have their silly moments though.

Cookie Baking Day

But all in all it was a lot of fun and a lot of sugar!
Cookie Baking Day

I remade my batch of caramel with the new candy thermometer I went out and bought at 8 a.m. at Target before we started baking and they turned out perfect.  That’s another recipe  I’m going to have to share soon.  Look at what I made with some of the caramel – Millionaries.  Rice Krispies covered in caramel and topped with chocolate!
Cookie Baking Day

I also made a batch of fondant and combined it with some caramel balls and crushed pecans for Boston Creams.  Hmm… think you need that recipe too!

It was a fun and productive day.  A quick trip to Cash and Carry for some containers to package it all up in and we were good to go.  Now to get it all delivered to neighbors and friends!

Here are the happy but tired bakers!
Cookie Baking Day

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  1. says

    Very productive and impressive day! I couldn’t find the eggnog recipe, I’d love to try it, probably next year. Thanks for sharing all the great photos! Did the crew help clean too?

  2. says

    I know you said you were done posting until after Christmas, but you left me hanging!!! I *NEED* the Millionaire cookies recipe!! I’m online now looking for it, but not having much luck. Oh, please do come back with that:)!!!!

    • says

      The Millionaries are basically just caramel, rice krispies and melted milk chocolate. If you have a favorite recipe for caramels you can just use that. Just let it cool and bit and then mix in with rice krispies. I just eye ball the amount. Form little nests with the mixture and make an indentation in the middle for the chocolate. Just fill the indentation with melted chocolate. If you don’t have a good caramel recipe email me and I”ll send you mine!

  3. says

    Found your site through Mollie Gustafson…love it (esp the beautiful photos!)

    But…are you not on Twitter? This makes me sad. I wanted to follow you. :-)

  4. Catherine says

    I have to have that turtle muffin recipe! Those look wonderful!! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

    Looks like you guys had a very productive day. Today is my baking day I’m trying to narrow down my list, but I’m ambitious. Guess I’ll start off with peanut butter fudge and lemon bars, then we’ll see what I’ll come up with next! Gotta have some nice goodies to leave out for Santa!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. says

    Oh, this looks like so much fun!! I will have to make some friends and have a cookie baking day of our own! And I would love getting the recipe for the peppermint fudge. It looks divine!

  6. says

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how much you guys made! You gals could open a shop right out of your kitchen! lol Looks like a ton of fun too. Enjoy having all of your kiddos home for the holiday, that’s probably the best treat of all, right? :)


  7. camie says

    I read through the comments hoping for the recipe for millionaires. Could I please have your caramel recipe since I don’t have one…after you enjoy the holidays with your family? Thanks!!

  8. kelly says

    looks like a fun christmas activity with your girls. hope you enjoy your family home!! what do you serve for christmas dinner, we still have 1 to celebrate on mon. night.


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