Halloweenie Roast – 2010

Last night we hosted our second annual Halloweenie Roast for some of our neighbors.

If you happen to be counting, that is the third Halloween party at our house this week (Thespian Halloween Bash and Mummies Night Out) but who’s counting!?

Of course there were plenty of hot dogs/sausage to roast thanks to Johnsonville!

I made up a batch of JDawg Sauce because what is a hotdog without JDawg Sauce!?

Halloweenie Roast

Halloweenie Roast

And we even had Mummy Wraps (hot dog wrapped up in a breadstick, the canned variety)

Halloweenie Roast

The neighbors each contributed a dish and I made another batch of the amazing artichoke/spinach dip I served at Mummies Night Out.  You are so going to want this recipe.  It is coming soon I promise!!


And of course there was soda in a bottle.  The straws looked great but they were a little too short for the bottles!

Halloweenie Roast

Halloweenie Roast

And the kids did bobbing for apples.

Halloweenie Roast

Last year we did a fun candy corn bar which the kids loved.  I knew I had to come up with something just as fun and sugary.

This year we had a candy bar and the kids (and adults) made their own candy skewers.  I saw the idea over at Red Couch Recipes.


For more information and pictures on how to put together your own candy bar and how to make candy skewers head on over here.


  1. 1

    I can’t wait for the artichoke dip recipe! The candy skewers are such a good idea. I will have to try those this weekend!

  2. 2

    What a fun party! Great ideas!

  3. 3
    Sheree says:

    What do you use to roast the hotdogs? Sticks? We are roasting hotdogs this weekend and I’m not sure what to use.

    Thank you!

  4. 4
    Leigh Anne says:

    We actually have “official” hot dog roasting sticks. Some of them I picked up in Utah years ago. They have wooden handles on them. The others I actually bought at Winco this summer. It maybe a seasonal type thing. You could also use metal hangers – just straighten them out. Have fun!

  5. 5

    You never cease to amaze me Leigh Anne! I wish I was your neighbor… the party looks like it was a blast!!!

    Can’t wait to get the spinach/artichoke dip recipe. I have a party to go to next weekend and I was wanting to bring some! I am sure I will be a hit… just like all the other recipes you post! :o)

  6. 6
    Emma says:

    I wish I could be your neighbor. You put your spooky decorations, candles and flowers to good use last week.

  7. 7
    Mary says:

    What a fun idea for a festive Halloween. And a great way to get to know the neighbors.

  8. 8

    Cool party idea! I’m probably going to link to this on one of my family Halloween posts. Thanks!
    Caren with a “C” recently posted..Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day… a New Artisan Cookbook!


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