We got Spooked!

Our neighborhood has a fun tradition of “spooking” each other during the month of October.  I am not sure who starts it but I’m glad they do.  This year, since we only had one teenager left at home, I was afraid we would get left out of the “spooking” but thankfully we didn’t!

I love it each October when my doorbell rings and when I answer there is no one there except a fun Halloween surprise!  The idea is that after you are spooked you put together a Halloween surprise and “spook” two other families.  You hang a cute pumpkin sign in your window so that people know you have been “spooked” and you don’t get “spooked” twice!

It is fun to watch all the pumpkin signs go up in people’s windows throughout the month.

I made a batch of my white chocolate and candy corn popcorn for our treat.  I had some cute Halloween containers in my stash to put the popcorn in.  We still have quite a few pumpkins out in our pumpkin patch so we left a pumpkin for each family too.

I guess if any of my neighbors who we “spooked” read my blog the secret is out!!

wc and cc popcorn - Page 180

I took Tessa with me in the car to do the deliveries so she could do the ding dong ditching while I drove the getaway car!


It may be too late this year to start the tradition of “spooking” in your neighborhood but save the idea for next year!

From now until Halloween I will be sharing a fun Halloween idea or treat each week day!  Be sure and check back each day to see the Trick or Treat of the Day!  Who knows maybe there will even be a trick in there somewhere??? Although I’m much better at treats!

Does your neighborhood have a “spooking” tradition?

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  1. Dawn says

    We do this at work and it’s lots of fun. People can be seen sneaking around leaving treats trying not to get caught. Since I work at a school, people who are “booed” as we call it put a little sticker on their mailbox that says “I’ve been booed!” we look forward to it each year.

  2. says

    I have not heard of this. It is sort of like the May Day flower bouquets that we use to anonymously leave on neighbor’s porches or door handles! What fun! I am Facebooking this one!

  3. says

    Dawn – Love the idea of doing it at school or with people you work with.

    Melinda – it is like May Day which I remember doing as a kid – making little cone shaped construction paper containers, filling them with flowers and then ding dong ditching at people’s doors!

    Michele – give it a try in your neighbor, it’s fun to watch it spread from house to house!


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