30 Minute Rolls

thirty Minute Rolls

I’ve lost track of how many times I have made these rolls in the last few months.  Let’s just say it’s been a lot.

And everytime I’ve made them everyone has asked “Is this recipe on the blog?”  I have been promising and promising it would be so now it is.

I found this recipe over at my friend Laura’s blog – Real Mom Kitchen.

Believe it or not these rolls only take 30 minutes to make.  Start to finish.  Really!  And they are a yeast roll.  The other thing I love about this recipe is that it makes a dozen good size rolls.  You can make them smaller and make two dozen if you’d like.  But with our reduced size family we don’t need two dozen rolls, we don’t really need one dozen either so I know a few nice teenage boys that I like to share them with.

You mix the yeast, sugar, oil and water  together and let it rest for 15 minutes.  Then you mix up the dough and make 12 balls and let them rest for 10 minutes.

And then in just ten minutes they look like this.

And then after baking for another 10 minutes they look like this!

And they taste as good as a roll that took two hours to make!

Of course the best way to eat a fresh, warm roll right out of the oven is with lots of honey butter!

There you have it – quick, easy and delicious!  I promise!

Be sure and check out the Herb and Cheese Version I created too – it’s so good!.

30 Minute Rolls


  • 1 C plus 2 Tbsp warm water
  • 1/3 C oil
  • 2 Tbsp active dry yeast
  • 1/4 C sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 egg
  • 3 1/2 C bread flour (seems to work better but all purpose flour will also work)


  • Heat oven to 400 degrees.
  • In your mixer bowl combine the water, oil, yeast and sugar and allow it to rest for 15 minutes. Using your dough hook, mix in the salt, egg and flour.
  • Knead with hook until will incorporated and dough is soft and smooth. (Just a few minutes)
  • Form dough into 12 balls and then place in a greased 9 x 13 pan and allow to rest for 10 minutes. Bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees or until golden brown.

Recipe from Real Mom Kitchen

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  1. Adriana says

    Hi, I just made this recipe. I used all purpose flour. And knead by hand.
    Only the buns on the edge bake well. The rest were not done! I let them bake for 10 more minutes and that did not help! :( I used a disposable aluminum pan.
    The flavor and the texture were great on the buns that bake well.

    • says

      Hi Yall! I just made these last night. They tasted great and were easy to make. UNFORTUNATELY, They tasted like biscuits. I loved it but they were too thick for my family. Also, the dough was so very sticky. I’m not a big baker but I’m trying to be. Does the bread flour come out more soft?

      • sasha says

        I make these all the time. I do end up cooking them at least ten minutes longer than the recipe states. I use glass baking dishes. And I use bread flour for these. I read that bread for has more gluten which makes them rise more. Try this recipe again using bread flour and a thick baking dish.

        • Karen says

          I made these for Thanksgiving Dinner. I put extra gluten in the all purpose flour. The family loved having fresh, warm dinner rolls with their meal. So glad I found this recipe. Thanks

      • Peggy says

        I made these for xmas dinner. Way to dense for my taste. I like a light and fluffy roll. I bet they will be good for bis and gravy in the morning.

  2. Barbara Mullins says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! My family absolutely love them and I now make them quite often. It will definitely be a keeper and be passed down to my family and friends. I am going to try to make a loaf of bread next out of this recipe because they are so soft and fluffy.

    • Barbara Mullins says

      Oh I forgot to mention that I pinched mine off into 8 rolls and they come out as big as large hamburger buns and they still are done in 10 minutes in my oven set to 400F. Nice and golden brown.

  3. urcakelady says

    Try using buttermilk in place of the water. Milk makes a more tender crumb and since these do not need a high rise like bread buttermilk works great. Also add a pinch of nutmeg really good.

  4. says

    I wante to say thank you for sharing this recipes, i made them yesterday and they turned out great. And we are making more today for dinner. I had sofar no problems.

  5. JoLynne says

    Sorry first time cook here! What kind of yeast?- I see so many different kinds. Instant, cake yeast….I just don’t want to mess up using the wrong kind!


    • Stacey says

      I use 1 package of dry yeast (like you use in a bread machine) that I find in my local shops dairy department. Its a bit larger than a tea bag in size and usually comes in a 3 or 5 pack. I also add an extra egg to this recipe – as I do in all baking recipes that call for an egg – a trick I learned from my Gran, keeps the rolls/bake goods moist and tender inside. For a little “zip” to the flavor I add a little fresh ground nutmeg or cardamon depending on the meal its served with. Hope this helps :)

  6. Kathryn Wood says

    These rolls are great! I’ve made them a few times now and mine always take 15 minutes to bake. This time I doubled the recipe and ended up with 32 rolls. I used 3 cups bread flour, 1 cup flaxseed meal, and 2.5 cups white whole wheat flour. I didn’t need that last cup of flour. My husband thought this last batch was better than the ones with just bread flour. This is definitely a keeper. Thanks!

  7. Eliz says

    I tried to make these last night (sans mixer since I’m a broke college student) but the dough didn’t turn out the right consistency. Instead of being something I could shape into balls, it was almost like a cross between sticky break dough and a somewhat thick batter (leaning towards the batter end). In order to get the right consistency I added more flour but then they didn’t bake all the way through. Any ideas on how I can remedy this?
    (I live in Utah if the dryness or sea level matters)

  8. mailgirl says

    Wonder if you could freeze the dough before you let it rise? There’s only 2 of us so I would not need to cook that many at one time!

  9. says

    I’ve used this recipe many times. Tonight I am trying something new. I added some garlic to the recipe and I’m making braided garlic bread. It’s looking pretty good!

  10. Kim says

    I have been making these for my family for about 6 months and we love them! I make them smaller and get 24 rolls from the batch. However, we have been trying our best to eat clean so I made some variations to the original recipe and it worked!!! I use white whole wheat flour made by King Arthur flour, honey in place of sugar and coconut oil instead of oil. I also turned the oven down to 375 degrees!! Huge success and score!

  11. LindaT says

    Just tried these and they flopped for me. Maybe because its raining here in Georgia..or because I dont have a dough attachment for my mixer. Will try again, but will also buy a thermometer before I try again

    • Stacey says

      Perhaps your water temperature was too warm for the yeast so they didn’t rise – use tepid/luke warm water – and as for your mixer, do it by hand! Make a large, rounded mound of flour (say 12 – 15 inches wide) with an indentation in the middle like a lake – add your premixed first ingredients and hand mix and knead from the outside in. Remember to keep a little extra flour to the side to coat your hands so the dough doesn’t stick when you roll your rolls.

  12. Nancy B says

    I am going to make this recipe in the morning, and wrap it around cheese filled sausages, for a breakfast sausage roll. I made the rolls once, and they are very good.

  13. Ashli says

    I cant even express the love I have for these rolls. They are “THE ROLLS” I have looked and looked to find for YRS. It’s simple the best. Thank you SO much!

  14. Sonja says

    Great recipe, so easy! Found them to be too sweet for us though, so I now use half the sugar and half the yeast (I use instant yeast) and they still turn out great :). I let them rise a few minutes longer just to be safe :). But so far they have been great, easy and my family devours them every time. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Jo-Lynn says

    Question for you. In the instructions it says to combine the water, oil, yeast, and sugar and allow it to rest 15 minutes. Do you actually mix the ingredients together or just add all of them to the bowl then let rest? I want to try these, but want to get it right. Thanks!

  16. charlie says

    Thanks for the recipe, am home sick and craved fresh bread. These hit the spot. I had only a hand mixer, but used just one egg beater, on the theory it wouldn’t shred the gluten strands like two would. Don’t know if that’s a legit concept, but it seemed to work. Stirred it with a spatula, but the no-knead recipes have spoiled me, and I did no hand kneading. A little sweet, but yummy.

  17. Luciane says

    I made this rolls for dinner tonight, it was a hit :)
    I love how easy this recipe is, a keeper for sure.
    Added a little extra flour to it, about half cup more, just because my dough was very wet.
    My oven is very efficient so I think next time I will bake it at 350 or 375.
    Perfect and easy to make.

  18. says

    We made these today for our Thanksgiving meal in Asia, in a toaster oven and they turned out perfectly and tasted great!!! thank you so much!

  19. Jess says

    This sounds perfect! We are a gluten free family so I have a GF flour mix that I use that has worked perfectly for cinnamon rolls & pancakes. Are there any specifics you can think of for yeasts to ensure these rise for me (since I’m not using regular flour)?
    Thank you!

  20. Ellen says

    These are the easiest and best quick yeast rolls I’ve ever made or tasted. I used all purpose flour and the dough was just a bit sticky, but, I oiled my hands with vegetable oil and had no problems forming the rolls. I had to bake them for 20 minutes in a greased glass dish as I live at 4800 feet above sea level. Wow! These are terrific. Thank you so much.

  21. Rana says

    The temperature is 5c outside and I felt like having warm bread. Literally took me 40 minutes. They came out awesome. I infused them with some fresh Mediterranean herbs as I live in the middle east. Used them for dipping in olive oil. Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe!!

  22. Rachel says

    I have made these multiple times and they have turned out every single time. They are a great roll that is easy to add to any dinner. I have used all purpose flour as well as a mix of whole wheat and white flour (1 c wheat 2.5 c white). It can probably handle more wheat flour but I never want to add too much to prevent it from being too dense and not rising. My husband can eat a whole pan of these in one sitting.
    In a nut shell: Great tasting, reliable and easy.

  23. Madhu says

    I pinned this a while back and finally got around to making them…and I’m delighted with the results…so easy and turn out brilliant! Thanks so much for this recipe :-). I left mine to rise for about 30 minutes once in the tray because I wanted lighter rolls and I also brushed milk on top and sprinkled poppy seeds to get a more golden top.

  24. Monica says

    I’m making these now and had to add an extra 10 min to bake them. I hope that helps, if not I’ll keep adding time I guess.

  25. Lindsay Lee says

    Made these with dinner tonight they were a big Hit! I will be making these again and again. Thank you for the awesome recipe!!!

  26. Wendy says

    I made these rolls today for lunch – just because! My husband and mom both said they were very good. I have a wheat allergy so couldn’t try these but some day I think I will use a little of my Spelt to make some. I did leave them in for about 5 minutes extra. I also had to add about a cup more of flour. I am currently living in Santiago, Chile so it may be a difference in the flour here or I may have measured something else wrong. I think I will have to make them several more to check it. :0)

  27. says

    I made these following your directions exactly, & they were Heaven. I have made pepperoni rolls with this recipe, pizza crust, hot dog buns….& still loving it!
    Thank you for sharing.

  28. Judith Sawyer says

    Just had these tonight and we loved them! DO expect to add extra flour, as they come out very wet otherwise and DO use a glass pan, as someone suggested, and DO expect them to take 20 min. instead of 10 to bake. But they are extremely good. We liked the texture that was a cross between a roll and a biscuit. I’ve rarely seen a roll or a biscuit I didn’t like, so it’s all good here.

  29. Marianne says

    So I completely messed up and I don’t even know what I was thinking, but I somehow read “3 cups plus 2 tbs water” Seriously. After I added the flour, I thought “wow this is really like pancake batter.” I was hand mixing so I thought that because I didn’t have a dough hook, maybe that was why, so I mixed more and more. Then it dawned on me, I had remembered just how much water I had put in. I did NOT want to waste the yeast since it was insanely nice and frothy, so I added more flour. And more flour. And more flour until I could work it into a manageable , but still wet, dough. Can you believe it turned out perfectly tasty? Seriously!! It could have used more salt, so I brushed the hot buns with butter and sprinkled on a little salt. Granted I had a TON of dough to work with so I experimented. I brushed some before baking with butter, some I slashed lines in, others I brushed with butter out of the oven and then sprinkled on granulated garlic, Parmesan, a little salt, and parsley. Okay THOSE were good. But I STILL had dough left!!! In the time it took to bake the others, my leftover dough had really risen, so I punched the remaining down, formed it into a loaf and placed it into a lard greased pan, then let it rise. Can you believe that came out good as well?? This was sheer luck, because there is NO way I would ever mess up the recipe again either on accident or on purpose. It was a bit doughey at first at just 10 min at 400F, but with a few more minutes on the rolls, they were quite steamy, so I think the water and a little more time puffed them up. They reminded me of those Little Cesar’s or Olive Garden consistency bread sticks. The loaf I had to cover in foil the last 13 min or so. Thank you for the recipe (that I messed up), it was really yummy! But next time I will plan on sticking to the directions ;)

  30. Beth says

    I work at a daycare and ran out of rolls shortly before dinner. I needed something QUICK! So I found these and whipped them up. They were amazing! I tried them for dinner at home and added garlic Parmesan cheese to the dough. So good! I’ve seriously made them every time we have rolls at work now. I don’t even buy them from the store anymore! Thank you so much :D

  31. says

    I was so skeptical as I thought there is NO WAY homemade rolls/bread could taste great and turn out in just 30 minutes. Well I was soooo wrong!!! These taste BETTER Than the rolls I make that take half a day! I am so excited about these. I’m going to tell everyone!

  32. Ann says

    Thanks for the recipe. This is a keeper. Made 17 rolls only 8 left within seconds … … Might have to do more in the morning. :-)

  33. Jeanette says

    I have a sample 1/4 oz. pkg. of Platinum superior baking yeast that recommends you use half the flour your recipe calls for. What would you suggest I do? I am thinking of just using the whole pkg., but would hate to waste all that flour if t doesn’t work. :/ Thank you!

    • says

      I have never worked with that kind of yeast so I am not sure, sorry. This recipe does use more yeast than a normal bread recipe so that it speeds up the rising time.

  34. Victoria says

    Hi there

    I’ve just made these and they did work out really well except that I find them far too sweet. It might be that Australian bread is less sweet so we’re not used to it but I was wondering whether you think they would work with less sugar?

    Kind regards

  35. Phil says

    Good buns but maybe less sugar needed
    I added more flour when kneading to soak up the sticky and left them to prove for 2 hours they came out well especially with some icing on top for sticky buns


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