Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Naturally dyed Easter Eggs is a fun and different way to dye your Easter eggs this year.

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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs - such beautiful colors @yourhomebasedmom

I originally shared this fun activity last year but it was so fun and has been so popular I’m sharing it again!

For Activity Day Girls this week we dyed Easter eggs except we didn’t use store bought dye.  A few years ago I experimented with natural dyes using fruits, vegetables and spices.  I loved the results and the beautiful muted colors you got.  I decided it would be a fun science experiment for the girls to do it too.  It was so fun to see what colors certain fruits and vegetables would result in.

The prep work for this is a little bit more intense than picking up a pack of Paas Easter Egg dye at my local Kroger store.  I still headed to Kroger but instead of picking up an egg dye kit I headed to the produce department.

I prepared the dyes ahead of time because of the time involved.  I used red cabbage, red onion, yellow onion, blueberries, paprika, tumeric.  A few things I tried that didn’t work were carrot tops and spinach.  I couldn’t figure out a way to get a decent green color. Surprisingly red onion gives you somewhat of a green color!

naturally dyed easter egg collage

To prepare the dye I used the following:

2 C chopped purple cabbage

1 chopped beet

2 C red onion skins

2 C yellow onions skins  (look through the boxes of onions at the store and you will find lots of loose skins at the bottom of the box.)

2 Tbsp of paprika

2 Tbsp of tumeric  ( found this in the bulk section of the store.

1 C blueberries

Place each of these things into 2 C of water along with 1 tsp salt and boil for about 10-15 minutes.

Strain the water and place in a jar or bowl and add 1 Tbsp white vinegar to each dye.

Allow them to cool before using.

Of course you will also need hard boiled eggs.  We did enough so that each girl would have 6-7 eggs to dye.

I placed all the dyes into small plastic cups and the girls used plastic spoons to place the eggs in and out of the cups.

naturally dyed easter eggs

I wrote the name of what each was on the plastic cups as well as on the table.

You will want to cover your table with plastic and or paper because this can get a bit messy!

naturally dyed easter eggs


naturally dyed easter eggs

The girls loved watching to see what colors they got with each of the dyes.  Natural dyes do not dye as quickly or as strongly as store bought dye so you need to have patience if you want brighter colors.  I personally love the softer more muted colors you get.

naturally dyed easter eggs

For really bright colors you may need to leave it in the dye for an hour or more.  Most of ours were only left in for 5 minutes or so.

naturally dyed easter eggs

I think the colors are gorgeous!

naturally dyed easter eggs

The blues we got from the blueberries was my favorite I think.

naturally dyed easter eggsI loved dressing mine up a bit in a vintage muffin tin with some paper grass.

naturally dyed easter eggsI think it would make a lovely Easter brunch table decor.  I love decor you can eat!

naturally dyed easter eggs

While some of the eggs were resting in the dye we went outside and planted Easter grass.  For more details on how to do that go here.
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easter fun


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  1. Lisa says

    Sister Wilkes,

    The blues and greens are what we get out of our chicken coop, along with a pink, tan, and a light brown. We don’t die our eggs, and my kids refuse to let me buy some from the store. When we do die them, I just use food coloring and vinegar. We made pink eggs out of our pink, tan and brown eggs , then blue eggs out of our green eggs when we announced baby number eight which was grandchild number 24, we put the eggs in order of birth for the grand kids and asked everyone to list the names I order, when grandma was almost done, because she knows all the dates, we slipped the last blue egg in.. Grandpas eyes got all wide.. My BIL asked my hubby’s sister if she was pg, she said she wouldn’t have someone else announce for him…. When all the sisters, SILs and Grandma realized it got crazy loud!

    My mom was there as well and almost passed out! I was 20 weeks and I wasn’t showing. First time ever for that. It was awesome! And then we had deviled eggs with dinner.

    So now you know even naturally colored eggs can be dyed.

    • Lisa says

      Forgot to say, we made it into a game, all the eggs, except number 24, were in an egg carton. We had everyone list the grand kids in order of birth, and we gave the. A hint by putting the. In order with the kids’ first initial in each egg.

    • lacy says

      Just get some Americauna chickens & you won’t have to dye them at all! Fresh Easter colored eggs all year round! 😉

  2. Marm says

    I used to do activity days with the Primary girls too. I loved it. They are so eager and fun at that age. You do such fun activities with them. I’m sure they have a great time and learn stuff too.

  3. vicki says

    We have planned the same activity for tomorrow. Last month we talked about media and let the girls make popcorn balls. They were so cute, as they started making the popcorn balls they all started singing a favorite Primary song….Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. Cynthia says

    I love this. My kids are all big and we have not dyed Easter eggs in years. We are all about no chemicals/artificial stuff at our house, so this will be a fun, throwback activity. One question, how much blueberry did you use? I have read the directions several times and don’t see it listed. Thanks.

  5. Ann Leete says

    For green you may try artichokes. Whenever we boil them, we have the prettiest green water afterwards. I’ve wanted dye eggs with this, but always forget.
    The recipe I have for dying with onion skins and carrot tops have you boil the eggs in the dye mixture. They come out a little brighter. it is also real pretty if you put leafs on the egg, then wrap them in nylon stockings before dying- you get a white leaf print when you are all done. I will scan the old magazine clipping I have and send to you- so pretty! My brothers and I used to love to do this.


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