Decorate Your Own Donut Halloween Party

Decorate your own donut party
If you have ever Googled “Top Ten Things to Do in Portland, Oregon” you will always find a visit to Voo Doo Donuts on any list! Voo Doo Donuts is a fun and unique donut shop in Portland that offers an unsual selection of donuts. They top their donuts with just about anything and everything. From Tang powdered drink mix to Captain Crunch Cereal to the ever popular bacon! Voo Doo Donuts is an experience not to be missed if you visit Portland!

Donut Party

I decided to take a little inspiration from Voo Doo Donuts and host a Decorate Your Own Donut Halloween Party for my Activity Day girls from church.

I decked the table out in my finest Halloween decor.

Donut Party

I then provided all the fun toppings for them to decorate their donuts.

Donut Party

We had Coco Puffs, Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops, sprinkles, mini M & M’s, peanuts, marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, crushed Oreo cookie, candy corn and Tang drink mix powder. Of course I had to add in some edible googly eyes which ended up being a huge hit!

I purchased my donuts at Krispy Kreme.  Finding chocolate cake donuts can be a bit of a challenge but Krispy Kreme has them.  I also just bought plain cake donuts and some maple bars which also ended up being a huge hit.

Donut Party

I had two different flavors of frosting – vanilla and chocolate.

Donut Party

The girls just spread on their frosting of choice and then went to town decorating their donuts with all the fun toppings.

Donut Party

Donut Party

Does it look like they are having fun!?
_DSC0467It was fun to see their different flavor combinations. Donut Party

Of course if you are going to have donuts you must also have milk.  We had a choice of regular or chocolate.

chocolate milk

Donut Party

I pulled out my fabric backdrop I made last year.Donut PartySee tutorial for backdrop here.  I added a few paper fans, Halloween garland and gauzy fabric for a fun backdrop to our table.

Donut Party

Just pull the covers off some old books and use them on the table to create height.

Donut Party

It was a fun little party and the girl’s loved decorating their own donut.  This idea could work for your upcoming Halloween party or really for any kind of party.  It would be a great activity for a birthday party too!

Donut Party

Our activity before decorating the donuts was making PVC Bows & Arrows!  So fun!!


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  1. Katie says

    Cute idea! I’m going to copy it. Did you do anything else during the time such as games? Always looking for activity days ideas. Thanks

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