Dairy Free and Gluten Free Cream of Chicken Soup

dairy free and gluten free cream of chicken soup

When my daughter Cali was diagnosed with a wheat and dairy intolerance several years ago it took some adjusting.  It was almost like learning to cook all over again.  One of the biggest challenges was taking some of our family favorite recipes and adapting them so that Cali could eat them.  One of Cali’s favorite family dinners is Hawaiian Haystack.  It is what she always picked for her birthday dinner.  With a wheat intolerance and a dairy intolerance there was no way she could eat it as it contained cream of chicken soup which has both wheat and milk in it.

After a little experimenting I was able to come up with a dairy free and gluten free cream of chicken soup that tasted great and worked perfect.  Cali was happy and I was happy that she could now, once again enjoy one of her favorite family meals!  Yeah!!!

In place of the cream/milk I used coconut milk.  In place of flour I used  a gluten free flour mix.  I did use butter because my daughter can have butter.  If you can’t have butter use a product such as Earth Balance.

cream of chicken soup

I have served the dairy free/gluten free version of Hawaiian Haystack to the whole family and they didn’t even notice the difference!  You can use this dairy free, gluten free cream of chicken soup in any recipe that calls for regular cream of chicken soup.  I vary the amount of chicken I put in it depending on what I am making with it.  When I use it for Hawaiian Haystack I add more chicken than if I am putting it in some other kind of casserole dish.

Gluten free Dairy Free Cream of Chicken SOup

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Gluten free

Dairy Free Gluten Free Cream of Chicken Soup
Serves: approximately 4 Cups
  • 1-2 C of cooked chicken, cut up
  • 4 Tbsp butter or Earth Balance (if you can't have butter)
  • 1½ tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • pepper to taste
  • 6 Tbsp gluten free flour
  • 1½ C chicken broth
  • 1½ C coconut milk
  1. Melt butter, add in onion powder, salt and pepper.
  2. Stir in flour and cook for a minute or two
  3. Add in chicken broth and bring to simmer
  4. Add in coconut milk and simmer until it thickens. About 12-15 minutes


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  1. Barb says

    Hi Leann
    Love Love Love your blog, ideas, and passion. I too have a wheat allergy. I miss my favorite casseroles and family dishes due to some bad recipes for substitute cream of ____. Which isn’t the worse thing since most are so fattening. My question would be, is this a cup for cup replacement. Or where if it calls for one can of cream of chicken you substitute the amount in ounces, etc… since the canned version is concentrated. Eeek, I am so happy if this works out. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • says

      That is a really good question Barb. This version is not as concentrated as what comes out of the can. I find in most recipe using cream of chicken soup there is some liquid added in – water or chicken broth. You would just delete that liquid. You could also not add in the chicken in broth into this recipe if you need it unconstituted and see how that works.

  2. Dianna Wickern says

    Hi Leigh Ann, This looks great…but with the butter it is not truly dairy-free. I sent this on to my daughter who is nursing a baby who is extremely sensitive to dairy products. She suggested using the substitute Earth Balance or something similar instead of the milk. Thank you so much for adding another yummy recipe to our dairy-free collection. You have such a fun blog and I love how pretty it is…Thanks again!!

  3. Renee says

    I thank you for the recipe. This is something we need in our house. I think that my daughter whose is almost 1 year old might have a dairy intolerance. Can you please maybe explain why butter was okay for your daughter to have? Just wondering why she was able to tolerate it. Thanks.

    • says

      Butter is about 80-82% fat (higher fat butters are available if you look for them), 17% water and only about 1% milk solids (protein). She can tolerate that 1 % where others are unable to.

  4. Denise says

    I am anxious to try this as grandson has diary/wheat allergies. My question, though, is you say you use a gluten free ‘flour mix’. So, my question is what brand do you use, or do you literally ‘mix’ several flours together ? Thanks for all your wonderful ideas, recipes, remarks. I read you faithfully and have enjoyed many of your offerings. Denise :)

  5. Amie says

    I am excited to try this! I am nursing a baby who has milk intolerance. I was just wondering what brand of coconut milk you use for this recipe and also if you use the unsweetened or original? There’s so many different kinds.

  6. Sarah B says

    What a great recipe! I can’t wait to try it! One quick question: my husband can’t stand the flavor of coconut, and I’m not too fond of it outside of a dessert or coconut rice, etc. Does this recipe taste like coconut? I would like the more thick consistency; otherwise I would just use rice milk. Thanks so much!

  7. desiree says

    I have a wheat grinder and I have put in on the lowest setting to grind white beans for flour. When a recipe calls for a can of cream of chicken I grind 4 Tablespoon of white beans then put that in a pan with either 1 cup water or chicken broth. Stir till thickened. It takes just a few minutes.

  8. Jaclyn says

    i was wondering if could use canned chicken? sometimes i substitute canned chicken in different recipes if i am in a hurry.

  9. Miriam says

    I really want to try this as DH is gluten free and i am dairy free, both fairly recently. Are you talking about canned coconut milk or the coconut milk from the dairy section of the grocery store?

  10. Megan says

    Hey Leigh Ann,
    Super excited to try this. I am curious if it can be canned? Pressure canned or freezer canned?

  11. Melissa Rice says

    Hi, my name is Melissa and I have recently become gluten intolerant. I love soup, and I need something that is healthy, easy, filling, and tastes good. This does all of that. This soup is wonderful! Im eating as we speak. Thank you so much for this healthy delicious option.

  12. Deb says

    Words can not express how happy this recipe makes me! I’ve made it twice now and am eager to adapt some old favorites I haven’t made in years, now that I have a WONDERFUL dairy free cream of chicken! Thank you!!!!

    • says

      Your comment makes me so happy! I know how we felt at our house the first time we made this recipe – truly was life changing as far as cooking was concerned!! Enjoy!

  13. Tracy says

    I am a newbie to GF cooking. I wanted to try your recipe but was wondering if I could use regular whole or skim milk instead of coconut milk?

  14. Jenn Holmes says

    I made this today. It was so amazingly delicious! I tweaked it a bit. I wanted to add wild rice, so I changed it to 2 c broth, 2 tsp onion powder and a can of coconut milk. This is the best soup I have ever tasted, ever made. Thanks!

  15. Vanesa says

    what can I use be sides chicken broth? My son is allergic to corn and carrots and that in every type of broth.

  16. Tracy says

    Thank you so much!
    Looks and smells and tastes delish!
    I will be using this recipe in all my dishes calling for cream of chicken soup!


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