60 Minute Cinnamon Rolls

As promised, today I am sharing a recipe for 60 Minute Cinnamon Rolls.

60 minute cinnamon rolls

Really, they took me 72 minutes to make but 60 minutes sounds so much better.  The extra 12 minutes was the baking time. Seriously, who’s going to argue over 12 minutes when the result is some amazingly good cinnamon rolls!!!

I love homemade cinnamon rolls.  What I don’t like is how long they take to make.  I especially love them for breakfast but who wants to get up 2-3 hours before breakfast in order to have hot, fresh out of the oven cinnamon rolls??  Not me.

I decided to see if I could use my basic cinnamon roll recipe and do it with a few tweaks in 60 minutes or rather 72 minutes.  I did and they were just as delicious as when I spend 2-3 hours making cinnamon rolls!!
60 minute cinnamon rolls
It is tradition for our family that we have homemade cinnamon rolls when we watch our church’s semi-annual General Conference and that was this weekend.  I started an hour before the session was to begin. By the time the opening prayer and opening song were done my cinnamon rolls were ready!!

Gather your ingredients together before hand so everything is ready when you need it.  I used bread flour in my cinnamon rolls but regular all purpose flour works well too.
60 minute cinnamon rolls

Mix together your warm water, buttermilk, sugar, melted butter and yeast. To get your buttermilk to room temperature quickly just pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds or so.

You use a lot of yeast in this recipe but that is what makes them rise so fast.  I didn’t find that it affected the flavor at all using so much yeast.  Put this in your Kitchen Aid and mix.  Allow to sit for 15 minutes.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
After 15 minutes it will look like this.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
Add your salt, eggs and flour into this mixture and mix for 10 minutes using the bread hook and then allow to rest for 10 minutes. We are at 35 minutes and counting.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
While the dough is resting mix up your filling – sugar, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
60 minute cinnamon rolls
Stir together until it resembles wet sand.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
After the dough ha set for 10 minutes spray your counter top with cooking spray. This works much better than flouring your counter top. Put dough on counter and using your fingers or a rolling pen spread dough into into a 12 x 16 inch triangle.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
Sprinkle with filling.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
Roll up into a log.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
I used a spackling tool that I keep in my kitchen for candy making to cut the rolls but you could use the string trick or a sharp knife. I do not us it to spackle with!!
60 minute cinnamon rolls
This recipe makes 12 large rolls but you can also double it easily for more.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
Place the rolls on a cookie sheet. I line mine with a Silpat but you could also use parchment paper.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
Your time should be at about 45 minutes. I let them rise for 15 minutes which put me at an hour. They don’t rise much but don’t worry they will in the oven.
While they were rising and baking I mixed together my frosting which is a combination of butter, vanilla, powdered sugar and half and half or milk.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
Add in just enough milk to make it the right consistency for you.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
60 minute cinnamon rolls
So at the hour mark I put them into the oven to bake. They took about 12 minutes.
60 minute cinnamon rolls
Then slather those warm babies with the frosting and eat!!
60 minute cinnamon rolls
60 minute cinnamon rolls
These are seriously good cinnamon rolls! They are so good in fact we had to go deliver most of them to our neighbors so we didn’t eat them all.

Delicious cinnamon rolls in an hour – o.k., 72 minutes!  How amazing is that.  The only bad part is, they are so easy and so fast you may want to make them everyday!!!
60 minute cinnamon rolls

60 Minute Cinnamon Rolls
  • 1 C warm water
  • ¾ C room temperature buttermilk
  • ½ C sugar
  • ¼ C melted butter
  • 3 Tbsp regular yeast
  • ½ Tbsp salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 5-6 C bread flour
  • 2 Tbsp butter, melted
  • ½ C brown sugar
  • ½ C sugar
  • 2 Tbsp cinnamon
  • ¼ C butter, softened
  • 3 C powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • enough milk or half and half to make it spreading consistency.
  1. Mix together water, buttermilk, sugar, melted butter and yeast in a bowl. Allow to sit for 15 minutes..
  2. Add in salt, eggs and flour and mix for 10 minutes.
  3. Allow to sit for 10 minutes.
  4. While resting prepare your filling
  5. Mix together 2 Tbsp melted butter, brown sugar, sugar and cinnamo0n.
  6. Roll dough out on to greased countertop into a 12 x 16 inch square.
  7. Sprinkle with filling and roll up. Cut into 12 large rolls.
  8. Place rolls on a cookie sheet covered with a silpat or parchment paper.
  9. Bake at 400 for 12-15 minutes.
  10. Mix together frosting and spread on warm rolls.

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  1. says

    The dough is similar to my 30 min rolls recipe, but sounds excellent for a sweet bread. Most definitely gonna have to give this one a try!

    • Katie says

      I made these last week – only had 4.5 tsp (1Tbsp & 1.5tsp) yeast and they still came out great. I ended up getting 18 fist-sized rolls out of them!
      I froze 6 right after they were done rising and let them defrost over night in the fridge. Pulled them out just 20min before baking and they were still very yummy!

  2. Barbara says

    About how long does it take to get buttermilk to room temperature as that will add to the total recipe time. I really want to make these tomorrow morning. Could I just put buttermilk in microwave for 10-15 seconds to warm to room temperature?

  3. says

    OH MY GOODNESS. These look TO DIE FOR!!! Pinning now and for SURE making! Thank you so much for sharing on Chef In Training’s Tuesday Talent Show, I just had to click! YUM!!!

    ~Jen @ Yummy-Healthy-Easy

  4. Lee Anne says

    This recipe looks wonderful! I wonder if I could I use quick yeast in this recipe? I get it in the bulk at SAMs and it’s all I use. =)
    Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      I think you totally could – I would use 2/3 the amount of yeast (I looked at Red Star yeast website and that is what they recommend) i.e. if the recipe calls for 3/4 tsp use 1/2 tsp

  5. says

    Does it hurt your granite to spray it with the cooking spray? I am always worried about that. It seems like it would work better than the flour.

    • says

      Not at all – I use a butter spray and it’s no different than any food/grease etc. that gets on my counters on a daily basis. It is so much easier to clean up than flour too!

    • says

      Make sure your granite countertops have been sealed. If not, the naturally porus granite will absorb excess oil and make it difficult to clean. Oil spray is definitely better than additional flour in shaping breads.

  6. Julie Spady says

    1. I am so hungry….I want theses….now!!!
    2. I wish I could do this on my countertop. But I have tile. Darn
    3. Can’t wait to make these!!

  7. Karla says

    Leigh Anne….I just made these and they turned out FABULOUS. Thanks for sharing. However, my mixer…..the one I bought when we first moved to Portland in 1980….died while mixing the dough. I think I should thank you for that also…. I have been wanting a new one and just needed the right excuse. I definetly have it now :)

    • says

      Karla, Glad I could be of help and glad you liked the rolls too. I’m patiently or not so patiently waiting for my refrigerator to die so I get a new one. It’s 19 years old – it’s about time!!

  8. says

    These look fantastic!

    Thanks for the tip about cooking spray on the counter instead of flour. I bet it’s easier to clean up than flour too. :-)

  9. says

    Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! I combined it with Smitten Kitchen’s pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe and cream cheese icing and they were AMAZING! This is the perfect recipe for the mornings when my little one is in Kindergarten – those two and a half hours go by FAST :)

  10. says

    I just made these cinnamon rolls. They were delicious and so easy to make! I posted the results on my blog so be sure to stop by and check out my review. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed them a lot.

  11. Brandi says

    Hello can you tell me how much yeast to use it just says 3T regular yeast? what is regular yeast? and what is 3T?


  12. Katie P says

    I found this post probably about 1.5 weeks ago, and I’m currently in the process of making these for the 3rd time! I’ve shared the recipe with about a zillion friends, too! They are SO so soooo delicious and WAY easier (and tastier if I’m being honest, but don’t tell my mom that!) than the recipe my mom uses that takes over 4 hours. Thanks so much for posting this. Sending half the batch with my hubby to work tonight, and I’m looking forward to hearing how all his coworkers raved about what a wonderful wife I am. :)

  13. Yvonne Guzman says

    I have always been intimated by making
    anything w/ yeast. Thank you for this simple &
    delicious cinnamon roll recipe. I”m not afraid
    of yeast anymore. Enjoyed these this morning for
    breakfast w/ some hot coffee, wonderful!

  14. Kimberly says

    Made these rolls for the first time Mondy. They are amazing!!!! I love that my Mixer does all the work. Will be making these again and again. Love your website! :0) Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Katie Friend says

    Hi Leigh Anne! Love your site (and facebook posts!) I am wondering if you use (for this recipe) salted or unsalted butter? I tend to always use salted but then read on another site that for baking you should use unsalted. What is your opinion and what did you use for these? Thanks! Can’t wait to try these!! :)

    • says

      I typically always use salted butter. If I use unsalted I will always specify that in the recipe. If I am using a recipe that calls for unsalted butter I will use salted butter and just cut the amount of salt in the recipe down by half.

  16. Emily says

    You said put the dough into a triangle but I think you mean rectangle?

    I’m making these this Sunday mmmm can’t wait.

  17. Brandi says

    My works in the oilfield and had to be in at 2am today. At 11:30 last night I had the *brilliant* idea to make cinnamon rolls for his entire crew. But how was I going to get them done in time? I stumbled on your recipe and I’ll never wait hours for rising rolls again! I pulled two dozen out of the oven and sent him on his way with piping hot Cinnamon Rolls at 1:30 this morning! Thanks so much!!

  18. Courtney Sams says

    Hello! These look delicious! Can’t wait to make them! I’m a college student and don’t have a stand mixer, could you knead these by hand? If so, how? Thank you!!! Also, love reading your family’s General conference traditions :)

  19. DAPHNE SAGE says


  20. Eva Peters says

    Leigh Anne, I have baked your 60 minute cinnamon rolls many times since discovering the recipe back in 2014, and I’ve got to say, these are the BEST cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had. My husband absolutely loves them and always asks me to make them when I’m looking for a dessert recipe. : ) They freeze exceptionally well also and are great warm or cold. I just wanted to say “thanks” for sharing this delightful recipe!


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