Nutty Brown Rice

Brown RIce Because I am basically a non-potato eater, we eat a lot of rice at our house.  In the last few years I have developed a love for brown rice.  I love the nutty flavor, the crunchy texture and the fact that it is healthier for you than regular white rice.  Brown rice also has a lower glycemic value which is a good thing. Brown rice  is not processed as much therefore preserving more of the nutritional value. The only downside to brown rice is that it takes longer to cook than white rice so it takes just a bit more planning, but it is worth it. Here is how I cook brown rice.  I bring 4 cups of water (sometimes I use 2 cups water and 2 cups chicken broth for a little more flavor) to a boil and then add in 2 cups of rice. I like to have leftovers with rice but if you don’t you could easily cut this in half.  I then turn the heat down to a simmer and let it cook – it will take 25-30 minutes.  I also put two layers of paper towels between the pan and the lid.  I don’t know why but I read it somewhere and have done it ever since and I get perfect brown rice every time so I’m going to keep doing it!! _dsc0897

Just don’t take the lid off too many times and peek to see how it is doing.  You let out all that good steam that the rice needs to cook.  You end up with a pot full of nice, fluffy rice! Brown RIce

Then it is time to doctor it up. We had dinner at some friends a few weeks ago.  Both the husband and wife are amazing cooks but the husband has a special flare with food and manages to make everything not only taste delicious but look pretty too. They served brown rice that night and added toasted, chopped pecans and shredded Parmesan cheese to it.  So good!  I decided I needed to replicate it at home. I chopped and toasted about a 1/2 cup of pecans but you could also use hazelnuts or almonds.  To toast them I just put them in a frying pan with some olive oil and stirred.  Watch them because they can burn easily.  I just wanted them to start to brown not burn. I added the nuts with about 1/2 cup of Parmesan right into the rice and just stirred.  Salt to taste.

Brown RIce

So good!  Of course my friend Merrill took it one step further and perfected the presentation.  And it is so easy.  He grabbed a measuring cup and filled it with rice and patted it down.

Brown RIce

Then he just turned it upside down right onto the dinner plate.

Brown RIce

A nice little mountain of nutty brown rice. Just add your main dish (this is a chicken and green bean stir fry I will be sharing on Friday) and you have a delicious meal and a lovely presentation.  Remember, it’s all in the presentation!


Nutty Brown Rice
  • 2 C brown rice
  • 4 C water
  • ½ C chopped and toasted pecans
  • 1-2 Tbsp olive oil
  • ½ C freshly grated Parmesan cheese
  1. Add rice to boiling water
  2. Place a double layer of paper towel between the pan and the lid
  3. Cover and turn down to simmer for about 25-30 minutes or until rice is cooked
  4. Toast pecans in 1-2 Tbsp olive oil just until brown
  5. Add toasted pecans and shredded cheese into rice and stir
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  1. April W. says

    I love brown rice, but have to admit that my rice cooker makes it’s preparation even easier than the stovetop method. I saw an epidisode of Rachael Ray once where she cooked it in half chicken stock and half red wine. This is quite tasty too, if you’re up for a change and willing to cook with alcohol….though I’m sure other juices would turn out just as yummy!

  2. MelanieL says

    Yum, looks delicious! Ironically I was googling stir-fry recipes just this morning because I have a craving for it!! I can’t wait for your recipe Friday:) Love the presentation as well, so creative.

  3. kelly says

    when we moved to hawaii we quickly realized rice is a staple. my family doesn’t love brown rice as much as white so we compromise and have “hapa” rice. half white half brown and just cook it in the rice cooker. can’t wait to see the stir fry recipe.

  4. Brenda says

    This looks yummy! Trying to make the change to brown rice. I like the 1/2 white 1/2 brown rice combo. Depending on the main dish do you think you could add dried cranberries or dried apricots?

  5. Laurie says

    The package on the brown rice we get says to simmer for 45 minutes. That just seems so long. My mom gave me a pressure cooker for Christmas. It cooks the rice in 20 minutes and always comes out perfect. I’ll try your stovetop/paper towel method.

  6. Katy M. says

    I made this tonight along with your broccoli salad recipe and then we grilled some steak. Yummy! My husband kept making “Mmmmm” noises while he ate. And the kids loved it too! Thank you!

  7. Ginger says

    Leigh Anne, do you put the paper towels there before it starts to simmer on the stove? Looks delicious.

  8. Jill says

    Somebody else commented on using a pressure cooker for rice. The cooking time for brown rice is 10-12 min. I love that!

  9. Valery Bunnell says

    I love brown rice and I’ve never been able to make it well. This recipe really makes me want to try again but I’m hesitant because every time I’ve made brown rice, it’s always uncooked and turns to a mushy mess. Yours looks so perfect!


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