Lime Sherbet Freeze

Lime Sherbet Freeze

We are big ice cream fans at our house, always have been.  When I was young one of my favorite treats to get at the local drive, The Spot was a “freeze.”  I loved pulling up at the drive-in, having the server come out of her little booth and hook that tray onto our car window.  They made their own root beer so I usually got a root beer freeze.  Their hamburgers were amazing too and every trip I have made back to my hometown since then there is always a stop at The Spot!

Two of my favorite flavors of freezes are orange sherbet freeze and a root beer freeze.  A freeze is a combination of sherbet, ice cream and soda.  It’s blended all together like a milkshake but has an ice- ier texture and taste than a milkshake because it uses soda (usually a lemon lime soda or rootbeer) instead of milk.

Since we are nearing St. Patrick’s Day I decided to make a lime sherbet freeze – green is the color of the season!  But this recipe could be made with any flavor of sherbet.  For a root beer freeze just use vanilla ice cream and root beer soda.  It was so yummy and may just be my new favorite flavor!!  I give away a lot of the treats I make on the blog because if I didn’t I’d be the size of a house. I didn’t give away any of the lime sherbet freeze!.

Lime Sherbet Freeze

Lime Sherbet can be a bit tricker to find but I found mine at Fred Meyers.  It’s worth looking for.

I used a 4 to 1 ratio.  4 scoops of sherbet to 1 scoop of ice cream to 1/2 C liquid.  This made two small lime sherbet freezes.  So depending on how many people you are going to feed will depend on how much you need.  The ice cream gives it bit of creaminess too.

Lime Sherbet FreezeThen just blend it all up – you want it nice and thick.  A freeze needs to be thick and icy!

Lime Sherbet Freeze

Of course the next step is to grab a spoon and dig in.

Lime Sherbet Freeze

Nothing beats a cold, icy lime sherbet freeze on a hot summer day or on any day!  Even a gloomy, rainy day like we’re having today in Portland!  It would make a perfect dessert for your St. Patrick’s day feast too.

Lime Sherbet Freeze

For more lime goodness try:

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Lime Sherbet Freeze
Serves: 2 small freezes
  • 4 scoops lime sherbet
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice cream
  • ½ C lemon lime soda
  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.


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  1. Marta says

    I found your site through Pinterest. As soon as I saw “the Spot” I knew immediately where you had grown up. I went to college in your hometown. I knew you seemed extra awesome. :)

  2. Mary says

    Hi Leigh Anne – I found your site through Pinterest also. This lime freeze looks so yummy! We will be making them this weekend for sure. Will be checking out the rest of your site also!


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