S’more Sundaes with Melanie of Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Turn your favorite campfire treat into a frosty ice cream treat with this S’mores Sundaes Recipe!

S'mores Sundaes

Several months ago one of my favorite food bloggers emailed me to say she would be in Portland this summer visiting family and would I like to get together?  Of course I said YES!  It is so fun to meet a blogging friend live and in person! Melanie, of Mel’s Kitchen Cafe and I have corresponded via email and our blogs for several years now and I just knew that if we ever met in person we would be great friends and I was right.

I can tell you, she is just as cute, if not cuter in person, as she is on her blog!

Melanie arrived with her four darling, and I mean darling, little boys, her sweet husband and her mother in law and sister in law who live here in Oregon.  What fun to meet them all.  It was a lovely summer evening here in Portland so we enjoyed visiting in the garden.

I decided that s’mores were the perfect thing for such a beautiful night and fun visit.  Especially with four little boys.

I think it was a good choice!

Of course we had a selection of chocolate and marshmallows although the jumbo size marshmallows were the biggest hit.

I love s’mores and I also love ice cream so I decided to combine my two loves and make a s’mores sundae.  Melanie joined me.

An amazing combination.

The first step is to make a s’more.  Then I let it sit for a few minutes so it wasn’t too soft and gooey.  I used a sharp knife and cut it into little squares of s’more.

Then you need a nice  big bowl of vanilla ice cream.  Ours happened to be homemade but store bought will do too.

S'mores Sundaes

And then the crowning glory of any sundae – hot fudge sauce.  Ours was homemade using my mother’s amazing hot fudge recipe.  If you haven’t tried it, you really must!

It also helps when you have another food blogger around to help you take pictures!  Thanks for the great shot Melanie.
S'mores Sundaes

Perfection – s’mores, ice cream and hot fudge.  Yum!

S'mores Sundaes

Pretty much a perfect evening – good company and good food.  Add in some pretty lighting and it doesn’t get much better.

And then a few cute boys to help you blow out all the candles!

Thanks Melanie and family for spending time with us during your visit to Portland!  Can’t wait until you come back again.

For some more s’mores themed treats check out these:  S’mores Pie  and Gourmet S’mores Picnic.

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  1. says

    I love Melanie. Saw your pic on her blog as well. So fun that ya’ll got together! If either of you are ever in Austin, come over and you can cook for me…..I mean come over and I’ll cook for you! :)

  2. says

    S’mores on top of a bowl of ice cream… yum! Love the canning jars with the tea lights! So beautiful. That is so cool that you got to visit with another blogger and her family.

  3. says

    Love the pictures, Leigh Anne! It will serve as one of the funnest memories of our Portland trip, that is for sure. Thank you so much for having us! I am so grateful to have gotten to know you through blogging – you are wonderful, and now I just need to figure out a way to move next door (wouldn’t my boys love THAT?)!

  4. Ellen says

    What a GREAT, delicious, lovely (tea lights), fun, etc…..evening. You have both inspired me with an idea I’m going to use for a party idea I needed to plan in the next few weeks. I’m going to plan a “S’more Sunday”. I have been wanting to have some friends and their kids (my little ones are all grown up….or so they think) so this will be fun for them too. I’m going to steal (I mean borrow) your photo for the invite, make a simple dinner and then let the fun begin with the S’mores. I’m so excited for this. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the inspiration.
    Love ya!


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