Halloween Popcorn with Orange and Dark Chocolate

halloween popcorn

My love of creamsicle and white chocolate took over today.  I decided I needed.  That would be NEEDED to make some Halloween Popcorn.  The first version I made and shared a few years ago is white chocolate popcorn with candy corn.  I think I could eat anything if it was covered in white chocolate and had candy corn in it.  Maybe even a potato!  (For those of you new to the blog, I do not eat potatoes!)

I wanted the new Halloween Popcorn to look Halloweenie so I figured I better use something black/brown and orange.

Dark chocolate was the first choice and then I decided to add in some of those orange slice candies.  I found mine in the bulk bins at Winco.  I decided if a little orange was good, more was better so I also drizzled some orange colored and flavored candy melts over the top.  A sprinkle of Halloween colored sprinkles added an extra touch!

There are two ways you can add the orange flavored drizzle.  You can buy the white chocolate/vanilla melts and add some orange coloring and flavoring.  You just need to make sure that they are both oil based.  Regular food coloring is water based and will cause the chocolate to “seize” up.  Meaning it will get hard!  I purchased my oil based food color (it is specifically for candy) at our local cake decorating store.  I used my Wild Orange Essential oil but they also have oil based orange flavoring at the cake decorating store.

An easier way would be to buy the orange Wilton Melts and add the orange oil to it or you could just leave the orange flavor out but that extra bit of orange in the drizzle is really nice!

First I popped about 2/3 cups of popcorn in my air popper.  I did it in two batches.

Next you want to cut up your orange slices.  I cut each slice into about six pieces.  I think it is easiest to use scissors.  Just give them a spray of vegetable spray and the candy doesn’t stick too bad.

I then melted 1 lb. of vanilla melts in the microwave.  Just pour the melted chips over the popcorn and stir until well coated.  Add in the orange slices and stir some more.

Spread the mixture onto a cookie.  I used two cookie sheets and make a nice layer.

Then melt your dark chocolate melts and your orange melts and drizzle over the top of the popcorn mixture.  I sprinkled with some Halloween sprinkles.

Allow it to set up.  You can stick it in the refrigerator if you are in a hurry!

I bet you can’t wait until it’s set up to eat some!!

It is the perfect treat to package up in little cellophane bags and give out to friends.

That is if you don’t eat it all first!

Now if you happen to live in Oregon and just happen to be an OSU Beaver fan, this is the perfect game day treat!

For more Halloween treats head on over here.

Halloween Popcorn with Orange and Dark Chocolate
  • 1 lb. plus 1 cup vanilla melts or 1 lb. vanilla melts and 1 cup orange melts
  • 1 cup dark chocolate melts
  • orange coloring, oil based
  • orange oil
  • 16 Cs popped popcorn
  • 2 C orange slice candy, cut into pieces
  • Halloween sprinkles
  1. Pop popcorn and remove unpopped kernels
  2. Slice orange slices into six pieces
  3. Spray scissors with vegetable spray to keep them from sticking
  4. Melt 1 lb. of vanilla melts in microwave and pour over popped popcorn
  5. Stir well to coat
  6. Add in orange slices
  7. Stir again
  8. Spread mixture onto one or two cookie sheets into a nice even layer
  9. Melt dark chocolate melts and drizzle over popcorn mixture
  10. Melt orange melts and add orange oil
  11. Or melt vanilla melts and add orange oil and oil based coloring
  12. Drizzle over popcorn
  13. Add Halloween sprinkles if desired.
  14. Allow to set up and then break into pieces.
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  1. Kimberly Davis says

    I’ll comment haha :) I already wrote down my shopping list to go get the ingredients to make this for a surprise treat for tonight! Rest assured, your readers LOVE you and APPRECIATE you :)

  2. says

    Halloween is my favorite holiday! Of course being born on October 31 might have something to do with it. This looks like a new one to add to my collection for party time!

  3. helene says

    About to try this recipe and can’t wait to taste it! Can I ask where you got your orange and white polka dot casserole dish? I love it!!!


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