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This summer I am going to have a fun little series for you – Kids Can Cook.  Summer is a great time to spend some time in the kitchen with your kids.  Hopefully your schedules are a little slower and you can take advantage of that by spending some fun time in the kitchen.

A few summers ago I held a Kids Cooking Camp at my home and it was so much fun.  Kids love to cook if we just give them a chance!

So throughout the summer I will share with you some fun recipes and tips for cooking with your kids because Kids Can Cook!

Our first recipe is for Bread in a Bag.  This is a fun activity/recipe we did at my cooking camp a few years ago.  The kids LOVED it!

I enlisted three of the cutest little girls who just happen to be sisters from church to come and play with me in the kitchen.

Tip One:  Make sure the recipe is readable and accessible.  I covered my table with parchment paper and then wrote the ingredients on the paper so the girls could easily see it.  Also,  have all the ingredients out and easy to reach.

Bread in a BagMaking bread was a great way to teach the girls the right way to measure flour – I prefer the scoop and level method.

Bread in a Bag

The first step was to put a cup of flour into their bag.

Bread in a Bag They then added the sugar, yeast and water.  We learned a little about yeast and what it does and how it is important for your water to be the right temperature.

Bread in a Bag

Then they zipped up their bags and smooshed it all together until the flour was all mixed it.

Bread in a BagWe then let it rest for 10 minutes so their yeast could activate and they went out in the backyard and played for a bit.

Bread in a Bag

We then added some olive oil, salt and more flour into the bag.

Bread in a Bag And then smooshed some more!

Bread in a BagThey then turned their dough out onto the table and kneaded it until smooth with a little bit extra flour.

Bread in a Bag

Tip Two:  Don’t expect perfection.  The important thing is that they have fun.  Their loaves weren’t perfectly shaped but it didn’t matter.  They still tasted the same!

Bread in a BagWe greased mini loaf pans and each girl got two mini loaves out of one recipe.

Bread in a Bag

Bread in a Bag

We then let them rise.  Because we used rapid rise yeast it didn’t take long – about 20-30 minutes.

Bread in a Bag

Tip Three:  Embrace the mess.  Kids will be messy and you will end up with flour all over the table and floor but they are going to have fun and so will you!  Enjoy it.  The mess will clean up quickly but the memories will last a long time!!

Bread in a Bag

The bread then bakes for about 25 minutes or so when making a mini loaf.

Bread in a Bag

Then the next part is the best – ENJOY your bread!  The girls were so excited and proud of themselves – can’t you just see it in their cute little faces!
Bread in a Bag

Bread in a Bag

All that was left to do was EAT!

Bread in a Bag

For another fun Kids Can Cook idea check out Chocolate Snack Cake.

Chocolate Snack Cake

For more info on my original Kid’s Cooking Camp go here.


Bread in a Bag
Recipe type: Bread
Serves: 2 mini loaves or 1 full size loaf
  • 3 C flour, divided
  • 3 Tbsp white sugar
  • 1 (.25) package rapid rise yeast
  • 1 C warm water
  • 3 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1½ tsp salt
  1. In a resealable plastic bag place 1 C flour, sugar and yeast and add in warm water.
  2. Squeeze air out of the bag and seal.
  3. Squish with your hands until well mixed together.
  4. Let it rest for 10 minutes at room temperature. Bubbles will form.
  5. Open bag and put in 1 C of flour, oil and salt.
  6. Seal bag again and squish until well blended.
  7. Add last cup of flour and continue mixing in the same manner until well blended.
  8. Remove dough from bag and put onto a lightly floured surface.
  9. Knead for 5-10 minutes or until smooth.
  10. Divide dough in half and place each half into a greased mini loaf pan. Or make one large loaf
  11. Cover with a towel and allow to rise for about 30 minutes.
  12. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 25-30 minutes or until bread is golden brown.

Recipe adapted from allrecipes.

Kids will love making their own bread in a bag!

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  1. Cindi says

    What darling girls! And what a fun thing to do with them! I’m going to try this method of “Bread In A Bag” myself. THANKS!

  2. Shelly says

    I love this! My two kiddos love to be in the kitchen too! Thanks for this post and we look forward to the next kids in the kitchen! PS I have a problem with measuring cups and spoons and could not help but notice the cute striped ones you used. Super cute, where could I find a set?

  3. says

    I can attest that Kids can cook. I had mine in the kitchen before he could walk “helping.” As he got older, his skill level improved. Yes, there were messes, but he loved being in the kitchen learning how to cook. He’s now a grown man with his own family and he’s responsible for most of the meals. Success!

    Great series!

  4. Lachelle says

    I am so excited to see more of these kind of recipes! I have been wanting to do a kids cooking camp with my kids and a couple other neighbor kids so this is perfect! Thanks!

  5. Paula says

    At the risk of sounding completely dumb, are all of the ingredients divided? Bread is kind of the final frontier for me. I love cooking and baking, but I have no confidence when it comes to making bread. I know a 1:1 ratio of flour to water seems off though. I want to make this recipe with my kids, and I really want it to turn out right, so I figured I better ask before I lay a shaky foundation for them as far as bread-making goes. :)
    Thanks for your help!

    • says

      Paula, Not sure what you mean by are all the ingredients divided? The recipe is at the end of the post with all the directions. You do add only a cup of water and a cup of flour in for the first step but 2 more cups of flour are added in as you go. Keep reading the post and you’ll see that as you go.

  6. Perla says

    Hi! Do you know if this will this work with whole wheat flour? I’d like to make this with my son but we’re trying to do healthier baking. Thank you! :)

  7. Rell says

    I’ve never made bread from scratch but I’m going to try this with my daughter! What is the right temperature for the water and how do you get that temperature? Tap water? Thermometer? Thanks.

    • says

      You want the water to be between 105-110 degrees. I use tap water and just do it by feel but you can use a thermometer if you have one. I just test it on the inside of my wrist.

  8. says

    My five-year old daughter and I made this bread today. Well, actually, according to my daughter she did it “all by myself” 😉 . She was so proud of the finished product!!! I’ll be looking for more of your cooking with kids posts!

  9. margaret S says

    This looks like lots of fun. My grandson will have fun with this easy recipe. Could you use whole wheat flour and still use 1 yeast or would it be 2 packages of yeast for the 3 c of flour?

  10. Seema says

    Hi! That looked so much fun! :) And the little girls did look so proud! I would like to bake this bread, I have a 250gm packet of instant yeast, could you tell me the yeast used in spoons? Thanks so much!

  11. says

    I love this! My son is so picky but he likes bread so this is a win/win. He can help make it (without a big mess) AND he will eat it. I can’t wait to try this with him. Thank you for sharing :)

  12. Pattie says

    I love this cooking with kids!!! I let my 5year old niece make cookies just last week. Next is making bread!!! Thanks for all the fun recipes:)

  13. Tess says

    Wish I would have seen this two weeks ago! I had my niece and nephew for 9 days and this would have been right up their alley to do. I have 4 grandsons and can’t wait for each of them to be ready to help make bread loaves. I already do homemade loaves for Christmas presents…this would be a way for them to make the presents even more special!

    If your kitchen isn’t warm enough for rising, start your oven at 200 degrees F. and let the dough “rest” in there. That way it’s draft free as well which helps with the rising. Make sure that you cover the bowl or pan that you have the dough in so it doesn’t dry out. Make sure you don’t leave the dough in the plastic bag though.

  14. DeAnna Anderson says

    This new cooking with kids that you are doing is genius. I am looking forward to finding the next in the series as it is now July 11 and I am behind. I signed up for your weekly email as well so I don’t miss anything. For this first recipe how long would you cook a regular sized loaf. Would it cook the same 25-30 minutes or a little longer. I have always had this thing with yeast. We just don’t get along, but I think even I could handle this recipe. My teenager daughter is interested as well. Thanks so much!

    • says

      Will have more ideas on the blog in the next few weeks – did you see the Chocolate Snack Cake idea I shared a week ago? A full size bread pan will probably take about 10 minutes longer. Have fun!!

  15. Michelle Lubbers says

    What’s your secret for light and shiny crust? Egg yolk? Melted butter? The verdict is out on whether we kneaded too long. My boys made a batch this morning that is now cooling. They had a great time making the dough, so it is a win! I really hope it’s edible though :)

    • says

      The secret is melted butter. I mainly did it so it would look prettier in the photograph :) Hope you and your boys had fun – that’s the key ingredient!

    • Michelle Lubbers says

      Tastes great! I love how “organic” it is with lumps and bumps, but yet it bakes up with such nice texture.

  16. Katie says

    I saw the question of flour I’m still a tad confused about which kind to use, all purpose or self rising?

  17. says

    I can’t wait to try this out with my littles! I LOVE having them take part of something in my kitchen and this looks like a great project for them! Thanks!!!

  18. Billie J Hall says

    I am excited about this recipe. I am 81 and finding something so simple is great. My husband and I both like homemade bread. I quit making bread because of the trouble .
    When I found this recipe the first thing I said to Charlie was “Now I can bake bread again.”

  19. Sherry W. says

    This recipe is fabulous! I spent the afternoon making loaves of bread with my 3 year old. She was able to do most on her own and loved eating the bread as much as making it. Thanks for the recipe. Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

  20. Raye W says

    Well I see this post is older, but I just found it via LilMooCreations. I’m extremely thrilled to find this. I have two grandsons. 9 and 7. One bakes cookies and cupcakes for his dad to take and share at work, the other loves to cook so much, he has his own utensils, apron, and chef’s hat. Nana-grandie time is so priceless, and this is a recipe I think they’d both love. The ‘squish’ factor is going to really tickle them. Sounds like the perfect afternoon activity for us to do on Christmas Eve this year. Thanks so much!

  21. Jill B says

    Made this recipe with my five and six year old girls this past weekend and they loved it. We made one full-size loaf from each batch and they cooked in about the same time as the mini loafs. Looking for ways to spice up the bread next time, possibly making it into cinnamon sugar bread like streusel or other options. Any suggestions?

  22. Rebecca says

    Leigh Anne, Thanks for the recipe and your girls are so pretty ! My grandsons 4 + and 6+ will come to visit us but our Chinese New Year 19th Feb is approaching, I wonder do I have the time to let them try. Max, my elder grandson loves baking. Any how will let them try before they go back to Paris.
    Will keep an eye on your blog and let the grandkids do some baking when they come to visit us or when I visit them in Paris.
    Best regards,

  23. says

    I’m just getting ready to teach a cooking club after school for 1st-3rd graders and found this recipe on Pinterest. I was totally excited! Then I looked at your profile picture and thought to myself that you looked familiar. When I took a closer look at your name, it clicked: we used your carnival theme for our rehearsal dinner in July! Small world. I love all your grand ideas. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • says

      Hi Tabitha! Have fun with your cooking club. Your mother in law Teri and I have been friends since our Creative Memories days! Loved seeing the pictures of your rehearsal dinner.

  24. Holly says

    I love baking bread. But since I’m extremely disabled, it’s a huge chore, one I don’t often do.

    Today I got my ingredients ready, but am still unable to make myself start the project.

    Your idea about mixing dough in a bag got me moving. I have the dry ingredients ready for a standard 2-loaf bread recipe. I’ll use bags, dividing the ingredients into two batches. This is even better, because I live alone, and can’t eat two loaves of bread before they get unlovely. I’ll retain the other half of the dry ingredients and do it again, once the first batch is used up.

    This idea will allow me to knead my bread at the computer, sitting down! Since standing up is painful, you might guess what a grand idea that is. You might find sites for disabled people who may also appreciate this.

    This is a great idea for children, but also for this disabled grandma! Thanks.

  25. Jennifer says

    I successfully used this with a group of six 7 year olds and a group of eight 5 year olds. For the 5 year olds, I had them do half the recipe in a quart sized bag and make one mini loaf. All the kids thought it was so fun to take home their own loaf of bread. Putting everything in a ziploc made the mess really manageable. For the younger group, I had pre-measured the yeast, sugar, salt, and oil into little Dixie cups so they could just dump them in. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for such a fun, kid friendly idea!!

  26. Jayne says

    What a great idea and yummy fresh bread to boot.
    I have one query, the recipe states 1 (.25) package rapid rise yeast.
    What is the (.25) ??
    Many thanks.


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