S’more Caramel Corn

Summer has finaly arrived here in the Pacific Northwest  and it seems like the flavor of the summer this year is s’more. I have seen s’more recipes popping up all over the blogosphere. Every imaginable s’more flavored treat you can imagine. S’mores and summer do just seem to go together. One of our favorite summer time activities is making s’mores over the firepit in our backyard but now you don’t need to wait for a fire to enjoy the yumminess of a s’more!

I decided to turn one of my favorite treats – caramel corn into a s’more too. S’more Caramel Corn – let’s just say the combo works! Very well!
S'more Caramel Corn

What’s not to love about caramel, chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker combined together??

To make S’more Caramel Corn I started out with my trustworthy, easy to make, never fail me caramel corn recipe. So easy because it is made in a brown paper bag in the microwave.

I spread the caramel corn out onto parchment paper on two large cookie sheets. Then topped it with some mini marshmallows and Golden Graham cerel.

S'more Caramel Corn

Then the best part -you drizzle it with chocolate, lots of chocolate. The chocolate is the glue that holds it all together so don’t skimp on this part!!
S'more Caramel Corn

The let the chocolate set up. I was going to put mine in the fridge in the garage but my husband had a stinky fresh crab in there and I was afraid the popcorn would end up tasting like crab – yuck!!

After it is set up you can commence munching, you can do it before it sets up too, it is just a little messier!

S'more Caramel Corn

I decided to share so I packaged it up in some clear bags and added a fun little tag that Mique designed for me! Who would’nt enjoy S’more Fun!!?? You can download the tag too and just print them off.

S'more Caramel Corn

I love taking little bags of fun treats to friends when they least expect it!

For S’more fun be sure and check out the s’more bar I did last summer for a birthday party!

S’more Caramel Corn
  • 1 batch of caramel corn
  • 2-3 C of miniature marshmallows
  • 2-3 C of Golden Graham cereal
  • 1 pkg. of chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate)
  1. Spread caramel corn onto two parchment lined cookie sheets to cool.
  2. Sprinkle with marshmallows and cereal.
  3. Melt chocolate chips and then drizzle chocolate over mixture.
  4. Allow chocolate to set up. Enjoy!


Recipe originally shared over at 30 Days Handmade.

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  1. anne says

    I’m dying to make your caramel corn recipe! My goal is for this to be my handmade holiday gift for people. I have a (dumb) question about the brown paper bag you use – I’m pretty sure I have a full size microwave, but I can’t imagine a big brown bag from the grocery store is going to fit in there. Even folded over! Obviously 16 cups of popcorn isn’t going to fit in the average brown lunch bag either. So, what kind/size brown bag are you using and where do you get it?

  2. Trudy says

    Hey There…So I figured out why my caramel corn was soft…I missed the REPEAT part…so it needed an extra 1 minute + 30 minute…It was perfect the second time I tried it!

    My only question now is…how do you keep it crunchy???…I put it in a sealed canister (like store bought popcorn comes in) and the next day the caramel corn was all soft…Is it only good on the day it is made, or is there a way to keep it crunchy?

    Thanks! :)

    • says

      So glad it worked for you the second time – that repeat part is important! I have had it stay crispy for several days. I have even mailed it to people and had it still be crisp. I think it is always the best the day it is made though. The humidity levels may effect it also.


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