Grilled Cheese Party!

Grilled Cheese Party

On Tuesday I shared with you a fun Make Your Own Juice Bar party idea. If you haven’t checked it out yet please do so and don’t forget to enter the $100 Visa Gift card giveaway sponsored by Simply Cranberry that is there too!! Could you use an extra $100???

In that post I promised to share with you what we had to eat at the party along with our yummy juice concoctions.

Not only did I make them mix their own beverage I made them make their own dinner too. I decided to make my guests work for their dinner!  We had a Grilled Cheese Party.

Grilled Cheese Bar Party Idea

Plan a fun and easy party with a Grilled Cheese Bar

I put together a collection of fun fixins for grilled cheese sandwiches and let my guests have at it putting together all kinds of yummy and crazy combinations.

Of course there was cheese -six different kinds of cheese to be exact.  There was smoked cheddar, havarti, brie, colby jack, pepper jack and smoked gouda.  I rolled out some butcher paper onto the table and placed the cheese right on the paper.  Then I just labeled each type of cheese with a marker.  So easy and fun.

There were three different types of bread – sourdough, herbed focaccia and ciabatta. And three choices of meat – turkey, ham and roast beef.

I also had a fun selection of condiments they could add to their sandwich .

And then some other fun add ins too!  One of my favorites was potato chips but I also had caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, black olives, spinach,tomatoes, apple slices, and red onion.

The fun part was just seeing all the fun combinations that people put together.

I had two panini grills lined up, heated and ready to go.  I also had some olive oil and a brush that they could give the bread a nice little coating before putting it on the grill.  If you don’t have a panini grill you could use a frying pan, an electric skillet or whatever you normally cook your grilled cheese sandwich in.

I think this may have been one of the easiest dinner parties I have ever done.  Once I had all the ingredients assembled I was finished.  The guests did the rest of the work and made their own dinner.

I got to enjoy the party just as much as they did!
Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich!

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  1. says

    This is an awesome idea. Where did you get the little stands that hold your menu’s? I LOVE your site – always full of great ideas. I want to come to your parties – LOL. Thanks for sharing and God bless :)

  2. MelanieL says

    Wow, so clever:) I would be delighted to come to THAT party!! You are amazing, love your ideas!

  3. Marnie says

    Such a fun idea!! I love entertaining but don’t have the ‘oomph’ I used to have so I often end up too tired from preparations to enjoy the party myself. Thank you for sharing this one.

  4. says

    Hi Leigh Anne, I so enjoyed meeting you at SNAP & I’ve been trying to get around to stopping by ever since. Geez – your so adorable & talented. I absolutely LOVE your blog, your pictures & your ideas. I can’t wait to read more.

    Warmly, Michelle
    PS – If you live in Utah, let’s get together for lunch sometime with some of our local girls.

    • says

      Thanks Michelle. I am in and out of Utah all the time with my four kids there! Would love to get together sometime. I’ll be back in August if not before!

  5. Karen says

    This is a great idea and I love the set-up you made for it. Looks like something informal that anyone would love to be invited to. Perfect comfort food. Thanks!

  6. says

    Gunna keep this on file for sure! What a cool way to make a party fun! I bet your guests were giddy when they saw what was for dinner! What creativity!!!

  7. jenica haug says

    love the stands! wish i knew where to get some more! thanks also for the essential oil samples! my little boy is only 4 and can swallow small pills but not capsules. do you just rub them on his chest? (they were for allergies) thanks, jenica

  8. Barbara says

    Hi, Leigh Anne!

    I really enjoy your blog – it’s fun, inspiring and I always end up “pinning” something from it!

    We love to entertain and for sure we’ll be hosting a grilled cheese party. I think it would be so much fun and our friends would have a blast. (Plus, it sounds like a whole lot less work than preparing a full meal!) My friends usually offer to bring something, so I could get off pretty easy.

    Thanks for the idea and keep them coming!

    Your Missouri friend Barbara

  9. Kim says

    I just stumbled on this on Pinterest. I am planning my wedding, and I already know I am getting catered BBQ for the reception. I need something informal (as to not show up my reception food) for the rehearsal dinner, yet delicious, and I think this might be it! I’m having a winter party too, so I could pair this with soups to make an extra cozy rehearsal meal!

    • says

      I think a Grilled Cheese Party would be a super fun idea for a rehearsal dinner and easy too. People have so much fun making their own sandwich and it gets people talking and visiting. Finding out what combos everyone is putting together. Good luck!

  10. says

    Just did this for a lunch event at our store, Back In Style. It was perfect! The grilled cheese bar facilitated interaction betwen customers so they got to know each other. It works when people are coming and going, as the sandwhich is always “hot and fresh”. It isn’t messy, and doesn’t need cutlery. A easy, yet festive way to make a special occasion meal! Thank you!

  11. Stephanie Woods says

    I was just wondering where you got all your supplies from? A local grocer store or a chain? Thanks! Your setup is wonderful!

  12. Melody H says

    This is great! How many people did it serve, and how much of everything did you need? I am thinking of this idea for my whimsical wedding but have no clue where to start!

    • says

      We had 8 people at the party but there was plenty of leftovers. I would just figure out how many guests you have and decide how many sandwiches per person you want to plan on and go from there.


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