Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Tacos

Ice Cream Tacos

So I guess I am a little late to the table when it comes to certain ice cream treats.

This summer we hosted a fun little ice cream tasting party for our neighbors. One of the ice cream treat selections was an ice cream filled taco. My neighbor kids were shocked when I told them I had never had one before. I also had never had a Twinkie before until I heard they were going away and I then had one bite and that was enough. Not a huge fan.

But back to ice cream. I really liked the ice cream taco so decided to create my own version at home.

Ice Cream Tacos So here is how I did it.   I bought the smallest flour tortillas I could find.  I gave them a spray of butter spray and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.I then folded them over with the cinnamon sugar on the inside.  I initially did it with it on the outside but then you end up with cinnamon sugar all over your hands.  I wanted them to retain their taco shape while baking and stay open enough so that I could fill them with ice cream so I made some little foil balls to insert to keep them open.  Worked like a charm.   I baked them until they were nice and crispy and then filled them with ice cream.   Be sure and have the ice cream come all the way to the top of the taco so that the chocolate has something to grab on to.

Ice Cream Tacos step by step

I then wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them back in the freezer to let them harden up a bit before dipping them into the chocolate.

For the chocolate I used semi sweet chocolate chips, a little corn syrup and some butter to thin the chocolate out enough to dip with. I used a small foil loaf pan for the chocolate  – it was the perfect size and depth to dip the taco shell into. After dipping I sprinkled with chopped nuts and or sprinkles.  I then laid them on a piece of wax paper and popped them back into the freezer to harden up.

Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Taco

I then instagrammed a photo of them and invited any hungry neighbors to come down for a taste test.  It took less than 5 minutes and my door was knocking!

Ice Cream Tacos

They took them to go and took one along for their dad who was having a birthday that day.

Ice Cream TacosI got a message back via Instagram that on a scale of 1-10 they gave them an 11!  Tessa also left a message on Instagram to save her one.

Ice Cream Tacos

You could have so much fun with different flavors of ice cream, and chocolate.  I think white chocolate dipped ice cream taco would be yummy!!  What could be better than an ice cream filled taco!

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Ice Cream Pie

Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Tacos


  • Small flour tortillas
  • cinnamon sugar
  • butter spray
  • ice cream
  • 6 oz. semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp corn syrup
  • 6 Tbsp butter
  • sprinkles, crushed nuts etc.


  • Spray one side of tortilla with butter spray and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.
  • Fold over with cinnamon sugar on the inside and insert foil ball to keep tortilla open
  • Bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until crisp.
  • Cool and then fill with ice cream.
  • Wrap in plastic and freeze until hard.
  • Melt chocolate. Add in butter and corn syrup. Stir until smooth.
  • Dip ice cream filled taco into chocolate.
  • Sprinkle with desired topping
  • Place on wax paper and put in freezer to harden up.




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  1. 1
    Mique says:

    These look awesome LA!! My family would be all over them. I’ll have to give them a try soon. xo

  2. 2

    Oh my stars… these look amazing! Remember when Taco Bell used to sell choco’s?! This reminds me of those and I can hardly wait to make yours! MMMM! Thanks for sharing! (: xoxo
    Kris & Kel @ LollyJane recently posted..Orange scented play dough

  3. 3
    sue says:

    Hey girl,

    I just sent you a link to Real Mom Kitchen. I Googled how to bake tortillas in the oven because I knew I had seen that tip somewhere in my computer travels. There always must be a better, easier way to do things, which is why I adore the internet.
    Those look yummy, unfortunately, I won’t make them since I would enjoy eating them ALL.

  4. 4

    This is brilliant!! They are so beautiful. I love me some tacos and having them for desserts never crossed my mind. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. 5
    Rita says:

    These look delicious. I have to admit that I have never had an ice cream taco either, so now I will have to try these out! Thanks for sharing.
    Rita recently posted..Freebie! Back to School Book Marks

  6. 6

    Oh my goodness, I have never heard of this, and it sounds like so much fun to make! My kids will FLIP!!! Pinning!!
    capturing joy with kristen duke recently posted..Penelope’s Eclectic Closet: Handmade Girls Clothing

  7. 7

    Leigh Anne, these tacos are amazing! That crunchy taco shell adds the perfect amount of texture to the creamy ice cream. Can’t wait to try this out!
    Amy | Club Narwhal recently posted..FOOD VIDEO | PINK LEMONADE ICEBOX CAKE & FREE PRINTABLES

  8. 8
    Leah says:

    Yum! I love this idea! :)
    Leah recently posted..Bunting #3: Back to School Countdown

  9. 9

    Seriously, Leigh Anne? How do you continue to make the most amazing food…EVER! We’d love for you to come over to our newest link party over at The Inspiration Network: DELISH- a desserts only link party. Bring your desserts and let’s party!!

    Melanie and Diana
    The Inspiration Network

  10. 10
    Maria says:

    Oh my goodness, these look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great way to serve ice-cream, this looks like just the most delicious summer treat!!! YUM!!!!

  11. 11

    This looks amazing! Can’t wait to give these a try. They look so easy. Found you at the Pin Junkie Friday link party. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Amy @ The Stitchin’ Mommy recently posted..Get Crafty Friday {36}

  12. 12
    Sarah says:

    Oh-mah-good-ness! These look delicious! I’m having a pot luck at work next week and I’m so doing this. Thanks for linking up at Life Inspired :)
    Sarah recently posted..Life Inspired Link Party #7 + Giveaway

  13. 13
    Jenn says:

    YUMMY! These look SO GOOD & super FUN! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have a FUN weekend!
    Jenn recently posted..Best French Toast Ever

  14. 14

    These look so absolutely delicious! I found them on the Marvelous Monday link party. Come share them with us tomorrow morning at our On Display Monday Link party. Definitely going to try these soon! :)
    Britney @ The Princess & Her Cowboys recently posted..Watermelon Crafts

  15. 15

    Wow, I am glad I stopped by from Marvelous Mondays because these look AMAZING! What a wonderful idea and a delicious treat.

  16. 16

    Oh my! those looks so scrumptious……
    CrystelleBoutique recently posted..22nd Birthday {Mixed Media}

  17. 17

    These look fantastic!! How fun too!

  18. 18

    Ice cream tacos??!! Sounds fabulous!
    Melanie @ Just Some Salt and Pepper recently posted..Black Bean, Corn, and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

  19. 19
    Kelsey says:

    Leigh Ann these look absolutely amazing!! Thanks for linking up to Life Inspired with us :)
    Kelsey recently posted..Loaded Baked Potato Soup Recipe

  20. 20

    Oh my goodness these look amazing!!! Stopping by from Tuesday Tastings!
    Laura @ The Rookie Cook recently posted..Mexican Corn and Tomato Skillet with Fish

  21. 21

    I would’ve gladly been a taste tester! These look awesome!
    Sarah @ Miss Candiquik recently posted..Peanut Butter Pups

  22. 22
    Morgaine says:

    Wow! These look delicious! Love it!
    Morgaine @ Madcap Frenzy
    P.S. I would love if you would link up any of your awesome posts at my August Totally Tuesday Link Party:
    Morgaine recently posted..August Totally Tuesday Link Party

  23. 23
    Linda says:

    OMG. Ice cream tacos are my absolute favorite!!! I never even imagined making some .. Thanks so much. I’m featuring you tonight which means this is also PINNED. Have a great weekend. Linda
    Linda recently posted..What to do with old windows

  24. 24

    All I can say is YES!!!!! These look so delicious and fabulous…Hugs, Beverly
    Beverly Tea Cottage Pretties recently posted..FABRIC DOLLS – US DOLLS AND A EARRING CARD

  25. 25
    Jo-Ann says:

    Looks wonderful. Can’t wait to try it. Thank you for sharing it.

  26. 26

    Wow! My mind is blown! I have never heard of ice cream tacos. Although, it does remind me of fried ice cream! And that is yummy!!! So I bet these are totally awesome! I have pinned it. I totally want to try this. Thanks for sharing!
    Bethany the ngnrdgrl recently posted..August Recap and September Goals

  27. 27
    Gisele says:

    I’m in love =D =D =D Definitely have to try this ! Nooooooow :)
    Gisele recently posted..Dicas Nova York: Placas personalizadas nos bancos do Bryant Park !

  28. 28
    Jackie says:

    Hey these look perfect for cinco de mayo. I’m wanting to do about 40 with my students frugally. Will margarine work with the chocolate instead of butter?

  29. 29
    Leslie says:

    How good do these look! Your blog never fails. I’ve pinned this and they’ll be made too. I can make them and keep them in the freezer for a yummy snack. Thanks for sharing!
    Leslie recently posted..My Summer Bucket List


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