Bacon Wrapped Dates Drizzled with Maple Syrup

These bacon wrapped dates will fly off the plate at your  next party!  There is a special surprise waiting inside of them too!Bacon Wrapped Dates drizzled with maple syrup

So I thought I didn’t like dates.  I was wrong.  I am not sure why I thought I didn’t like dates because, actually, prior to partaking of today’s particular delicacy I don’t think I had ever eaten a date before.  I just knew I wouldn’t like them.

Well I was wrong.  At least when it comes to Bacon Wrapped Dates Drizzled with Maple Syrup I was wrong.

Really, what wouldn’t taste wonderful wrapped in bacon and drizzled with maple syrup!?!?

I first enjoyed this lovely little morsels at a Halloween party hosted by my neighbor Denise.  Jim found them first and fell in love.  He brought one to me and insisted that I try it – without telling me what it was.  I knew he thought I wouldn’t try it if I knew what it was – he was probably right.  I’m glad he didn’t tell me what it was.

It tasted like candy.  Yes, candy!!

The ones we had at the party didn’t come drizzled with maple syrup.  That’s just an extra little touch I added.

They would make a lovely addition to any New Year’s Eve party or just about any party!

I found the dates in the bulk section at Winco as well as the pistachios.  I bought the pistachios in the shell and had one of the kids shell them for me.

Just make a slit into the date (not all the way through) and place one or two pistachios inside.

Depending on the size of your date you will cut your bacon strips into three to four pieces.  Use thin bacon, not the thick stuff.  You want the bacon piece to be long enough to wrap around the date with a little bit of overlap.

Place the bacon seam side down on a cookie sheet.  Some of your bacon may come slightly unwrapped during the baking process but that’s o.k.

For that added little touch and extra sweetness and goodness give them a nice little brush of real maple syrup (none of that fake stuff!)

Bake them at 350 degrees until crisp.  The length of time will depend on the thickness of your bacon.  I baked mine about 5 minutes and then flipped them over with a fork for another 5 minutes.  I actually burned the first batch I made but they still tasted good!!

The dates can also be stuffed and rolled and then frozen for a quick make a head appetizer.  They will just take a bit longer to bake if they are frozen.

I promise you – it’s just like eating candy.  Happy New Year!!  What are your plans for the big night?  We’re still trying to figure out who is going where and doing what – life with a bunch of young adults!

Bacon Wrapped Dates Drizzled with Maple Syrup
Recipe type: Appetizers
  • 32 pitted dates (or however many you want to make)
  • 32-64 shelled pistachios (1-2 per date)
  • 1 lb. lean, thin bacon, each strip cut into 3-4 pieces depending on size of date
  • 1 C maple syrup for drizzling
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Make a slit in each date and stuff with 1-2 pistachios.
  3. Wrap each date with a piece of bacon so that the bacon just overlaps.
  4. Place seam side down on the cookie sheet.
  5. Brush lightly with maple syrup.
  6. Bake until bacon is crisp, about 5 minutes each side.
  7. Dates can be made ahead of time and frozen.
  8. Bake for 8-10 minutes per side if frozen.
  9. Drizzle with maple syrup.


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  1. NHJ says

    Hi, love your blog. I recently heard about these. I’ve heard in the UK they’re called Devil on Horseback. What a scary name! But there are several variations. Prunes can be used in place of the dates. And cheese, almond or mango chutney can be used to stuff the date or prune.
    Sounds delish! I will surely try this soon since I actually have a bag of medjool dates at home that are destined to become something great! :)

  2. The Queen Vee says

    I love dates, can’t believe you’ve never eaten them. I’m sure these are DELICIOUS because anything wrapped in bacon is going to be just that.

  3. Vanessa says

    I literally cannot wait to make these! Sounds so so good! I will be making these for New Year’s Eve for sure! My friends will be so impressed!

  4. Melanie C says

    LOVE these! My sister and I have been making these for parties for years! the only difference is that we stuff the date with a water chestnut, and after wrapping the date in the bacon, we secure with a toothpick and marinate the whole thing in teriyaki sauce before baking. SUCH a good combination of flavors!

  5. Teresa says

    My family has been making these for years, except instead of stuffing them with pistachios, we stuff them with a little chunk of cheddar cheese. The salty and sweet combo is delicious!

  6. Dawn says

    Leigh Anne, There are some wonderful cookie recipes using dates (Date Nut pinwheels are so good) My mom still makes Date Nut bread at the holidays and it is so yummy covered with butter.

  7. says

    Now that looks really good! What an interesting combination! I tried dates a few years ago and I didn’t think I was going to like them either…but I did! I kept seeing them listed in recipes and finally bought some in the bulk section of a health food type of store….I was pleasantly surprised. I will keep this recipe in mind the next time I want to make something fun! Two of my sisters are coming to visit me in January…I should make this then! They will love them!

  8. says

    I’m gonna be brave & use this recipe to cook with dates for the first time, too. Picked up the dates at Winco yesterday; they don’t look all that appetizing… but I know I can trust ANY recipe that Leigh Anne shares! I’ll let you know how it goes!


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