Googly Eye Donuts}Ghosts, Mummies & Monsters!!

googly eye donuts

So we’ve been having just a little too much fun at our house with googly eyes!

After making a batch of my own edible googly eyes I decided to create some fun googly eye donut creatures thanks to some inspiration from Matthew Mead.

You can turn just about anything into a fun googly eye creature!  I decided to go with donuts.

First we went for some googly eye donut monsters!

googly eye donuts

I picked up some chocolate cake donuts at Krispy Kreme (only place I could find them!)  Using some of the Vibrant Green Wilton Melts and some googly eyes I created some fun little donut monsters.

Just melt your candy in the microwave and spoon over the top of the donut.


To make the chocolate easier to work with and drip down the sides better I added some canola oil into the chocolate to make it a bit thinner.  To a half a bag of melts I probably added a tablespoon or so of oil.  Use the side of your spoon to pull it down onto the sides.

googly eye donuts

Then while the chocolate is still warm place your googly eyes wherever you want them.  The more googly eyes the better!

googly eye donuts

Then get carried away taking pictures because you think they are so cute!!

googly eye donut monster

OK – just one more!
googly eye donuts

I also bought some of those cute little donettes they sell in a box in the bakery section of the grocery store and made some little googly eye donut monsters.  They are bite size!

googly eye donut monsters

Next I bought a box of powdered sugar donuts at the grocery store to create some googly eye donut mummies!

googly eye donut mummies

How cute are these guys?!  For the mummies I just melted some white Wilton melts (adding the oil again)  I put the melted chocolate into a zip loc bag and snipped off the corner and then just drizzled the chocolate back and forth.  Add googly eyes!  These googly eye donut mummies were inspired by The Idea Rooms darling Mummy Oreo Pops.

googly eye donut mummies

Then, with some of the little powdered sugar donettes we made some googly eye donut ghosts to go with our monsters and mummies.  Aren’t they the cutest.  Just use your melted white chocolate to glue the eyes on.

googly eye donut ghosts

The mummies and the ghosts look so cute together.

googly eye donuts

To make your own googly eyes follow my step by step tutorial here.

And to give you a few more ideas how to use all those googly eyes you are going to have after you make your own googly eyes here are some fun ideas I’ve found out there!

googly eye fun

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    Thanks for including my Gooey Monster Cookies!! LOVE your donuts… so cute!! And I LOVE that you DIY’ed the eyes! 😀


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