French Crepes}the real thing

Of course one of the top things on my “What to do while in Paris” list was to eat a real French crepe.

Well, that wasn’t too hard.  In fact, I ate numerous French crepes.  There are crepe stands on every corner.  As we made our way over to Notre Dame we decided we needed a little snack so we picked up a crepe.

It was so fun to watch the crepe maker and he loved having his picture taken.  We chose a Nutella and banana crepe (I picked the bananas out!)

He had two crepe makers going at one time.  I want one of these at home!


He had this handy little tool to spread the batter nice and thin.  After it cooked on one side, he flipped it over onto his second crepe maker.


While that first one finished cooking he started a second one – talk about efficient!  Did I mention he loved having his photo taken, he kept smiling and posing for me.

After both sides were done he flipped the crepe over in half and started adding the filling.  Nutella – yum!!!


Then he added the bananas….for Cali.


They fold it up nice and pretty….


and wrap it in paper and serve!


Then we enjoyed – yum!!



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  1. says

    Ohhh I am envious. Banana nutella crepes are my favourite thing. I think you just doomed my husband to an evening of making some for me…

    Seems like a wonderful trip!

  2. says

    What fun to be able to watch them being made. I love Nutella on apple slices. I will have to try with bananas. Maybe I will even try making crepes!

  3. MelanieL says

    Oh la la…those look delicious!! This brings back a lot of memories from my trip there in 2000! I cannot wait to see more pics from your trip…

  4. Melinda says

    That is a huge crepe pan!

    Our boys just bought John a crepe pan from Le Creuset for Father’s Day. The little wooden spreader was purchased, too. It is a tradition that the males in the Anderson family (my side) learn to make crepes. It has been our Sunday meal, about once a month, ever since we were married. I grew up having my dad make them and he grew up having his dad make them, too.

    I recommend the LC pan, if you are serious about buying a crepe pan. This is much easier to store than one the size of the vendor’s and worked delightfully well! The fresh Oregon berries make wonderful fillings, as do the pears and apples in the autumn! In the winter, we do seafood filled crepes.

  5. says

    Heaven, that is all I can say about crepes. I think eatting a milk chocolate filled crepe is one of my favorite memories from my trip to France. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  6. Kelsey says

    I love the banana/Nutella combination. My first impression when I saw the picture was to hope that the crepe vendor was local. Darn!—it’s not. I think the closest is Vancouver, BC. Do enjoy!

  7. Tamara Hogsett says

    I well remember the yummy crepes we had on the street corners in Paris aoub t8 years ago. Yum! Yum! Makes me want to make crepes for dinner.

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