End Of Summer Dinner Party

All the details on how to throw an End of Summer Dinner Party.

End of summer Dinner Party

We said goodbye to goodbye to summer this weekend.End of summer Dinner Party

Although we are hoping the good weather (meaning no rain) continues to hold for a few more weeks, the mornings and evenings are getting cooler.   This is my favorite time of year weather wise.  I am so ready to break out the sweaters and the boots!!

It was a good summer.  A busy summer but a good one.  We are fortunate to have wonderful neighbors, neighbors we love and enjoy spending time with.  To celebrate the end of summer we decided to hold one last outdoor get together under the lights.  We have yet to take down the wonderful lights we put up for the Wedding Carnival. 

We keep coming up with excuses not to take them down.  The end of  summer dinner party for one and I think they will be fun to have for our annual Halloweenie Roast later next month and then they would be fun to have for Christmas and then what if it snows in January or February??  How fun would it be to have all those lights reflecting off the snow!  I think they may just stay up permanently!!

For our End of Summer dinner  party we set up one long table in the backyard, under the lights, and covered it with white paper.  I used flowers and pumpkins from the garden to decorate the table with along with lots of  candles.  The garden is about done for the summer but I was able to scrounge up a few flowers.
End of summer Dinner Party
End of summer Dinner PartyOur pumpkins didn’t get very big this year but they were the perfect size to decorate the table with. I love being able to use things from my own garden to decorate with.

The white table covering provided a perfect canvas for any would be artist at the table so we set out jars of crayons if anyone felt like creating!
End of summer Dinner PartyI also like using part of the menu to decorate the table with.  We used all the fun beverage bottles and cans as well as jars full of breadsticks for our Italian feast!
End of summer Dinner Party
End of summer Dinner PartyThe setting of one long table in the garden under the lights was magical.
End of summer Dinner PartyEveryone pitched in with the food so it wasn’t a lot of work for anyone.  We decided on an Italian pasta menu.  I cooked up all the pasta and made an artichoke/olive red sauce.  Other neighbors brought a meat sauce, pesto, alfredo and my favorite a browned butter and mizithra cheese.

Another neighbor made a delicious Caesar Salad as well as a Caprese Salad with tomatoes fresh from the garden.  There was also a  selection of toppings for bruschetta and lots of yummy garlic bread.

We wanted to keep it authentic so for dinner we had Spumoni ice cream and some delicious chocolate and marshmallow cookies!

The food was delicious and the company was amazing!

End of summer Dinner Party
End of summer Dinner PartyAnd there is just something magical about when the sun goes down.

Evenings like this are what I like to call “Magical Moments in Time.”  Moments when the world just seems to melt away and  the time and place you are in is all that really matters.

I am so grateful for the wonderful friends we have to share these moments with.
End of summer Dinner PartyHere’s to a great summer and to many more!!

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  1. says

    Ben fatto festa all’aperto italiano!!
    I am always so envious of the closeness you have with your neighbors and all the FUN things you all do together. The “back to school” and whatever traditions you have developed over the years. That just doesn’t happen anymore.
    Thank you again for sharing. I think the lights are there for the long haul.

  2. Kay Coger says

    I agree with Kymberlee! You definitely have the gift of hospitality and use it to bless others!

    You certainly inspire me!


  3. MelanieL says

    Your table was so pretty and all the food looked delicious! You sure know how to live up to your motto!

    P.S. I vote for you to leave the lights up:)

  4. Mary Schleining says

    What a beautiful way to send off Summer!! You are indeed blessed to have such wonderful neighbors!! I know what you mean by magical moments….they don’t happen often enough, but when they do, they are forever etched into our minds as wonderful memories!! Thank you for sharing your special gift of hospitality, not only with your family, friends, and neighbors…but with us!!
    P.S. ‘Yes’ to the lights!!

  5. Cathy B says

    This is awesome! I always get the coolest ideas from you. Did you have all of those chairs or did you rent them? Also, I must have missed your article on the lights. What size posts did you use?

    • says

      Cathy, Half of the chairs are ours and my next door neighbor owns the other half! We got them at Costco. We used bamboo poles from the garden center at Fred Meyer to hold the lights up around the perimeter of the yard and the pole in the middle of the yard is a 4 x 4 that we dug a hole and put down into the ground.


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