1. hmm…I’m a vegetarian and so love your Salad, I will try to do it later. Thanks to the recipe and hope you post more soon.

  2. Ok, is this the first time this salad has been on the blog? This is my go to recipe when I am asked to bring a salad. I made it Sunday and thought why has she never put this on the blog? or has she and I just don’t remember it? Mostly I just wanted a pretty picture to go with my recipe 🙂 Do you see this? We truly are kindred spirits?!

    By the way I made a double batch, there were only 14 of us at the dinner and more than half of them were children. There were no leftovers! This salad is that good.

  3. Definitely trying this one – I served a similar salad from your site recently, one with strawberries, and it was a huge hit. Those sugared almonds rock!

  4. You mention sugared almonds, but it doesn’t give instructions on how to do it. There are 2 T sugar included in the ingredients. Is that for the almonds? At the end of the dressing ingredients it just says, “sugar the almonds”. Could you please clarify?


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