Buttercream Frosting} Christmas Cupcakes

Just a quick post this weekend to show you how to dress up a cupcake for the holidays and to share my go to, always amazing Buttercream Frosting recipe.

If you need a fast and easy holiday dessert a Christmas cupcake may be just the thing.

I helped a friend out with a church dinner this last week.  They wanted to do cupcakes and wanted to use a cake mix.  I suggested they jazz up the cake mix just a little to give it more of a homemade taste.    They chose a dark chocolate cake mix – I always recommend using Duncan Hines if you are going to use a cake mix.

In addition to the eggs and oil they added 1 1/2 cups of buttermilk and 1 tsp. of vanilla.  The cupcakes turned out nice and moist.

We used nice silver cupcake liners and then frosted them with a peppermint buttercream.  I purchased real peppermint oil from the cake decorating store and it was wonderful.  Be careful though because it is strong.  You only need about a 1/4 of what you would use if you were using a regular extract.  I wanted  just a light peppermint flavor.

Star Cupcakes

I created yellow stars out of fondant which topped off the cupcake along with some green sprinkles.

Star Cupcakes

I love it when the dessert is so pretty it becomes part of the party decoration!

Star Cupcakes

Here’s my all purpose, always yummy, full of butter Buttercream Frosting recipe.  This recipe is a version of one my friend Jared gave me.  The original recipe called for only 1 lb of powdered sugar to 3 sticks of butter – I doubled the powdered sugar and the frosting is still delicious!  I also added a little cream to thin the frosting out since I added more sugar.   I just couldn’t handle only adding 1 pound of sugar to 3 sticks of butter!!!

buttercream - Page 426

Buttercream Frosting} Christmas Cupcakes
  • 3 sticks butter, softened
  • 2 lbs. powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • whipping cream or ½ and ½ - enough to thin frosting to desired consistency
  1. Beat butter in mixer on medium high for 2-3 minutes or until pale and creamy
  2. Reduce speed to medium and add sugar, ½ cup at a time
  3. Beat well after each addition increasing speed to high after all sugar is added
  4. Add vanilla and food coloring if desired
  5. Beat until buttercream is smooth
  6. Can be refrigerated for several days if covered
  7. If refrigerating, bring to room temperature before using and beat on low until smooth
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  1. Barbara says

    Talk about the spirit – I was just making some cupcakes for our ward Christmas dinner tonight and I needed a recipe for some buttercream frosting, I thought, I will go to Leigh Ann’s blog , I surely can find one in her archives, well can you believe there it was on today’s blog. Thank you so much, you solved my problem and I can’t begin to tell you how many of your recipes I have used. Thanks and Merry Christmas to your family. Barb McKinley

  2. says

    You ALWAYS come through!!! I was just thinking how I need to find a recipe for butter cream icing (I’m attempting to make a character cake for my daughter’s birthday for the first time) and I saw this post in my blog list. Score!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try it. :)

  3. says

    I am a fairly new reader to your blog, and decided to try your frosting recipe. Can I just say…it is awesome! My kiddos loved it, and couldnt keep their little fingers out of the mixer. I am not sure I will buy store icing again. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes.

  4. Ellen says

    I just made a “box” of vanilla and chocolate mini cupcakes with your buttermilk addition idea…really great, I will always do that if I am making from a box(which isn’t often until you suggested it!). We are having a big open house on Christmas Eve and I thought, “why not try the stars?”, but I have never made fondant before. I couldn’t find a recipe on your site…do you have one? You know I only trust you Leigh Anne :) On a sad note, I am not getting your updates in my email anymore and I can’t figure out why :( I’m getting the party updates, though :)

  5. Heather says

    I was just going to search for a frosting recipe when I read your blog. I have always struggled with making frosting for anything. I have tried several diffrent recipe’s in the past and they were just okay. I just made this recipe and found it to be very easy and full of flavor. My daughter will be having her 7th Birthday this weekend and I have made cupcakes which I have frosted with this recipe. It was so easy and came out to the perfect consistency! Thank you! Thank you!

  6. Julee says

    I love this recipe! For my basic buttercream, I use your recipe and then add 1-2 tsp Wilton butter flavoring to enhance the butter flavor. I could drink this stuff!

    Tonight, I made a batch for several different flavors of cupcakes and decided to tweak the buttercream flavors a bit. For the pink lemonade cupcakes, I just added lemon juice & zest to the frosting. For the yellow cupcakes, I added almond extract. For the devil’s food, I didn’t add anything additional. Triple yum! And love the versatility!


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