Candy Skewers

Halloween Candy Skewers

Putting together a candy bar for  Halloween candy skewers was fun and easy and the perfect addition to our neighborhood Halloweenie Roast.It is amazing how much Halloween themed candy is out there.

I found great stuff at Target, Walgreens, the Dollar Store and the bulk food bins at Winco.

The gummy type candies work great but I also found that the foil wrapped chocolate candies worked too.


Candy skewers

In addition to lots of candy, you will also need some bamboo skewers.  You can find them at the grocery store.  They are the kind you use to make shiskabob.

I pulled out all my clear glass containers and filled them up!  I think all of my containers have come from Goodwill.  Just make sure the container is big enough to get your hand in and out of.

Candy Bar

Of course there was candy corn but that didn’t really work on the skewers so we just ate it!

Candy Corn

I did find some fun Halloween Dots – ghost and candy corn ones, that worked great!

Halloween Candy

There was also all kinds of fun gummy candy – worms, pumpkins and even body parts.

Halloween Candy

I even found fun Halloween marshmallows and ghost and pumpkin shaped Peeps (another one of my personal favorites).


The orange slices were a big hit too.  The chocolate covered pretzels were just for munching.


The labels for all the containers and bottles came from here. You can download them for free and print them at home.

The kids loved creating their own candy skewer creation – and of course eating the candy too!

Halloweenie Roast

Candy land!


What are your plans for the Halloween weekend. It’s Homecoming at our house!

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  1. Rhonda says

    Leigh Anne, I love this idea. These are so much fun. I wish I would have seen this post earlier. Oh well, next year.

  2. Jessica says

    What a great idea!! Boy – what my kids wouldn’t do to have a candy dream land like this at their house! Last night we made your Caramel Apples, and they were delightful : ) Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas and recipes.

  3. says

    Oh I LOVE this! My 3 year old’s playgroup would just love love doing this activity! Great idea for all ages and not messy. LOVE it! Um, have I mentioned I like this idea?

  4. Camie says

    I love this idea! And thanks for the tip about hands needing to fit inside the jar- I wouldn’t have thought of that until too late!! What is your backdrop?? In Hershey Halloween is always on the last Thursday of the month so it has already come and gone for us!

  5. edyB says

    Such a SWEET party …. I love all the goodies your prepared and the tables look great! You can come to my house and do this any time!
    Thanks for sharing…

  6. says

    This is such a neat idea and so much fun for kids. I know I would have loved something like this when I was younger. By the way, be sure to check back on my blog next Monday for a chance to win a CSN gift certificate.

  7. says

    LeighAnn, you never cease to amaze me! I’m in total awe of all that you accomplish. Your ideas are so, so creative and fun! Wish I lived in your neighborhood!

  8. says


    I’m sharing this on my blog tomorrow. I hope that’s okay – I’d prefer to wait for your permission, but since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought it would be a great post. I love your blog!


  9. says

    Leigh Anne you are so creative! I love the candy kabob idea. I also collect glass jars at Goodwill. Food does look prettier in a glass jar. The black stands you have some of the containers on are really cute and functional. Happy Haunting!


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