Camp Crafts}Camp Journals and Washer Necklaces

Camp Craft Ideas It’s Monday and I am headed off to our church’s girls camp this week.  I won’t have access to a computer or internet so if you leave a comment or a question I will get back to you as soon as I am home again.  Thanks for your patience. Please pray for me.  With only one day home to recover from my trip to Europe I am praying the jet lag isn’t bad and I can function! I am excited to be at camp this year as it is my daughter’s last year to attend and I am looking forward to spending the week with her.  I am also excited to be one of the “craft ladies.” I have been working with my friend Nanette and we have some fun camp crafts planned for the girls this week during their craft time. So while I am away at camp I thought I’d share with you what we will be doing with the girls. The first thing they will be making is their camp journal.  They can use this during their week at camp and once they get home to record their thoughts and ideas.  The girls attend a class each day called Destiny which is the “spiritual” part of camp and hopefully they can use the journal to record what they learn and feel there as well. Nanette did a great job decorating those boring composition notebooks and made them look super cute!

Camp Crafts

The girls will be using scrapbook paper, ribbon, buttons and duct tape to decorate them with.

Camp Crafts

We found lots of fun different colored duct tape at the craft store that they can use to cover the spine of their notebook.

Camp Crafts

We picked up lots of fun embellishments like these flowers for them to use too.

Camp Crafts

And we are also going to show them how to make these fun paper flowers that they can add to their books. We will use spray adhesive to glue the paper onto the notebook and then glue for the rest. The next craft is the Washer Necklace.

Camp Crafts

We picked out two different size washers at Home Depot and the girls will mod podge on some scrapbook paper. We are using some shape makers to cut out the round circles of paper and then they will mod podge the paper onto the washer.  Then they will cover it with Diamond Glaze to give it a great shiny, resin look.  Here’s a great tutorial for washer necklaces. She uses a different type of glue in the tutorial but we had lots of mod podge so wanted to use that up. I also found these great different colored leather necklaces on ebay for a great price.

Camp Crafts

Go here for two more camp craft ideas: Collage Blocks and Decorate Clothes Pins


  1. 1
    Mary Kathryn says:

    These two things are perfect!! I have been looking for some fun crafts to do with girl cousins this summer. My two girls 6 and 5 can’t ever have enough notebooks to draw in and the necklaces are perfect! Thanks for the great ideas- have fun at girls camp.

  2. 2
    Paula says:

    This brings back so many memories. I spent years taking one week of my vacation to volunteer at church camp. I worked in the kitchen. I have never worked so hard, gotten so little sleep, but had so much fun.. in my life! I will never forget the people I volunteered with and the kids I met. I know I made memories with my own kids as they went through the food line and saw their momma there.

  3. 3
    cassie says:

    oh my gosh, ADORABLE journals! love the necklaces too :)

  4. 4
    Stephanie says:

    What a great idea…. my daughter will love this! Happy first week of Summer !!

  5. 5
    Melissa says:

    Have a great time!

    Looking forward to more crafts!
    Thanks for sharing.

    melissa from naches

  6. 6
    Larissa says:

    Those are great Leigh Anne. I am sure the girls will LOVE them. I really like the leather necklaces you put the washers on. I would love the ebay site for those.

    Have a great week…you will definitely deserve a long nap after all this.

  7. 7
    Elizabeth Glass says:

    These are just so cute! I love the necklaces! Would please give us a link to the necklaces? Thanks so much……..Elizabeth

  8. 8
    Kari says:

    Great crafts. Would love a tutorial of the journals.

  9. 9
    Vicki R. says:

    Suuuuper cute!!

  10. 10
    Sarah says:

    I am definitely going to have to try those necklaces! They are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  11. 11
    Emily says:

    Jacky and I want to know if these are on the agenda for the Reunion! We love them both and really want those necklaces :) And really, who can have enough notebooks?

  12. 12
    kelly says:

    very cute crafts! girls camp is my favorite place to be! you don’t get much sleep though!

  13. 13
    Kari says:

    Wow! We NEVER did crafts like these at girls’ camp! These are incredible! You better watch out or every stake in the country is going to want you on their camp teams! Very cute!

  14. 14
    Renee S. says:

    Hi Leigh Anne!

    Do you remember how long it took to get the necklaces? I am wondering if I order them today if they would make it here by Friday the 9th. Thanks!

  15. 15
    Carlee says:

    Would you mind posting the directions for the paper flowers?
    Thanks I love your ideas!

  16. 16

    I love the washer necklace idea. That would be a great craft for older girls! Nice name btw!

  17. 17
    kim says:

    Hi…Can you tell me how you made the center holes in the paper to fit on the washers for the washer necklaces? thanks.

  18. 18
    Jamie B says:

    Both of these projects are amazing! I hope it’s okay, I have just started a new craft blog and just couldn’t help but feature your notebook above. You can see it here:

    Thank you so much for sharing your pretty crafts!

  19. 19
    Jess Farris says:

    Hi there!

    Jess here, from I wanted to let you know that I featured your project in our Link Love post on for our Summer Camp Week roundup to accompany the daily giveaways. You can see the post here:

    Thanks for sharing! I love the project. You’re such a creative designer!

    Jess Farris


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