The Cookie Jar – A Couple of Classics


They’re home!  Late last night (their flight got in at 10:30 p.m.) my two sweet college boys got home.  And guess where the first place they went was? – the pantry and refrigerator to check out what was there!    One of the treats waiting on the counter for them was a freshly baked batch of Snickerdoodles.  When Clark was in high school he and his buddies would hang out at the house playing Halo – they always requested Snickerdoodles!   I made a lot of Snickerdoodles his senior year!  Snickerdoodles are just a classic in the cookie department so I’m not going to post my recipe but if you need a good one just email me and I’ll send it along!

For my Snickerdoodle recipe please visit this post.

This week as I was doing a little blog surfing on some of my favorite food blogs I found another recipe for a classic – rice krispie treats.  Now you may think – everyone has that recipe – it’s on the back of the box!  True, but not all rice krispie treats are created equal!  Almost two years ago my father was going through cancer treatment at a local hospital.  It was a hard and stressful time for our family and we spent a lot of time at the hospital.  One of the things we discovered in the cafeteria at the hospital were these amazing rice krispie treats!  First of all – they were BIG and they were nice and soft and gooey!  So when I found this rice krispie treat recipe I thought I’d give it a try -and guess what – they taste just like the ones at the hospital.  It may be silly but during that stressful time in our life those rice krispie treats brought some enjoyment and comfort.

So thanks to Katherine of  How to Be a Domestic Goddess  here is a great “comfort food” recipe!rice-krispie-page-019.jpg

The Cookie Jar – A Couple of Classics
  • Start with one full bag of marshmallows, I used mini but you can also use the large
  • 1 cube of butter instead of the ¼ cup the recipe suggests
  1. Start with one full bag of marshmallows, I used mini but you can also use the large. Now here come's the secret.
  2. Add butter
  3. Melt in microwave on high for 1½ to 2 minutes.
  4. Mix marshmallows and butter until butter melts and mixture is smooth. (If the butter doesn't melt, microwave for an extra 15 seconds or so.)
  5. Just pour the rice krispies into the bowl without messing with measuring cups.
  6. I used an 18 oz. box and had just over 8 cups leftover (sorry I didn't measure, I just kept pouring until it looked right)
  7. You don't want to add too much rice krispies or they won't be as soft and gooey as they should be
  8. Mix away
  9. What we're trying to avoid here is big gloppy amounts of white marshmallow
  10. Once the marshmallow-butter mixture is evenly mixed in, pour into a pan and allow to set
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  1. says

    I’m totally jealous, leigh anne! :-) That you have your sweet, (and yes they are handsome) boys home with you. Brady’s first one away – and I’m pretty sure he won’t be having a Thanksgiving feast anywhere in Taipei. My house will be full (with 30 guests) but my heart wishes my boy was with me too. Enjoy every minute my friend. Hugs…

  2. Nancy Jean says

    What would a “cube” of butter be equivalent to? A whole stick of butter?? I am not familiar with that term of measurement for baking.

    Thanks for your clarification.

  3. Eva Joiner says

    I’m curious too. Is it a stick of butter you are talking about or 1/2 a stick for a cube shape??? I also got to thinking a cube could mean the cube shaped box???? I hate to sound really stupid. I read the other post and it gives the impression that they are doubling the butter. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  4. christina says

    Can you please send me your snickerdoodle cookie recipe? I have never made one before and would love to try.



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