Puff Up Pancake

Last week I shared my college daughter’s first cooking lesson – Salsa Verde Carnitas

Today is cooking lesson two – Breakfast for Dinner.  Doesn’t everyone need to know how to cook breakfast for dinner?

Puff Up Pancake is a standard at our house.  If dad fixes breakfast – the majority of time it is Puff Up Pancake.  If dad fixes dinner – the majority of time it is Puff Up Pancake.  His cooking repertoire is a little limited!

Every once in a while dear old dad tries to get a little creative with his cuisine.  The last time he made  Puff Up Pancake he decided to add strawberries to it – I love strawberries on mine but not baked into it – bad idea.  Strawberries just don’t bake well and the pancake ended up a wet, mushy mess – yuck!  He tried!

Strawberries are definitely a favorite addition at our house -just not baked inside of it.  I want them freshly sliced and placed on top!

Puff up Pancake (1)

Puff Up Pancake is a quick and easy breakfast/dinner choice.

I always place my butter into the 9 x 13 pan and then place the pan into the oven as the oven preheats.  By the time the oven is preheated, the butter is melted.  Sometimes the butter is even a little browned which is even better.  I love the flavor of browned butter.

I like to mix up my batter in the blender – no lumps that way.  My husband just whisks it in a bowl.

Pour the batter right into the hot 9 x 13 with melted butter.

Puff up Pancake

As it bakes a wonderful thing happens – this…..

Puff up Pancake (2)

Thus the name – Puff Up Pancake.  You may have a different name for it at your house such as German Pancake.  We are very visual at our house!

It will begin to fall a bit after you pull it out of the oven but no worries.

Our favorite way to eat it at our house is with lemon juice squeezed over the top, covered in fresh strawberries (raspberries will do too!) and then with a sprinkling of powdered sugar!  Yum!

Cali did a great job fixing her first breakfast for dinner!

What’s your favorite way to eat Puff Up Pancake?p

puff up pancake - Page 298

Puff Up Pancake
  • ½ C butter
  • 5 eggs
  • 1¼ C milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1¼ C flour
  1. Melt butter in 9 x 13 pan in oven while oven is preheating to 425 degrees
  2. Mix eggs, flour and milk with wire whisk or use blender
  3. Add batter to dish and bake for 20-25 minutes
  4. Serve with fruit, powdered sugar and lemon juice
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  1. Roxanna says

    My children love this! We call it Dutch Babies. I have fixed them when they had friends over and they love it too!

  2. Ashley says

    We call ours “German Pancakes”. No idea why, other than I have ancestors from Germany. My kids love this dish and request it each weekend. My husband has had it sooo many times from the beginning of our marriage until now that he can’t eat it anymore. The rest of us still love it.
    He tried to trick them and used whole wheat flour while I was out of town… they told him he burnt the butter, and he needed to try not to do that again…. So now if they see that the pancake is brown, they think he burnt the butter. Its kind of funny.

  3. Melanie says

    Could you use syrup if you wanted? My family would be leary if it didn’t have syrup, although to me, it looks great with only the strawberries!

  4. says

    I make these in cupcake pans. You have to spray them really well with Pam but they make the perfect individual size pancakes. My kids put strawberries and whip cream or butter and powdered sugar on them.

  5. says

    Thanks for this recipe–I made these for dinner tonight! :) Mine puffed up so much that they went through the rack above them in the oven!

  6. Nancy says

    We have to be careful of cholesterol at our house, and a whole cube of butter seems frightening! Could I make it with less? What would happen if I used 1/4 cup or less?

  7. says

    I’ve heard them called Dutch Baby as well–no clue why! It looks like something I’d actually be not scared to tackle! (love to cook, but long recipes and/or yeast overwhelm me!)

  8. says

    I love Monica’s idea of using a muffin pan! This is one of my husband John’s favorite things to make, as well. It presents dramatically, is tasty and can be made as individual servings by using glass pie pans. 6 will fit easily in the oven at a time.

  9. says

    We LOVE these at our house, and serve them with Apple Syrup. Here’s the recipe if you want to try it:

    1 Cup Sugar
    2 TBSP. Cornstarch
    1/4 tsp. Cinnamon
    1/4 tsp. Nutmeg

    In a saucepan whisk the above together, then add:

    2 Cups Apple Cider
    2 TBSP Lemon Juice

    Cook on medium heat until thickened. Add 1/4 Cup Butter. Serve over warm pancakes.

  10. says

    I love the idea of making individual little puff up pan cakes – fun! Will definitely be trying it next time.

    Syrup is also great on it and Connie’s apple syrup sounds wonderful.

    Nancy – yes you could probably easily cut the butter down to 1/2 of a stick/cube of butter (1/4 Cup) The original recipe called for 1/3 – 1/2 cup of butter and I always just throw the whole stick in!
    Thanks for sharing everyone

  11. says

    what an easy recipe. we have never had it before, BUT it is in the oven RIGHT NOW (while a fritata cooks on the stove top) what an easy and delicious dinner this will be! thanks.

  12. tamara says

    Thanks for sharing. . . .What great ideas you share with us. My Michelle’s mother-in-law recently did these for a fancy BD breakfast for Michelle and had all sorts of fruit for toppings, served them on fancy plates and did small individual ones in the oven. THANKS!

  13. Karen says

    My favorite way to eat a Dutch Baby is to go to the Original House of Pancakes where they serve butter, lemon wedges and powdered sugar to go on top!

  14. says

    This is yummy! I just made it for breakfast, and even though my son looked at it a little nervously, after one bite he said, “can you make this for breakfast on Monday, mom?” Thanks for sharing!

  15. bernadete says

    Hi, Just waned to let you know that this was a big hit at our house this morning! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Katy says

    My three year old and I made this for breakfast for the family. Everyone loved it! We topped with powdered sugar and a homemade strawberry syrup. Yum!

  17. Melody C says

    I’m living in a sparse environment this summer – only a fridge and microwave. Scrambled eggs do very well in the microwave. Does anyone have any experience with this recipe in a microwave? I am trying to expand my gourmet repertoire within my appliance limitations! Thanks!

  18. Cathy says

    I made this recipe this morning for a special breakfast before church . . . hubby and boys looked doubtfully at the pan, but went ahead and fixed a piece . . . and loved it!! They had it with maple syrup. I stuck with strawberries, but had to add the sugar on top . . . with no sugar in the batter, you can’t really eat this pancake plain!

  19. Kim says

    We LOVE these at our house! I used to have a recipe for apple raisin sauce that was delicious on it but my then 3 year old son tossed my favorite cookbook in the trash without me knowing and well, no yummy sauce since then! Now we eat them with fruit, just powdered sugar or jam or even just plain.

  20. says

    Looks like a Yorkshire Pudding – but that wouldn’t have the vanilla. It would be served with gravy and roast beef for a traditional Sunday dinner.
    Sweet or savory – yum!

  21. barbara says

    This has become our family’s birthday breakfast! I made it right after you posted it for my 10 year old’s birthday. Today is my 6yo’s birthday and she requested it. She loves it with choc chips, but my oldest and I love the lemon juice, strawberries and powdered sugar!!! mmmmmm thanks for another yummy one!

  22. Melanie says

    I just made this for dinner and it got rave reviews from the husband and kids and of course I loved it! It’s a new favorite for us:) Thanks again for sharing the recipe, I had never heard of it.

  23. Heather says

    Thank you so much! I was looking for puffy pancakes my mom use to make for me when I was little that she always added lemon and powder sugar to, and this is where it took me. I just finished making them and they were just like I remembered, without the lemon juice, I was out. But still amazing and easy to make. My grandma loved them too!

  24. Meagan says

    I made this for breakfast this morning and it was delicious! Hubby loved it, my 2 year old had a 2nd helping. Next time I might serve it with the Coconut Syrup from thesisterscafe.blogspot.com (it is SO good). We served it with homemade strawberry jam since I didn’t have any fresh or frozen fruit. It was awesome! Thanks.

  25. says

    This is the best way to make this. Your ingredient ratios are perfect. Thanks for sharing this. To anyone who’s reading this recipe site, If you havent tried this recipe all ready, this will become your familys favorite pancake recipe.

  26. Stephanie Weatherford says

    Wow Leigh Anne — made this for breakfast this morning and it was delicious! I am such a fan of your site. I used sliced bananas, powdered sugar, maple syrup and cinnamon plus and it was lucious bananas foster breakfast. Thank you!

  27. says

    This is a family favorite! We have it at least once a week and have tried it with strawberry freezer jam – YUMMY, buttermilk syrup, berry syrup and just good ole maple syrup. We will have to give the fresh berry thing a try. Oh and we know it as Hootin Annies.

  28. Barbara says

    Leigh Anne,
    I need your help!!!! This is my kids favorite birthday breakfast! I have made it for years, since you first posted it, with no problems. The last two times I’ve made it, it hasn’t puffed up. Still tastes good, but it’s just not the same! What am I doing wrong? I feel like I’m doing everything the same, but it’s just flat in the dish! Any ideas???

    Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!!!!

    • says

      Not really sure as I have never had it not rise. Wondering about ingredients – were they fresh? Old flour? Also was your oven properly preheated before you put it in? Overbeating the mixture too might be a problem? Hmmm….. Was the pan hot when you poured in the mixture?

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