1. Karla M says

    First off this recipe sounds wonderful. I don’t know where to put this, but we just realized my brother is probably allergic to wheat/gluten and milk/dairy. We thought he was allergic to soy and yeast (that is what my dad is allergic too), so he had him get off of both (which isn’t easy- soy is in lotions, newspaper ink, and basically everything). But he was still getting sick to tortillas/milk and other items without yeast and soy. So we have had him play with food and realize it is probably milk and wheat.

    I have been trying to find various recipes that are gluten/milk free where I came across your blog (wonderful)- found your biscuits look good! Been checking out other recipes as well, that I will pin. I’ve looked around enough to know that your daughter is gluten/milk free as well for a couple of years and you have probably learned things by now.

    I am struggling with what to cook when it is my turn. I’ve learned that Heinz has tons of gluten free products (woo hoo!), and that plain canned vegetables, corn tortillas (if labeled).

    But I have other questions and not sure where to post it. Like does canned tomato sauce/puree have gluten in it? Does chicken/beef broth have them? How about other food already processed or do they need to specifically be labeled gluten free? Any canned foods better than others to get?

    I know that canned cream of chicken/mushrooms soups are bad (plus the milk). I know that certain soy sauces are better to use than others. Any advice would be wonderful!

    • says

      Welcome to the world of Gluten Free – there is a lot to learn. One thing is that gluten is hidden in a lot of things – not just bread. There are a lot of products that contain “modified starch” and many times that can include gluten. The best thing to do is just start reading labels and doing some research on line. My daughter is actually allergic to wheat not gluten so there are things she can eat that those who are allergic to gluten can’t eat and it does make some things a bit easier.

      Learning to cook with real, fresh food is probably the best thing you can do. Avoid canned, packaged and prepared food and makes things from scratch and use fresh food. Hope this helps and good luck!


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