Lemon Cake Balls

Everyone loves cake balls. They are as fun to eat as they are to make.

Lemon Cake Balls

As an avid reader of Pioneer Woman and Bakerella I have been seeing a lot about cake balls lately.  Even my friend Sherra was telling me about them.

So when I had to take dessert to my Crafty Ladies night I decided I needed to give them a try.  Cake balls can be made with any flavor of cake mix so guess which flavor I used?   You guessed it – lemon!  Pioneer Woman made some fun Halloween ones using Red Velvet cake.  Bakerella made the cutest little Easter cake pops I have ever seen!!

Your first step is to select your cake flavor and a can of frosting to go with it – I used lemon and lemon!

Making cake balls is more like a craft project than a cooking project.

You start by baking your cake according to the directions and letting it cool.

After it is cool I cut it into fourths and crumbled it all into a bowl.


Cake Balls (1)

After it is crumbled add in 2/3 of the container of frosting.  If it isn’t quite moist enough add a little more frosting but you don’t want them to be too moist and mushy!

Cake Balls (4)

Mix the frosting and the cake crumbs together using a fork until well blended.  You should not see any of the frosting.

Cake Balls (2)

Using a cookie scoop form balls of cake dough.  Place on cookie sheet.

Cake Balls (3)

Freeze cake balls for at least an hour.  They need to be firm when you dip them in the chocolate or you will have a mess.

The next part is the fun part and the messy part -coating the cake balls.

I used white almond bark and yellow “melts” to go with my lemon theme.

Cake Balls (5)

I used my Pampered Chef vegetable steamer to melt my almond bark in the microwave but you can also use a double boiler.

You can place your cake ball on a fork and dip into the melted chocolate

Cake Balls (6)

I preferred placing the ball on the end of a lollipop stick and dipping it that way.  When you remove it off the stick you will have to do a little patch work and fill in the hole left by the stick with some chocolate.

Cake Balls (7)

After all the cake balls are dipped let the chocolate harden – it won’t take long.

Cake Balls (8)

My dipping skills could use a little work!

I then put my yellow “melts” right into a squeeze bottle and placed it in the microwave to melt the “melts!”

Cake Balls (10)

Using the squeeze bottle I decorated the tops of my cake balls with little yellow flowers – aren’t they cute!

Cake Balls (9)

They looked  better on a pretty plate.

Lemon Cake Balls on a plate

You can get creative with your cake balls – what flavor combination of cake and frosting will you use??  Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. says

    They are so cute! How did they taste? I made cake balls for Christmas. They looked very pretty but I ended up tossing them all because I can’t stand the taste of chocolate bark. It is so waxy and gross. At least it was for me. Any way around it? (I am a bit of a chocolate snob 😉

    • Tina M says

      I know this is late, and you may never see this…. But, I agree with you about the almond bark and the Wilton melts. They are waxy and have an aftertaste, plus they are HARD. I went to a local bakery supply store and asked what the bakeries used as chocolate for their truffles. Merckens chocolate. There are little disk melts too. The dark chocolate actually tastes like a semi-sweet chip, not bitter, and rounds out the sweetness of a chocolate-fudgey cake ball. Add shortening (never milk or water) to thin the chocolate and you will get a smooth, soft chocolate coating. Merckens makes dark choc., milk choc., and white…plus many color varieties.

  2. says

    How cute! I’m so excited to try this recipe! I might do a strawberry cake w/ cream cheese frosting. Or maybe, pretend to be healthy and do a carrot cake/cream cheese combo! Although something chocolatey sounds good too!!

    • LeCole says

      Strawberry with cream cheese icing is so great!!! I made them for a baby shower and they were gone before anything else…….

    • Danielle says

      Beware of making them TOO sweet. I know that sounds strange, but the strawberry with strawberry icing I made was SOOOO sweet that you could only have one and then you needed about a gallon of milk to wash it away. The next time I used a fluffly white icing and it was much better!

  3. says


    They are pretty rich – I could only eat one! I don’t mind the taste of almond bark. I am thinking I might like chocolate better than lemon???

    I think Stephanie’s idea of strawberry with cream cheese frosting might be a good one toO!

  4. Karen Morgan says

    You inspired me to make these for Easter and they were darling! I put the stick ends in a little tin pail from Target’s $1 bins, added a bow and viola! I made fondant flowers and leaves for the top of the pops. I must admit they are time consuming… very!

  5. says

    They look so cute! I actually use a toothpick to dip the cake balls and it works very well, and I only take 4-6 out of the freezer to dip at a time so they don’t soften. I think my favorite combination is red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, yum!

  6. says

    Ok, I’m feeling very brave and adventurous today. I’m going to try this–and perhaps the Lemon Bread–which looks positively DIVINE!
    Lovey site!

  7. Rebecca says

    My kids love cake pops & for my daughter’s birthday I did chocolate cake with cherry pie filling decorated to look like ladybugs– all 40 were gone within 10 minutes! I can’t wait to try these lemon ones now! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Alyssa says

    Hello! I found this post after Google searching lemon cake pops with lemon frosting. I am planning on making lemon cake pops for my mom’s birthday next week and I have seen them made all different ways online-lemon cake, cream cheese frosting, white cake, lemon frosting, and lemon and lemon like you made here. My mom loves the little lemon jelly square things and I am trying to figure out the best way to go. I see this post is from 2009, so i am wondering if you have ever tried the lemon cake with cream cheese frosting or if you thought the lemon and lemon were perfect.


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