Brown Sugar Cream

The first Saturday of December for the past “I don’t know how many years” I have hosted a holiday breakfast for my first line team members who work with me in my homebased business.

I love this yearly event.

It is an opportunity for me to welcome them to my home, spoil and pamper them with a yummy breakfast and a small gift.  It is always a wonderful time and we have so much fun together – eating, laughing and sharing.

The menu for this event doesn’t vary much from year to year.  I believe when you find something that works – stick with it.  And thanks to my “Things That Work” Notebook I can remember from year to year what I have done.

I thought I’d share the menu with you today – many of the recipes have appeared on my blog over the last year but there are a couple of new ones.  I usually experiment with one or two new recipes each year and then keep the rest tried and true.  A good rule of thumb for any party!

Things that never change –

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffeecake – This is my all time favorite coffeecake.  It can be made the day before and refrigerated – just bring to room temperature before serving.  This year I used strawberry jam instead of raspberry!

cream cheesecoffee cake - Page 021

Chili Cheese Souffle - a yummy and easy egg dish with a bit of a kick thanks to the green chilies

chili cheese souffle - Page 024

Sugared Bacon – I think this may be the best part of my Holiday Breakfast.  I have even had several guests tell me this bacon is why they come every year.  I am trying not to be offended by that!  This disappeared so fast I didn’t even get a picture of it.  Just think gooey and yummy!

Spiced Apple Cider - this is a must at any holiday event I host!

Baked Grapefruit – no recipe – just slice grapefruit in half, you may need to take a bit off the bottom so the grapefruit will sit flat.  Place on cookie sheet, cover top of sliced grapefruit with a tablespoon or more of brown sugar  Bake at 350 until warm and the sugar is melted.  Top with a cherry!

New this year….

French Breakfast Puffs - a recipe I found over at Pioneer Woman.  I have made them a couple of times now.  They are yummy but are definitely at their best hot out of the oven!

French Break Puff - Page 201

Strawberries and Brown Sugar Cream – this is also yummy with blueberries.

strawberries and brown sugar cream - Page 202

Brown Sugar Cream


  • 1/3 cup regular or low fat sour cream
  • 4 teaspoons brown sugar ( I added a little more than this - depending on how sweet you want it -just do to taste)


  • Mix the sour cream and brown sugar in a small bowl.
  • Serve alongside blueberries or strawberries


  1. says

    Leigh Anne, this all looks so beautiful, I’m drooling. Your pictures are just spectacular. I really enjoy your site and will be back often.

  2. says

    I thought I would never, ever be tempted to cheat on my own coffee cake and strata recipes … until now. What’s a girl to do after seeing these delectable recipes??


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