Halloween Decor 2012

Halloween Decor Ideas

Next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for. Today, I am excited to share with you my Halloween Decor 2012.

Halloween Decor

Now that I don’t have kids living at home you might think I would forgo the Halloween decorating but I think I enjoy it more than my kids ever did.  I’ve also got a couple of parties up my sleeve for October and I need my house decked out for those.  I am especially excited to tell you about one of the parties I have planned because you are invited.  There will be more details on the blog tomorrow so stay tuned.

So today you get a tour of my Halloween decor.  My collection of Halloween decor has grown over the years.  I usually add a couple of new items every year.  Sometimes they come from Goodwill, a vintage shop, the craft or fabric store.  Honestly, I don’t remember where I’ve gotten most of it!!

Let’s start in the entryway.  This year I was so excited to use the old vintage typewriter my father in law gave me.  This was his typewriter and he carried it home from when he returned from serving a mission for our church over 60 years ago in South Africa.  It took him several months to get home so this typewriter had a long voyage.  I am thrilled to be it’s new owner.  My husband remembers typing on it as a child.
The old book also came from my in laws recently as they are cleaning out and getting ready to downsize.  I have been getting all kinds of lovely treasures from them!
Halloween Decor

Halloween DecorI printed off the vintage prints onto old book pages and have scattered those amongst all my holiday decor.  I was inspired by this post I saw over at The Idea Room. I downloaded the vintage prints from The Graphics Fairy.

I found the old bottles at Goodwill and created the labels using my Silhouette Cameo.
Halloween Decor

I think my favorite part of my entryway decor (next to the old typewriter) is my new framed witch.  When I showed it to my husband he just smiled.  Not sure what that meant!  The witch came from one of my favorite bloggers Kristy over at The Diary of Dave’s Wife.   I cut mine out with my Silhouette Cameo and she has a free download for the Silhouette file as well as a printable file.
Halloween Decor
I mounted her onto some burlap, added my lettering and then put her into my IKEA frame. Love her! The font I used was Magic School.

Mr. Bones sits on an orange chair I found a few years ago at a vintage shop at the coast. I fell in love with the orange chair and had to carry it all the way home on my lap in the front seat of the car!
Halloween Decor

Next is my living room.  I have an old French antique piece that I use to house my growing collection of white ironstone dishes.  I decided to dress it up a bit for Halloween using some more of the vintage graphics, some black crows I picked up at the Dollar Store and a garland from Tai Pan.
Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor
I cut out some vinyl spider webs using my Silhouette Cameo to put on some of my white pitchers.
Halloween DecorLoving the vintage Halloween prints!
Halloween Decor
Halloween Decor

From there we go into the family room.
Halloween Decor
This table was originally boring old pine but I gave it a coat of red paint and then black on top of that and I love it. I recently add the fun red knobs that look like a water spigot!
Halloween Decor
The decor here is a collection of things I already had that I just “Halloweened up.” Yeah, I know that is not really a word.
Halloween Decor
I filled an apothecary jar I had with candy corn and licorice although I noticed there is a lot less licorice in there than there use to be. I’m thinking some of my younger party guests at our End of the SummerDinner may have snuck a few!
I’m kind of in love with my cute new little witch owl from Target. She is perfectly perched on top of some old books I ripped the cover off of and tied up with some lace.
Halloween Decor
I added a few more potion bottles and some more vintage prints.  The lace table runner also came from Goodwill for 99cents as well as the orange bottle!

Halloween Decor

Our next and final stop is the mantel in the family room.  I changed things up this year quite a bit in this area.  I had these frames leftover from the photo booth at The Wedding Carnival so I decided to hang them on the wall and add some more of the vintage book pages.  I just used straight pins and pinned them right to the wall.
Halloween Decor
My Halloween fabric pennant banner was from last year.  The strand of pom poms draped over the frame was inspired by this post over at The 36th Avenue.

I used my collage of vintage inspired witches on the mantel.  My witch hat stand is actually a toilet paper roll holder I found at Goodwill!

Halloween Decor

I picked up the cute owl on the moon at Tai Pan on my last trip to Utah.  My neighbor girl asked me why I had a big C on my mantel!

Halloween Decor

The Trick or Treat board was from my trip to Tai Pan last year!

Halloween Decor
I think we’re ready for Halloween!

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  1. Freida Whatley says

    I am so glad that someone else loves decorating for Halloween like I do! I have friends who don’t decorate at all! My girls have been gone for about 10 years and sometimes my grandchildren don’t even get to see them but I throw a party or two also just to enjoy the decorations! Your house looks great! Love the idea of the old book pages with the vintage pictures on them!

  2. Valerie A. H. says

    Leigh Anne, I LOVE all of your decorations. Right up my alley in style! It all looks great.
    The witch in the IKEA from looks fantastic! Your grouping are so well done. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. says

    I think you should have a walk through tour each time your redecorate. Pick a different charity each time, charge $5 at the door, let people walk through oohing and aahing over your decor, give them a paper cup of whatever elixir you have concocted and a scrumptious bite of some of the yummy goodness you are always making and send them on their way. I’d drive an hour each way for the opportunity to drool over your lovelies.

  4. Susan says

    Your decorations are beautiful and really get me motivated to start getting mine out. Thanks for sharing with us and the great ideas!

  5. says

    Great job as always! Love that the typewriter was your father in laws! What a special treat to have it as a gift. That’s so sweet that your husband remembers typing on it!

  6. Laurie N. says

    Have you done a post on how you store all your stuff/decorations? I’m sure you have great organizational tips to show/share!!


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