Easter Treats}Chocolate Covered Peeps, Gummies and Oreos!


What doesn’t taste better covered in chocolate??

I have a confession.

In addition to be a lover of candy corn I also love Peeps.

Yes, those marshmallowy covered in sugar little creatures you can buy at Easter (and other holidays now too!)  I prefer mine a few days old and dried out though!

As I was standing in line at the drugstore a week or so ago I noticed that you can buy dark chocolate covered peeps!  What a brilliant idea!!  Like I said, what doesn’t taste better covered in chocolate.  They were a bit spendy and you only got one in the package so I decided to make my own chocolate dipped Peeps!

Chocolate Covered Peeps

I used the Wilton chocolate melts, I had both chocolate and vanilla.

I just held those little Peeps by the neck and dunked away!!

Chocolate Covered Peeps

I did both chicks and bunnies!
Chocolate Covered Peeps

Another one of my secrets is I love chocolate covered gummy bears.  So while I was dipping I grabbed the bag of Bunny Gummy Tummies I had bought at Trader Joes and dipped those too.


They are rather small so I placed them on a fork and submerged them in the chocolate, then tapped the fork on the side of the bowl to remove the excess chocolate.


Just place them on a piece of wax paper to dry.

chocolate covered

Why stop here.

Next I grabbed the bags of Oreos I had in the pantry, both chocolate and golden and just kept dipping.  This time I used my vanilla melts and added some food coloring. I prefer the gel type food colorings you can find at the craft store or cake decorating store.

I had seen these cute little Easter egg like Oreos over at Picky Palate earlier in the week! Yum!  Chocolate Covered Oreos!


I just used my fingers to dip them into a bowl of melted chocolate.  Make sure the bowl is fairly shallow which will make the dipping easier.  Then I sprinkled them with white sprinkles and they look like cute little Easter eggs.  O.K., round eggs!  My favorite were the Golden Oreos!  Yum!!


They look so pretty piled up on a plate…


or stacked on a plate.  They reminded me of little French macaroons!

Of course I had to wrap some up to give away!

What a fun Easter basket full of chocolate covered treats – quick and easy too!


Now let’s see, what else can I dip in chocolate…..

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  1. says

    I have always wished I lived closer to you so that you could bring some of those pretty goodies my way! Are you willing to drive 10 miles west to the Orenco Station neighborhood?

    Thanks for your pretty Easter (and LEMON!!) inspiration!

    xoxo MMW

  2. Tamara says

    Thanks for all your fun Easter ideas. Love all the dipped items. . . . .Chocolate is one of my favorites too! HAPPY EASTER!

  3. Shelly says

    I saw those dipped Oreos over at the Picky Palate too. I immediately thought of you!!! I think yours are prettier when you used the Golden Oreos. Love your blog! Happy Easter.

  4. kelly says

    that is so fun, i love chocolate covered gummies too. and chocolate covered strawberries are the best!! oh and marshmallows!!

  5. says

    How funny.. I believe candy corn and peeps are the ONLY sweet I do NOT like. My husband/ boys LOVE peeps and may just like the chocolate dipped version. The oreos look fabulous! I should have stopped over on Wed–I might have been able to get a bite of that lemon cake and a dipped oreo. My Easter weakness is a Cadbury egg–haven’t had one this year though. Knowing your creativity you’ll find a a way to duplicate that next year :)

  6. Grace says

    These are way fun! What a happy thing to do for Easter. Thanks for sharing. I love your recipes and would love to hear you at Women’s Conference but won’t be able to attend. Had I known you would be at Gourmondise I would have met you there. I need a conversation. Thanks!


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