Candy Corn Banner

So you know about my love affair with candy corn. Has there ever been a cuter candy?  I don’t think so!

A few weeks ago my friend Meg and I got together to get a little crafty.  Look at the cute candy corn banner we made!

Candy Corn

The candy corn are cut out of natural color burlap (burlap now comes in all kinds of fun colors).  We used acrylic paint and a sponge brush to paint on the yellow, orange and white paint.

Candy Corn

I used some jute twine to string them all together.

Candy Corn

I then added a little orange and yellow ribbon I had in my Halloween ribbon stash.  Yes, I even had ribbon with candy corn on it – are you surprised!?

Candy Corn

The banner cost next to nothing to make since burlap is so inexpensive – just a couple dollars a yard!

We cut out a candy corn template from some thin cardboard and using a pencil traced the shape onto the burlap.  The individual candy corn measures about 7 inches across at the top and is about 9 inches tall.

Candy corn just makes me smile!

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  1. 1
    Marm says:

    Way cute!

  2. 2
    Emmy says:

    So cute. I love candy corn decorations too.

  3. 3
    avril says:

    Absolutely positively adorable!!!!

    Did you cut the candy corns out first and then paint them? That seems to make the most sense. :-)
    avril recently posted..Homemade Bread made with Cottage Cheese

  4. 4
    Leigh Anne says:

    Yes I cut them out first and then painted them

  5. 5

    Super cute! What a fun idea for decorating. I tend to ignore Halloween decorating because I don’t do scare/gory stuff. But this is cute – and it’s something I could totally do!
    Oh, I also wanted to share a link with you that I just found. I know you love candy corn and this is a tutorial for homemade candy corn earrings and necklace. Also really cute:

  6. 6
    Leigh Anne says:

    Jessica, The earrings are darling. Thanks for sharing the link. I totally agree with you about the Halloween decorating – don’t do the scary or gory stuff either. Do love the cute and whimsical though!

  7. 7
    Michelle says:

    So adorable! Wish I had time to make one. I already have the burlap!

  8. 8
    Tamara says:

    Love this banner. . . . .Am off to the store to try and find burlap in our tiny town. Thanks for sharing~

  9. 9

    this is adorable and doable. thanks for sharing. if you LOVE candy corn you will have to try my candy corn cookie bark i created last week.
    so much fun and a great gift to give.

  10. 10
    Laura says:

    This is so cute! I am going out after nap time today to do this project for our front window!
    Laura recently posted..Finally!

  11. 11

    That is so cute! I love candy corn, it’s adorable!
    Our Nifty Notebook recently posted..CSN Stores Product Review- Virco Student Desk &amp Chair

  12. 12

    love it!!

  13. 13
    Dawn says:

    How funny that you posted this today! I was debating whether or not to de-lurk to tell you I found Candy corn flavored Dots today at the grocery store! Haven’t tasted them yet but they look cute :)

  14. 14
    Kara says:

    I don’t even like eating candy corn, but I have to buy them because they are so darn cute to bake with. :)
    I love this banner!!
    Kara recently posted..Look What I Made 10-16-10

  15. 15
    Dawn says:

    I LOVE the banner Leigh Anne. It’s very cute. Last night I hung up my cute Halloween banner from Emmie Cakes.
    I’m ready for Halloween!

  16. 16
    Tina says:

    Love the banner!! Do you have the template you used for the candy corn?

  17. 17
    Amanda says:

    I love your banner. I just saw the CUTEST candy corn banner on Martha Stewart yesterday. It is made from foam cones that you sand down to the shape of candy corn than paint. Look it up. You will love it. We are having our annual halloween party much of our food table is coming from all your fun Halloween treats.

  18. 18
    Shaylee says:

    I love your cute banner and I love your paint color even more! Do you happen to know the brand and color?

  19. 19
    Leigh Anne says:

    It’s Divine paint from Miller Paint and it is called Shore but I know they have renamed it since I bought it. Miller Paint should be able to tell you the new name.

  20. 20
    kelly says:

    so cute! have you seen the candy corn cupcakes on a few blogs now like our best bites. i made them last night,they are really fun!

  21. 21
    Jenifer says:

    You have done it again! I love this. May I repost on my site and credit to you? If that’s not okay, please let me know.


  22. 22
    Leigh Anne says:

    You are welcome to share – thanks!

  23. 23
    Erin R. says:

    AWW! I really like the home-y burlap! I was google searching candy corn banners and yours is a great treat!
    Erin R. recently posted..Buttercup

  24. 24
    Joy says:

    Oh my gosh! I made this Wednesday morning before a youth event at our home that night. Everyone loved it! Soooo easy to do! The hardest part of the whole project was waiting for the paint to dry! Thanks so much Leigh Anne for such a cute and sweet idea!

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