Back to School Breakfast

Today is a sad day.

It is the last first day of school we will have at our house.

My baby begins her senior year of high school today.

To mark this momentous occasion and in an effort not to be too sad I decided to host a back to school breakfast for Tessa and two of her friends.

But I am a realistic too.  I knew that there was no way I would get three teenage girls up and ready for a nice sit down breakfast before school starts at 7:30 a.m.  so I decided to hold the breakfast Monday morning, the day before school started.

Because this may be the last back to school breakfast I ever have (unless I can talk the neighbor kids into coming for breakfast next year) I wanted to make it a little extra special.  For details on the table decor head on over to Your Homebased Parties for more info and photos.


The menu for the morning was as follows:


The first course was yogurt parfaits.  I used our favorite yogurt – Vanilla Bean by Tillamook and layered it with some store bought granola (I like the almond granola in the bulk food bins at Winco) and some fresh strawberries out of the garden.  Yes, our strawberry plants are still going strong.


We had gotten some fresh blueberries at the farmer’s market this weekend so Tessa requested blueberry muffins.


There was orange juice to drink and of course a toast to a great senior year!

There was also a egg frittata and some yummy potatoes.  I’ll be sharing those recipes this week.  In fact we are featuring breakfast recipes all week – it’s Breakfast Week here at Your Homebased Mom!


The best part of breakfast?  Just watching the girls enjoy the food and each other.  This is a big year for them and the beginning of even bigger things.  I can’t wait to watch from the sidelines.


Here’s to a great senior year Katy Jo, Rachel and Tessa!


Leigh Anne
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  1. says

    Man oh man, I will come for 1st day of school bfast just let me know when :) haha

    LOVE oldest is going into 1st grade this year, youngest just turned 2 so this will have to be a new tradition for us to begin!!! :)

  2. Vicki says

    I saw this quote the other day and thought of you!
    “The ordinary arts we practice everyday at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.”-Thomas Moore
    Thanks for all your great ideas!

  3. Susan, Champaign, IL says

    You are an inspiration! This is the first fall in 20- some years I don’t have a kiddo heading off to school. But I still feel the pull of school days…hopefully my hubby will enjoy the reminiscences…

  4. Tammy says

    Cute pics !! What does the writing on the wall in the first picture say? “Each day comes, bearing it’s own gifts….

  5. kelly says

    senior year is so emotional, then they leave! just happened to me, now my nest is empty!
    happy first last day of school. i had a question for you. what makes a good care pkg. for college students. it has to come from hawaii so i am not sure about baked goods and feel like he can buy what he wants at the store. how can i make a special box? i know you have done it before:)

  6. says

    WOW! Looks amazing as always. We are on the flip side and had our FIRST back-to-school breakfast when my oldest started kindergarten this year. I actually was so excited to try your Puff-Up Pancake for our big day….and it was fabulous! I linked up to your blog so my friends could have your wonderful recipe (!
    Your creativity continues to amaze me! Thanks for all the great info!

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