The Wedding Carnival}Carnival Games

One of my goals for the Wedding Carnival was to have people come and spend the evening with us.  Not just stop in, sign a book, shake hands, grab a quick bite to eat and leave.  I wanted them to enjoy a fun evening and celebration. In order to create this atmosphere we set aside part of the yard for Carnival Games.

Wedding Carnival Games

What would a carnival be without games!!  We used our play structure area for the games
Wedding Carnival

Using red and white curtain panels I found at Goodwill I created a backdrop for the games so that we didn’t loose things that were being thrown into the trees!
Wedding Carnival
There were five different games.

Bean Bag Toss

The Bean Bag Toss was made from a piece of plywood and some plastic buckets we glued to the board.
Wedding Carnival

Milk Bottle Throw

Wedding Carnival
For the Milk Bottle ThrowI just spray painted a box to contain the game so that the milk bottles didn’t going flying when hit. The red little stool was found at Goodwill and spray painted and the milk bottles and balls came from Oriental Trading as did the bean bags.

Ring Toss

We also had an old fashioned Ring Toss using a couple of old soda pop crates we had and some glass Coke bottles. My neighbor kids very happily drank the Coke so I would have empty bottles! The rings came from Oriental Trading.
Carnival Games2

Wedding Carnival

Spray Away

There was also a squirt gun Spray Away game.  You placed ping pong balls on the golf tees and then used a squirt gun to knock the balls off.

Wedding Carnival

Balloon Darts

The last game was Balloon Darts. We just thumb tacked the balloons onto a thick piece of cardboard we picked up for free at Home Depot. Darts and balloons are from Oriental Trading.
Carnival Games
The games were set up on card tables and I covered them with plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Store and the table skirts came from Oriental Trading.

Or course there were prizes too!

Carnival Games

Photo Booth

In the game area we also had a photo booth set up. I had two cute girls that ran the game/photo booth area for me all night. They were great!!
Carnival GamesWe had all kinds of fun props to use.
Carnival Games
As well as another chalkboard sign to let people know what to do.
Wedding Carnival
Photo Booth
There was also a fun poke your head through photo op I bought through Oriental Trading and then attached to some PVC pipe so it was free standing.
Wedding Carnival

Balloon Man

We also had a balloon man at the carnival!  He was kept busy the entire evening.
Wedding Carnival
Good thing he had a pump that blew up the balloons for him!
Wedding Carnival Cary is a friend of ours from church. I saw some pictures on his wife’s Facebook page of some balloon animals he had made for his kids and asked if I could hire him! He was great!!
Wedding Carnival
My darling niece Jacky who came all the way from Utah for the party!
Wedding Carnival
Wedding CarnivalEveryone loved the games – young and old but they were especially great for keeping all the kids busy and entertained.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to share with some photos of the best money we spent for the Wedding Carnival and maybe even a video of our flash mob!

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  1. says

    LEIGH ANNE! I am dying at how cute this whole idea is and what a great job you did! Do you remember my name at all?! I’m Delanie’s friend from waaaaaay back. You and I met when you guys roomed at RainTree. She has always talked SO highly of you throughout these years and I have seen a few Christmas cards from you too! Your family is darling – your girls look so much like you. Does Delanie know you blog?! I can’t believe she wouldn’t have told me since I blog too …. not to the extent you do however! I am so impressed! You are amazing!!! So glad I “stumbled” across this today!!!! :)

    • says

      Polly – I so remember you – how fun!!! Delanie and I have communicated via Facebook and I think she knows about my blog. We saw each other a few years ago at BYU when we both had kids graduating. So glad you found me! Will come over and check out your blog.

  2. Amber says

    This is exactly what I imagine for my wedding in summer 2014! I’m so excited to have found this website. I’ve been pinning since my engagement and this is by far exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have a few money questions that I don’t know are appropriate for the comment blog… I just want to know your total dollar amount. I’m Canadian so a lot of the websites you posted for things are very expensive to ship to me… I’ll have to keep searching. Anything you would have done differently? How did your loved ones feel about working your booths all evening? I just love this blog so much!!! I feel so lucky that I found it!!!

    • says

      So glad you like the Wedding Carnival – it was so fun! It really was everything I hoped it would be and I can’t think of one thing I would have done differently To answer a few of your questions. I don’t really have a total dollar amount. We did most of the work ourselves. If there are specific things you are wondering about let me know and I can try to answer those but as a total amount I haven’t really figured it out. For my carnival workers I asked my friends that really didn’t know my son so they were happy to help and be able to be there at the carnival and be involved. They all loved being there and working. I asked a few teenagers too to help man the game booths, the ice cream cart etc. I purposely did not ask family and those who were close to the groom to help at the carnival. I hired someone to do the balloon booth and the only food booth (other than the main food) that had to be manned full time was the cotton candy booth which was manned by a good family friend but they had so much fun they didn’t mind being at the booth for the evening. It was a couple and they took turns enjoying the carnival too. It really was a perfect party!

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