Summer Book List

So what is on your summer book list??

So far this summer I have read the entire Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis – all seven of them.

That is a first time for me.  Totally enjoyed them and now I need to watch the movies!  I am looking forward to reading more of C.S. Lewis.  Any of you have a favorite C.S. Lewis book to recommend me?

My most recent read and not my favorite was The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake  by Aimee Bender.

I was excited to read this book.  First of all it was about lemon cake!  Second, when I read that it was about a girl that could taste the emotions of the people who had made the food she was eating I was intrigued.  The book ended up being just a little too weird for me.   I felt like I had eaten the lemon cake too at the end because it just left me with a sad feeling.

So I am in need of some new summer reads.  Any suggestions for me?  Please leave a comment and share!!

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  1. says

    My very favorite book this summer (at least so far!)was “The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder” by Rebecca Wells. It was one of those books that you couldn’t put down and didn’t want to ever end.

  2. Janette says

    I really enjoyed reading “The Help”. I don’t remember the author’s name; I gave the book to my daughter when I was done. It takes place in the early ’60’s in the south. It kept my interest and opened my eyes to some of the prejudices that African Americans had to face.

  3. says

    Janette, I loved “The Help” too! Then I was telling a friend how much I loved it and she said that if I loved reading it I should try listening to it on CD. Oh my! It was even MORE awesome to hear it with all the different dialects and inflections in the voices of the women. Try it if you get a chance!

  4. Joan C. says

    I liked The Help, too. Having lived in New Orleans for a few years, I could hear those dialects in my imagination.

    After thoroughly enjoying Widow’s War by Mary Mackey, I ordered The Notorious Mrs. Winston and enjoyed it almost as much.

  5. Karla says

    Leigh Anne…I love any book written by Wendell Berry. “Hannah Coulter” is my favorite. Our book club all voted it one of their favorites in 25 years of reading!! Beautifully written. I also just finished “Same kind of Different as Me”. It is a true story and wonderful message. Enjoy!

  6. Tamara says

    On the way to the reunion and back I lsited to 4 books on tape:

    1) Gratitude by Angeles Arrien–truly helped me realize how important it is to express THANKS

    2) 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper– Don shares how he was dead for 90 minutes, came back to a mangled body and immense pain–but has learned and shared lots, and brought people to more understanding in this life.

    3) Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays with Morrie and Five People we Meet in Heaven. . . . . . . .excellent. He interviews his rabbi in preparation for giving his eulogy. There is another story line that keeps you intrigued too.

    4) Quit Whining and Start Living by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. She opened my eyes to the principle of gaining the happiness by living and to keep the complaining under control. AMAZING.

    Thanks for sharing with us! Love your blog!

  7. says

    Here are several fiction books I’ve read this summer and loved:

    The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen
    The Apothcary’s Daughter (Klassen)
    Lady of Milkweek Manor (Klassen)
    She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell

    This is a non-fiction book that I am currently reading:
    Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge

    I had read the Silent Governess first and I was SO good that I had to read her other books. All of them were great reads.

  8. says

    I just have one recommendation.
    “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” I can’t remember the author, but the story is told from the perspective of the family dog. It’s a wonderful book.

  9. says

    I finished reading The Help (by Kathryn Stockett) last night. I loved reading it up until the end, when it made me very sad. I even woke up thinking about it again first thing this morning, still feeling very, very sad.
    Before that book I read The Walk, by Richard Paul Evans. I recommend it! The main character of the book, Al Kristofferson, was named after a man in our ward who was killed while driving his UPS truck last year.
    The two books before that one were Escape To Zion, by Jean Holbrook Mathews (it was “okay”) and Deadline by Clair M. Poulson (just a little better than okay).
    The book next up for me is “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson, and I have no idea what to expect from it!

  10. says

    I just finished reading the Percy Jackson series. I really enjoyed the story and the conversation writing style.

    A few months ago I read The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans. That was a very sweet story too.

  11. Sharyl says

    I actually am reading a parenting book called Free Range Kids. But I have The Help waiting to start reading–this has been recommended to me by so many people–have to read. The vintage Dress is anther one that I have heard is good.

  12. Marm says

    You might enjoy “The Blue Castle” by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of “Anne of Green Gables.” It is not like the Anne books. It’s a little more grown-up, I’d say. The copy I read had a lengthy (almost 30 pages) introduction that was interesting, but was a real spoiler, so read it after you read the story.

    I might just have to give the Postmistress a try. It sounds interesting.

  13. Marnie says

    I have read a couple this summer that I have loved. The first is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shafer. I passed it on to both my daughters and they loved it too. Its one where you learn to know and love the characters thru a series of letters. I highly recommend it! The next is a series.. called The Hunger Games. The third and final book is coming out in August- can hardly wait. Thanks everybody for sharing your favorites. I’m always looking for recommendations for good books!

  14. says

    I don’t know if you’ve read these yet, but The Hunger Games and the next book in the series Catching Fire are great! Mockingjay comes out in August. There are some gory parts, but those can be skipped over.

    I also LOVED The Book Thief.

    I’ve read Percy Jackson, but the series was too juvenile for me. The teen series I loved best (besides Harry Potter) was the Fablehaven Series.

    P.S. I’ve just requested The Postmistress from the library. I’m #2 on the wait list. Yeah!!!

  15. Laurie says

    I agree, Hunger Games and Catching Fire are great summer reading. A kind of summer indulgence much like the Twilight series was for me. Before that I read My Name is Mary Sutter, about a woman during the civil war who wants to become a doctor. It was great historical fiction. I also read the Forgotten Garden. It was a little difficult to get into but very worth it. It is another period piece. The Wildwater Walking Club was recommended by a friend but wasn’t what I had hoped it would be, a little lacking, but still fun since part of the story takes place here in Washington at the Sequim Lavendar Festival. Enjoy!

  16. Kirstie says

    I just finished the first book in a 4 book series by Karen Kingsbury…
    Take One. If you’ve ever read any of her books, they are always good, so now I’m on to Take Two!

  17. Laurie says

    If you are interested in C.S. Lewis…. I have enjoyed reading “The Screwtape Letters” It is an interesting perspective on heaven and hell.

    “The Sweet Life” by Mia King was a fun read about a gal having to give up a high powered career in NY to move with her husband to the Big Island. Fun summer read.

    “No Eye Can See” by Jane Kirkpatrick, based on a true story of 11 women that survived the Oregon Trail and arrived without any of their men still alive.

  18. says

    I really enjoyed reading all the Harry Potter and Wizard of Oz books. If you like snarky sarcasm then I recommend reading anything by Jen Lancaster. “Sh*t My Dad Says” by Justin Halpern was a funny read too.

  19. Megan says

    I recommend C. S. Lewis’ “Till We Have Faces”. It’s a re-telling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche. I read it for a college class and have enjoyed rereading it several times since. I also have to echo Marm’s recommendation of L. M. Montgomery’s “The Blue Castle”. I love all of her writings, and that one is my favorite of her novels. {Well, maybe tied with the Anne books. =)}

  20. says

    I loved the chronicles of Narnia series, but be forewarned that the movies do not do the books justice at all! This summer I haven’t been reading as much as I would have liked to. I did read the last few books of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, I absolutely loved them all. I read I Capture the Castle, I can’t remember the author, but it was a cute and light read. Like Stephanie said above I totally recommend the Harry Potter series they were all wonderful!

  21. says

    I just finished The Art of Racing in the Rain. It was a quick read. I’m not really a dog or race-car person but I enjoyed it. The book I keep hering about is The Last Child. Our book group is reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet. I think it’s about Japanese interment . I also have The Hunger Games and I plan to take it to the beach. I also play to read the Stieg Larsson books.

  22. says

    I have loved every C.S. Lewis book I’ve read…Surprised By Joy has some weird parts though.

    I’ve read a TON of books this summer. But, I highly reccomend 100 cupboards trilogy by ND Wilson and The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of attolia, and Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner-best summer reads this summer!!!

  23. Amy P. says

    I actually just went on a reading frenzy myself and finished 4 good books in a week. My suggestions to you are Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen (GREAT!!!) and Julia’s Chocolates by Cathy Lamb. They are both really good books. Also, there are 2 more by Sarah Addison Allen worth a peek. They are not as wonderful as Garden Spells in my opinion, but still a quick and fun read. They are The Sugar Queen and The Girl Who Chased the Moon.

  24. MMoore says

    I have challenged myself this year to read 10 classics. I am surprised that it has indeed been a challange. I started with to many in the romance genre, which I don’t care for. So I was wondering if your readers would recommend their favorite non-romance classics. Three non-classics I have read this summer are House Rules by Jodi Picoult and Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. I agree with other readers, favorite for the summer The Help by Kathryn Stockett

    • says

      Let’s see some suggestions for MMoore for non-romance classics. Have you read To Kill a Mockingbird or Great Gatsby – two of my favorites in the classics category!

  25. Kathryn says

    Regarding additional books by C.S. Lewis, many years ago I read “The Screwtape Letters”, a discussion of angles (both good and bad). The other was the “The Great Divorce”, a fantasy about Heaven and Hell.
    This spring and summer, I’ve read all three of the Steig Larson series, “The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo,” “The Girl Who Played With Fire”, and “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest.” I loved all three and have seen the movies (foreign films captioned) of the first two books and am anxious to see the third when it comes out in September.
    Right now, I’m reading Pat Conroy’s “South of Broad” which I noticed on the website list.
    My book group at church is reading, “The Ghost Map” which is the story of a cholera outbreak in England.
    A friend recommended a book set during the civil war about a female physician which is “My Name is May Sutter” by Robin Oliveria.
    I also agree that “To Kill A Mockingbird” is excellent and this is the 50th year since it was written.
    What a fun discussion of books you’ve provided.

  26. Emily says

    I can’t let myself read or else I don’t do anything that I should be doing. I hope that as my family grows I will be able to again.

  27. The Queen Vee says

    Non fiction “The Lost City of Zee,” last great explorer of the Amazon….fascinating read.

    Fiction young adult, all three books of “The Bartimaeus Trilogy,” don’t skip the foot notes.

  28. Tauna says

    I just finished a book that I really enjoyed. It is called Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman. I think you would really enjoy it. I love seeing what everyone has recommended. I added a couple to my books-to-read list.

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