Salt & Pepper Red Potatoes

Today’s recipe is simple.  Simple and delicious.

If you know me at all you know I don’t eat potatoes.  But because I am married to a boy from Idaho and my kids all love potatoes I am always on the lookout for a new way to fix potatoes.  One of our favorite ways to fix red potatoes (and I will even eat these) is Patrice’s Potatoes.

I always feel a bit strange sharing a potato recipe since I don’t eat them but my family are potato snobs (no instant potatoes and our potatoes must come from Idaho!)  You can rely on their opinion to be a good one!

Today I am sharing another way to fix red potatoes.  It is super quick and easy and delicious (at least according to my potato eating family members)  The potatoes cook for two hours.  The first time I made them I was sure they were going to be ruined after cooking for two whole hours.  Red potatoes aren’t that big.  But guess what? They weren’t ruined, in fact they were soft and buttery and my family said they tasted just like mashed potatoes (and so much easier!!!)

red potatoes

Honestly, a recipe doesn’t get much easier then this one – all you need are potatoes, butter, olive oil and salt and pepper!  I used sea salt but you could use kosher salt too.  You just want a coarse salt and a coarse pepper.  Don’t use the salt that comes out of the round blue container with the girl and the umbrella!

Just pop them in the oven and let them bake away for two hours.  Then enjoy the melt in your mouth goodness.

red potatoes

Salt & Pepper Red Potatoes


  • small red potatoes
  • butter
  • olive oil
  • coarse salt
  • coarse pepper (I just used whole peppercorns and smashed them up a bit!)


  • Bake at 350 degrees
  • I used a 8 x 8 pan and placed about 2 Tbsp melted butter in the pan
  • After washing potatoes, dry them
  • Place potatoes in pan and turn to coat with the butter
  • Drizzle with olive oil
  • Sprinkle generously with salt (don't be afraid to use a lot!)
  • Sprinkle with pepper and bake in oven for 2 hours
  • Bake uncovered-I promise they will be o.k.
  • After removing from the oven place in bowl and pour the sauce left on the bottom of the pan over the potatoes


  1. 1

    These look so easy! If you have leftovers, I bet they’d be great for a nicoise salad!

  2. 2
    Cindy says:

    I’ll have to wait on this one, 2 hours in the oven when it’s summer out? That will have to wait. Good recipe, though. I wonder if you parboiled them like Pioneer Woman, then smashed them and seasoned, then put them in the oven if that would take less time?

    Wonder if they could be made on the grill. So many ideas you have given me, they look tasty!!

  3. 3
    Leigh Anne says:

    Unfortunately keeping the oven on for 2 hours isn’t a problem around here. All we’ve had is rain, rain and more rain! Praying that summer comes sometime before September! Let me know if you experiment with them Cindy!

    Great idea about the nicoise salad too Foodonthetable!

  4. 4
    Mollie says:

    I’ve wondered if my son is really your son? Like you, he dislikes (well, hates) potatoes and bananas. Texture thing. I’ll be trying this recipe soon. Thanks!

  5. 5
    Paula says:

    I never met a potato I didn’t like. I will definitely be trying these!

  6. 6

    Wow these sound amazing! When I get a crop of new potatoes from the garden I’ll make these for sure :)

    You have a great blog, I’m glad I found you :)

  7. 7
    ellen says:

    The recipe sounds easy to make. . . Thanks for the recipe Leigh Anne. . .I’ll will try this at home as part of my diet for my friend says that potatoes are good for people who are a weight conscious plus it has a high fiber that offers significant protection against cardiovascular disease and cancer. Two thumbs up for you dear. . .

  8. 8
    vero says:

    im surprised for 2 hours, usually i would wrap them in tin foil,

    but now I know , thanks for the great ,simple , quick recipe

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