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As I was planning out my blog posts for this week I noticed a common theme.  Pretty.  Each one of the posts was about pretty things.  I  love pretty.

I love to surround myself with pretty things.

I love to make pretty things.

I love to eat pretty things out of pretty dishes.

I like to wear pretty clothes.

I love finding the pretty in life.

My philosophy in life is, if you must surround yourself with things, why not make them pretty!

So this week will be a Week of Pretty!

To start, I am going to share with you the pretty pictures my friend Meg took of Tessa’s Sweet Sixteen party.  Meg is the one that took the pretty pictures of Tessa a few weeks ago.

Cali and I worked hard to put together a surprise party for Tessa’s sixteenth birthday.  I hope I am forgiven for all the lies I had to tell to keep it a secret!

But we did keep it a secret and Tessa was surprised!


The party had a Grease/50’s theme and everyone was asked to come dressed in their favorite 50’s attire.


We chose pink, black and polka dots to decorate with because everything is prettier in pink – isn’t it?!

I made big pink pom poms to hang from the kitchen nook area where the food was- compliments of Martha.


And of course there were pink balloons.  Jim’s assignment was to get the balloons from the grocery store.  When he couldn’t fit them all in the car he walked home carrying his 16 balloons.  By the time he got home there were only 15 left and after tying them up in the backyard we were down to 14 but no one seemed to notice!


The food was set up in the kitchen – we had a cupcake bar and a candy bar – all in pink!


There were chocolate dipped strawberries with pretty pink sprinkles…



and lots of pink candy….

I was so excited when I found strawberry Whoppers and Mother’s animal cookies!


I used the party to test out a few cupcakes recipes for the upcoming wedding reception I am helping with.  Of course they had to match the color scheme!  I found a recipe for strawberry cupcakes over at Our Best Bites.  For me the best part of eating cake is the frosting.  Sara and Kate’s frosting recipe is one of the strangest I have ever made but it is one of the best tasting!!!  And it looked so pretty….


I also made Chocolate Malted Cupcakes with Chocolate Malted Whip Cream Frosting from Real Mom Kitchen.

Sweet Sixteen Party

Most of the party took place outside -thank goodness for perfect weather.  The kids played badmitten, broke a pinata, made s’mores in the backyard firepit.  Guess what – I even found pink marshmellows in addition to caramel ones and chocolate and vanilla ones!

Sweet Sixteen Partyss'mores

After their playing and eating we set up a projection screen in the backyard and they watched Grease!

We added a few decorations to the patio too to add some ambience to the evening.

I made these cute little hanging tea light holders out of punch cups I found at Goodwill.  We hung them in the trees.  Nothing adds atmosphere more than candles!


These little glass candle holders were a last minute addition – I found them at Craft Warehouse the day of the party and strung them along a wire.


All in all the party was a huge success and Tessa was thrilled.

Here’s one last shot of the pretty pink party table!
Sweet Sixteen Party (2)

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  1. Rhonda says

    Leigh Anne, it turned out so beautifully. LOVE the balloon story. Thinking about what Peter may have done….the answer should have been so obvious to me. Of course he would have called me to come and bail him out.

    The pictures turned out great too. How fun to have a photographer to take those precious memories.

  2. says

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Leigh Anne, the decorating is so beautiful what a sweet party! I love it! Wow – you could do parties and get paid for this! I am saving this for ideas – I have 2 girls : ) Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    My freaking goodness, woman, what a gorgeous party you had!!! Seriously, it looks like Martha Stewart did it, only that you ACTUALLY did it!

  4. Joyce says

    Oh how pretty. You always do things so grand. I wish I had your gift.

    Can you share the frosting recipe you spoke of?

  5. Tamara says

    WOW! What a party! Grateful you pulled everything off all right and that Jim made it home safely–even without all the 16 ballons. . . . . .So often in life we are on plan b or c, or almost z sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    This is a gorgeous party! I surely hope that in time I can learn to put together bashes are beautiful and well-planned as this. I’m sure your daughter was delighted.

  7. says

    I loved the “pink” party. You are such an inspiration to me! Life goes by so quickly and can be so tough at times and to celebrate it and make it special and pretty is what it’s all about in my book. Your daughter will always remember how you made her life special!!!

  8. Jane Cooper says

    The pink theme is really lovely and totally girlie, I remember doing something similar for my daughters 1oth birthday, she wanted something different from the traditional kids parties and she is very much a girlie girl so everything was pink all the way, she even got all her friends to arrive wearing pink, it was really sweet

  9. says

    She was really surprised to see all that ,evident from 2nd pic .Your arrangement was top notch ,specially the food .I love the concept of chocolate dipped strawberries and sprinkles on berries are just like icing on the cake.Last pic really sums up the story.Thanks for sharing .

  10. says

    Great job with the planning and the result!! The truth is it doesn’t matter how long it took, (or the lies you had to tell her), it all goes away when you see the huge smile on her face!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!


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