Strawberry Marshmallow Cake

Strawberry Marshmallow Cake

I love strawberries!  We have a strawberry patch in our backyard and I am lucky to live in the NW where we have yummy berries every summer.  Usually in the winter the strawberries are big, white and lack flavor but lately my local grocery store has had some beautiful red berries so I couldn’t resist.  What would Valentine’s Day be without strawberries! My first thoughts when it comes to strawberries always go to strawberry shortcake.  Today’s recipe is a strawberry shortcake like cake.  The cake is not as dense and dry [Continue Reading...]

Cherry Berry Compote

cherry berry compote

I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful NorthWest! One of the perks this time of year is amazing berries. Whether I pick them from the berry patch in my own backyard, at the nearby U-Pick farm or purchase them at our local Farmer’s Market we can’t seem to get enough! I am excited to share with you a delicious dessert that is perfect for this time of year. It is perfect because it is the one time of year I can buy fresh strawberries, raspberries and cherries all [Continue Reading...]

Strawberry Cream Pie

Strawberry Cream Pie_0004(2)

If you haven’t had a chance to enter the giveaway I have going on right now for a I-Pad Mini make sure you do! This recipe is an oldie but a goodie.  I first shared it back in June of 2008.  This one is so deserving of a pretty redo and I have given the recipe a little tweak. June is strawberry season here in Portland and this year the strawberry crop has been awesome.  Our own little strawberry patch in the garden has been producing like crazy and every [Continue Reading...]

Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream

fresh strawberry ice cream

This has turned into sweet week on the blog!  I usually don’t do so many sweets all in a row but I got started and I just couldn’t stop.  Today I’ve got one more for you and I promise next week I’ll be back with a week full of savory – how’s that? As I’ve mentioned a time or two this week, we’ve got a few strawberries at our house.  The Strawberry Pizza I shared earlier is definitely an old family favorite and Strawberry Sour Cream Cake is becoming a [Continue Reading...]

Warm Strawberry Spinach Salad

warm spinach salad

Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner! #57 – Wendy Webster Send me your contact info Wendy and we’ll get your gift certificate to you – congrats!!   So will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a fun family dinner or with a romantic dinner for two? Ours will be a romantic dinner for two – isn’t that what we have every night now that we are empty nesters!!??  My husband asked if I wanted him to plan the evening or if I wanted to give him input.  I told him he could [Continue Reading...]

Holiday Centerpiece with Strawberries


This past week I got my craft on with strawberries!  Yes, strawberries. Normally strawberries may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of getting crafty.  But when Driscoll invited me to be part of their  Virtual Holiday Crafting event I couldn’t turn down the opportunity or the challenge. I made a trip to Michaels to pick up a few craft supplies including a Styrofoam tree, some colored balls, ribbon and a metal pail.  I picked up my strawberries at the grocery store and grabbed some [Continue Reading...]

Chocolate Berry Pie

Strawberry Chocolate Cream Pie

Are you thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day and what you’re going to make for your sweetie?  Well, think no longer.  I’ve got the answer for you. I was in a Valentine’s kind of mood last weekend when I was trying to decide what to make for our Book Club’s potluck dinner.  For some reason my personal inner calendar was way off and I was 3 weeks ahead of myself thinking Valentine’s was this week!!  So since I had Valentine’s on the brain I decided a nice Valentiney dessert was in [Continue Reading...]

Roasted Corn, Strawberry and Avocado Salsa

Roasted Corn, Strawberry and Avocado Salad

We had a potluck BBQ on Monday.  I love potlucks.  It never fails that I come away with at least one new great recipe.  This time it was an amazing Greek pasta salad. I promise as soon as I get the recipe I’ll share! I provided a s’mores bar and an Italian Soda Bar.  Let me tell you, if you ever want to make a group of middle school aged boys happy, have an Italian Soda Bar!!  They loved it and I think they went through eight bottles of syrup! [Continue Reading...]