Slow Cooker Double Beef Chili

slow cooker chili

Slow Cooker Double Beef Chili is a sure way to fill them up and warm them up! I have a couple of good friends I walk with a couple of times a week.  I love exercising with friends because it gets me out there.  On those dark, rainy, cold mornings when I would have a hard time getting my body out of be, I know they will be knocking at my door soon! I love starting my day off with my friends.  They listen to me rant and rave sometimes  and love [Continue Reading…]

Impossibly Easy Mini Cheeseburger Pies

Impossibly Easy Mini Chesseburger Pies

It’s that time of year – the holidays. Halloween officially marks the opening of holiday season and life just seems to get crazy for the next two months. One thing that can suffer during that time is dinner time. Not just finding time to eat together but finding time to even cook dinner. I love to have some go to dinners that can be made ahead of time so that when I know I’m going to have a super crazy day I can prepare dinner the night before. Today’s recipe [Continue Reading…]

Tortilla Casserole

tortilla casserole

 I was compensated for my work on this campaign in partnership with the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions are my own. I grew up in the era of casseroles. Most of those casseroles usually involved some kind of condensed soup, tuna or tatertots!  Casseroles were a staple at the church potluck too. Recently I was going through a cookbook of my family’s favorite recipes and I found today’s recipe for Tortilla Casserole.  I had forgotten about this hidden gem.  I promise there is no soup, tuna or tater tots in [Continue Reading…]

Baked Tacos


Baked Tacos are a quick and easy dinner. Tacos in a crisp shell that doesn’t fall apart when you bite into it.This week’s quick and easy dinner is a quick one!  One of my go to meals when the kids were young were tacos.  I, also, remember it being one of my mom’s go to meals.  It doesn’t get much easier than browning up some meat, adding in a packet of seasoning and wrapping it in a tortilla! The only problem was, I am a crispy taco shell girl.  You [Continue Reading…]

In-N-Out Burger Copycat Recipe

In-N-Out BUrger

This In-n-Out Burger copycat version may just be better than the real thing!I grew up with a mother who was born and bred in California and thus a huge fan of In-N-Out Burgers.  I on the other hand was born in California but raised in Wisconsin, a state with no In-N-Out within a 1,000 miles or more.  It wasn’t actually until I was an adult myself and on a trip to California that I experienced my first In-N-Out burger.  If my mother ever took me as a child I don’t [Continue Reading…]

Taco Bake Recipe

Taco Bake Recipe

  This Taco Bake was a go to recipe at our house when the kids were young.  They loved it! I think every mom has their “Go To” dinner recipes.  I know I do. Now that we are empty nesters (except for this summer thank goodness!) my “Go To” dinner recipe is sometimes take out!! But when I was a mom of four little kids those go to recipes usually included Boboli pizza, BBQ Chicken Wingettes and tacos. I remember one of my mom’s go to recipes was also tacos.  [Continue Reading…]

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce


Today’s recipe may be one of my favorite meals of all time.  It is real comfort food to me. This recipe also makes enough for at least two meals for us, even more now with my reduced size family.  I love having a container or two of it in my freezer for those evenings when I just don’t feel like cooking or the day has been too crazy.  I can have a nice, yummy meal together in the amount of time it takes to boil the pasta. This is one [Continue Reading…]

Hamburger Soup


I’ve been a soup kind of girl since the beginning. When I was two years old there were only two foods that I would eat.  Raw, cold  hot dogs (I am little embarassed to admit this) and Campbells vegetable soup.  The only thing was I liked the soup straight out of the can – unconstituted. Now you may wonder what would possess a mother to give her child a raw hot dog and soup straight out of the can?  I’m not sure and my mother doesn’t remember either  but I [Continue Reading…]

Meatloaf:Ree & Leigh{Anne}

meat loaf

I have to admit when I opened  The Pioneer Woman Cooks for the first time and saw the recipe for meatloaf I shuttered. You have to understand that meatloaf has not crossed the table of the Wilkes household for at least 12 years. We had  an “encounter” with meatloaf 12 years ago that has left us all pretty scarred and we have been unable to bring ourselves to make or eat meatloaf since then.  I guess you could say we have meatloaf phobia! You see, someone very kindly brought dinner [Continue Reading…]