DIY Valentine’s Sharpie Mugs

DIY SHarpie Mugs

It’s the 10th of January and I am so excited to have our group of talented bloggers back for another blog hop! This month the theme is HEARTS and I just know you are going to love (no pun intended!) these projects that are sure to get your creativity flowing for Valentine’s Day… which is just around the corner! I’d love for you to pin our collage below, check out my DIY Sharpie Mug Project  and then go see all the other fabulous projects by some of my friends!


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Over Thanksgiving I did a fun little craft project with a few of  my nieces & nephews.  We decorated mugs with gold and silver sharpies.  An idea I saw on Pinterest of course!  They loved it.  Then for Christmas a cute friend gave me a mug decorated with gold polka dots done with a Sharpie. The mug was filled with hot chocolate mix and a candy cane.  So cute.

It got my brain thinking and I decided that it would be fun to make some Valentine mugs. Mugs that could be filled with candy or other fun treats. It would make a great gift for a teacher, a friend, neighbor etc.

I did a little research on the best way to make the mugs using a Sharpie and found some good info here.  I also did a bit of experimenting on my own too.

I purchased my mugs at Goodwill for .99 a piece.  I know IKEA sells a white mug also but they are about $3.00 I think. I also read that sometimes the cheaper mugs are better.  I tried a more expensive mug from Cost Plus and it didn’t work as well.  The ones I got at Goodwill were Corelle.  So you may need to experiment a bit.

The pens:

Sharpie Mug

I tried three different types of pens in my experiment.

A red Sharpie

A red oil based Sharpie

A red permanent Bic Pen

Here’s what I found:

A red Sharpie – it works but it will fade some during the baking process, the red gets lighter. From what I read it is the red/pink colors that fade.  The black I used on one mug did not fade.

A red oil based Sharpie – do not use if you plan on putting the item in the dishwasher.  I put my cute mug in the dishwasher and the mug came out totally white again – the design disappeared.

A red permanent Bic Pen – it did not fade but the color did change somewhat to a little more burgundy color.

I decided that the red Sharpie was the best choice if I wanted a more true red color, even if it did fade a bit. If you want a more burgundy red go with the Bic pen.  They both held up well in the dishwasher too.

The decorating process:

If you have cute handwriting you can write directly on the mug.  I don’t so I printed out the words I wanted in a cute font.

Sharpie Mug

On the back of the words use a graphite pencil and color over the area to be traced.

Sharpie Mug

Tape the words onto the mug where you want them.

Sharpie Mug

Using a pen trace the words onto the mug.  The design will transfer, it will be very light but still readable.

Sharpie Mug

Use your Sharpie to trace over words.

Allow the mug to dry 12-24 hours.

I cleaned off the mug with some rubbing alcohol, inside and around the areas where the writing is to remove any residual dirt and marker that may have gotten on it.

Sharpie Mug

The baking process:

Place mugs into a cold oven.  Turn oven onto 425 degrees and bake for 30 minutes.  Most of the directions I found on line had you bake your mug only 30 minutes but this blog found that 425, starting in a cold oven worked the best.  So that’s what I did.

Sharpie Mug

Remove from oven and allow to cool.  If there are some dark marks on the mug, after it has cooled you should be able to remove them with a cloth or a mildly abrasive sponge.  For best results hand wash the mugs instead of putting them in the dishwasher.  The design will last longer.

Sharpie Mug

The next step is to fill them with goodies!

Sharpie Mug

Some hot chocolate mix or a Starbucks gift card would be fun to put inside too.

Sharpie MugNow go check out all the fun projects my friends have put together!

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  1. 1
    Mique says:

    These turned out SO fun LA! Love them.
    Mique recently posted..Printable Valentine’s Day Gift: You’re Tops in My Book

  2. 2

    What a cute idea! Love them!

  3. 3

    LOVE these! They’re darling and so fun!
    Melanie {The Inspiration Network} recently posted..DIY Kids Book Boxes

  4. 4
    Laura says:

    They turned out so cute Leigh Anne!

  5. 5
    jenny says:

    These are so sweet! I think they would be so much to make!

  6. 6
    Ashley @ littlemissmomma says:

    These are just perfect! I can’t wait to try this :)

  7. 7
    Sarah says:

    I love these, thanks for laying out the process. They would make adorable gifts.
    Sarah recently posted..Italian Soda Bar

  8. 8
    Laura says:

    I love these! I don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day, but these would be a great gift idea.
    Laura recently posted..Disney Princess Party Invitation

  9. 9
    Lolly Jane says:

    Look at you getting your DIY on! So cute!! You have a steady hand, they are adorable!
    Lolly Jane recently posted..Glitter heart valentine decor

  10. 10
    Bethany says:

    I LOVE the mugs you created! I think the one covered with the tiny hearts is my favorite. :)
    Bethany recently posted..{Simple DIY Three-Ring Earrings}

  11. 11

    I was surprised to see that your oil based sharpie came off in the dishwasher. I haven’t experienced that problem. Different projects always have different results though, and I’m glad to know to watch out for this in the future.
    Yvonne, The Dahlia Scene recently posted..Friday Five: Tips to help keep your New Years resolution to eat healthier

  12. 12
    Sandy says:

    I can’t believe you can do that with a Sharpie! So easy even I can do it!
    Sandy recently posted..10 Brussels Sprouts Recipes with a Little Help From My Friends

  13. 13
    Landee says:

    I am crushing so hard on these! I am definitely going to give these a try. SO DANG CUTE!
    Landee recently posted..Easy Valentine’s Day Garland: Wire Hearts

  14. 14
    Crystal says:

    Love the mugs!! Great idea for mugs!! Thanks so much!!

  15. 15
    Judy says:

    They all look so great! The one covered in hearts is adorable. Must have taken you quite a few hours. I’m starting to look forward to Valentine’s Day now!
    Judy recently posted..Stress Management Tips for Single Parents

  16. 16
    Meredith says:

    absolutely love these! so cute! just wondering…has anyone tried using mugs from a dollar store?

  17. 17
    Raquel says:

    will this work on a color mug? (mine are red)

  18. 18
    Christina says:

    Thanks for the great idea and all these tips! I noticed that my blue non-oil-based sharpie turned gray after baking in the oven. Any ideas on how to prevent that?

    • 18.1
      Leigh Anne says:

      No tips – some pen colors just work better than others. I have just had to experiment with different colors to see what works best. Black seems to be the safest bet.

  19. 19
    lauren harris says:

    WOW!!! These are soo cute!!!! Thanks for the Idea!!!


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