Lemon Bark

Lemon Bark is light and delicious!

As I mentioned yesterday I am on a little bit of a bark streak!  Candy bark that is.  I love making candy and thanks to my friend April who taught me how to make candy years ago I actually prefer it to making cookies at the holidays.  I am a little picky about my cookies and really think cookies are only worth the calories when they are fresh and warm out of the oven.  Candy, however, is worth the calories all the time – days and weeks later.

So I prefer to give out candy plates during the holidays!  This year I think I am going to be doing a trio of candy barks – Reindeer Corn Cookie Bark, today’s recipe, Lemon Bark, and one more that you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read about!

During the year I am always on the lookout for cute containers to put my candy in.  Last year I picked up this cute bowl at Home Goods (one of my favorite stores!!) In fact, you may have noticed that I have a bit of a serving piece addiction and Home Goods is a great place to feed that addiction because the prices are so good!

Last Christmas I picked up this cute little bowl…

lemon bark

I think my Lemon Bark looks lovely in it.

Lemon Bark - perfect for gift giving

In fact, it looks so nice I think I will just have to keep that cute little snowman bowl for myself along with the fun Happy Holidays cake stand I picked up at Tai Pan on my visit there over Thanksgiving!  How many cake stands does one girl need – a LOT!

lemon bark
Now, I could just put the lemon bark into clear cellophane bags and tie them with some festive ribbon.  Not bad.

lemon bark

But that is just a little too boring for my taste and not quite pretty enough!  So this year my lemon bark is going to go into these pretty little treat bags from Elle’s Studio.

You may remember that I used some darling treat bags at my Halloween party in October from Elle’s Studio too. They were the perfect container for my candy corn bar.   All you do is download the file and then print at home.  They are easy to put together with a little double sided tape.

If you think you need some of these cute little treat bags too, head on over to Your Homebased Parties where Elle’s Studio is sponsoring a giveaway for two free holiday downloads.  I also created a fun holiday banner using another download from Elle’s – check it out over at Your Homebased Parties too!

So now for the recipe, if you want to call it that!  It is so simple.

Finely chop 2/3 cup of lemon drops (I used my food processor).

crushed lemon heads

Melt 1 pound of white Almond Bark and add in crushed lemon drops, reserving a few tablespoons to sprinkle on the top.

Spread the Almond Bark onto a wax paper covered cookie sheet and spread into an even layer.

Lemon Bark

Sprinkle with reserved crushed lemon drops before the bark sets up.

Lemon Bark

Allow to set up and then break bark into pieces.


So you decide -boring or pretty!

Lemon Bark
Recipe type: Candy
  • ⅔ C crushed lemon drops
  • 1 pound white almond bark
  1. Crush lemon drops, reserving 2-3 Tbsp to sprinkle on top
  2. Melt almond bark in microwave
  3. Line cookie sheet with wax paper
  4. Add crushed lemon drops into melted almond bark
  5. Pour and spread evenly on a wax paper lined cookie sheet
  6. Sprinkle reserved crushed lemon drops on top
  7. Allow to harden and then break into pieces
  8. If you have any left over lemon drops you will want to use them to make these wonderful Lemon Drop cookies!!



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  1. Valerie H. says

    You are giving me great ideas Leigh Anne! Last night my husband had a High Priest leadership meeting at our house. I gave out hand dipped chocolates that I made earlier in the day. I told them that this year I am not giving out the one billion and one cookie plates that I do every year. I think I will do the bark and put them in the cute treat bags.

    Also, I love Home Goods store too! It’s one of my favorite places to shop. A lot of times I go there for a special holiday plate to put goodies on for the ladies I visit teach. I’d be lost without Home Goods. They have great items.

    Thanks for sharing your bark recipes and festive ideas!

  2. says

    Love it!
    Love it!
    Love it!
    I am so making this…perhaps for my coworkers!!!
    You are so inspiring. Can I move in & be your new bff?
    I’m a 6ft tall red head w/ a whiney 3 yo old…I’ll blend…I promise :>)

  3. Stephanie says

    I just found your blog and love all the great ideas and recipes. I was checking out Home Goods blog and have a quick question. Are they part of TJ Maxx? I live near Salem in Oregon. We have one of those, not sure about Home Goods though. Thanks.

  4. MelanieL says

    This is my next candy bark to try…with my love for all things lemon and with the way my cupid cookie bark turned out, you’ve turned me into a “bark” lover!!


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