Candy Corn Blessings

Candy Corn Blessings

 A fun thanksgiving tradition…..candy corn blessings. Being the candy corn lover I am, I do consider it a blessing in my life but that really isn’t what today’s post is about.  Candy Corn Blessings is a fun tradition our family has been doing at the Thanksgiving dinner table for years.  In fact I shared this idea with you back in 2008 but today you get a redone version with cute printables to use too. At a recent activity I did with the girls from church they each put together enough [Continue Reading…]

Candy Corn Ice Cream Floats

Candy Corn Ice Cream Floats

Looking for a quick and easy treat for a Halloween Party?  I’ve got you covered today.  Ice cream is always a hit at a party, especially when it looks like candy corn! All you  need to create these cute candy corn ice cream floats are some vanilla ice cream, lemon ice cream, orange sherbet and some lemon lime soda.  Yellow ice cream can be a bit of a challenge to find but Kroger has a yummy lemon ice cream that worked great. I put a scoop of each into a [Continue Reading…]

Candy Corn Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Candy Corn Hot CHocolate Stirrer

So it is that time of year.  Candy Corn time!  It seems like everywhere you look on Pinterest someone has made their version of candy corn something.  I know I’ve done my fair share of candy corn  treats.  I couldn’t let candy corn season go buy this year without another one.  How about some candy corn hot chocolate on a stick! How cute is this!  The best part is, it tastes yummy too.  I had a little too much fun photographing these cute little things so excuse the photo overload [Continue Reading…]

Candy Corn Kettle Corn

Candy Corn Kettle Corn

One of my favorite smells at the local Farmer’s Market or fair is the smell of Kettle Corn being made.  I simply can’t resist it! Since the Farmer’s market or fair aren’t always open or available when my craving for Kettle Corn hits I simply make a batch at home.  It is so easy.  Given my obsession with candy corn I decided to dress up my kettle corn with a candy corn version. You are going to make your kettle corn the old fashion way.  On top of the stove [Continue Reading…]

Crazy for Candy Corn

Candy Corn

You either love it or you  hate it – that is how most people feel it.  I am a lover.  Yes, I love that cute little candy and get so excited when I spot the first bag of the season at the store! Over the years I’ve shared several fun candy corn ideas and recipes with you so I decided to round them all up for you in one place today!  You’re welcome!! For those non lovers maybe you know someone who loves the cute little candy and share with [Continue Reading…]

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

Candy Corn Cookies

My obsession with candy corn continues with Candy Corn Sugar Cookies. Just in case you thought Candy Corn Cakes, Candy Corn Cupcakes, Candy Corn Cookie Bark, Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats, Candy Corn Pretzels and White Chocolate Candy Corn Popcorn was not enough, today I have Candy Corn Sugar Cookies for you! In addition to being a sucker for anything resembling candy corn I am also a sucker for a new sugar cookie recipe.  When my friend Mariel of Or So She Says, posted that she had the BEST sugar [Continue Reading…]

Candy Corn Cake and Tutorial

Candy Corn mini cake

It’s that time of year again – Candy Corn time!! I am one of  “those.”  A candy corn lover.  It’s not just that I like the way they taste but I love how cute they are!!  That’s the best part.   I pretty much love anything that is candy corn shaped or in any way shape or form resembles candy corn. If you have spent any time on Pinterest you know that ombre is all the rage.  Ombre being where color is graduated from light to dark.  When I saw these [Continue Reading…]

Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween Party Treat Ideas

So we are in full party mode at our house. This Saturday I am doing a party stylist job – a fun, pretty, pink bridal shower! In addition to the party planning, set up, decorating, picture taking etc. I’m also making snickerdoodle muffins, raspberry lemon muffins (coming next Muffin Monday) and Pioneer Women’s Asian Noodle Salad for the brunch.  We have some fun things planned and I can’t wait to share the pictures with you next week! Later that evening we are hosting the Thespian Halloween Monster Bash at our [Continue Reading…]

Candy Corn Banner

Candy Corn Burlap Banner

So you know about my love affair with candy corn. Has there ever been a cuter candy?  I don’t think so! A few weeks ago my friend Meg and I got together to get a little crafty.  Look at the cute candy corn banner we made! The candy corn are cut out of natural color burlap (burlap now comes in all kinds of fun colors).  We used acrylic paint and a sponge brush to paint on the yellow, orange and white paint. I used some jute twine to string them [Continue Reading…]