25 Refreshing Summer Salads

25 Refreshing Summer Salads

It’s been in the 80’s in Portland this week so I think summer has arrived.  The warm weather always puts me in the mood for some good salads and today we’ve got a delicious roundup of Summer Salads to help you in your meal planning in the coming months.  When the days start to get long & hot, I have no desire to cook. I dread having to turn on my oven & heat up the house anymore than it already is! One of my favorite go-to dishes in the [Continue Reading…]

Lemon and Summer Fruit Salad

lemon and summer fruit salad

I love it when a friend or a blog reader tries a new recipe and they send me the recipe because they think I will like it too. (hint, hint) That is how I got today’s recipe for Lemon and Summer Fruit Salad.  Blog reader Rachel sent me this knowing my love affair with anything lemon.  In fact one of my favorite lemon recipes of all times was given to me by Rachel.  If you haven’t tried the lemon cheesecake bars you must, must must!! This fruit uses summer fruit [Continue Reading…]

Lemon, Fruit and Spinach Salad

Lemon and Fruit Spinach Salad

Since I started the week out with a lemon recipe – pink lemonade cupcakes, I thought I would just keep up the lemon trend. You know what a fan of lemon I am. Today’s recipe is a  Lemon, Fruit and Spinach Salad that my daughter had at a friends.  She came home raving about it and brought the recipe with her!  I’ve trained her well. The weather is getting warmer here in Portland (although I’m enjoying the warm weather in Utah right now) and some days it feels like summer [Continue Reading…]

Chicken Napa Salad

Chinese Cabbage Salad

So we have been adjusting to an empty nest.  I have found one of the biggest adjustments is the way I cook. We have a lot more leftovers than we use to have.  My husband doesn’t mind because he knows he will have something other than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to take to work for lunch the next day. One of my favorite, quick and easy summer dinner ideas is a Chicken Salad.  Just pick up a rotisserie chicken at Costco or the local grocery store and use [Continue Reading…]

BBQ Chicken Salad


Earlier this week I posted a recipe for Cheesy Bread.  The picture included a salad I had made for dinner the night I served the bread – it was BBQ Chicken Salad.  I have had numerous requests for the recipe after posting the photo here and on Facebook. It is really more of a list of ingredients than a recipe but here it is! It is the perfect summer salad.  Easy to put together and delicious.  It is so good in fact I made it again this week for my [Continue Reading…]

The Perfect Summer Salad


A few weeks ago my friend Sherra was describing this amazing salad she had just had at Paradise Bakery.  Since Sherra typically doesn’t eat anything green I figured it must be a really good salad if she liked it! After she described it I had to google it and find a recipe for it.  She was right – it is great.  It is a perfect summer salad because it incorporates all kinds of yummy fruit – some canned and some fresh.   Not only is it yummy, it is so pretty with all [Continue Reading…]