Back to School Apple Donuts

apple donuts

This year may be the last first day of school that we ever have.  Our baby will start her senior year of college.  We’ve had a lot of first days of school at our house. It’s been about twenty five first days of school if my math is right.  So unless someone decides to go back for a graduate degree (we have two of those already) we may be done with back to school. The first day of school is just not the same when they are off at college and there [Continue Reading…]

Ruler Donuts & Ruler Tray Tutorial

Ruler Donuts

This month’s 10 Creative Blogs Blog Hop was a bit of challenge for me.  The theme was rulers since it is back to school time. Trying to come up with a food idea to go along with the ruler theme was hard!  Come check out what I came up with and then go visit all my other friends to see their ruler ideas! One of my favorite back to school activities has been our Back to School Breakfast.  Having a special treat the first day of school is always fun [Continue Reading…]

Back to School Breakfast

Back to School Breakfast

School starts for my college girls on Monday, August 27th. Just 3 days after our Wedding Carnival. It’s going to be a crazy weekend. This next Sunday we will pile everything we can into our car and the girls and I will drive to Provo, Utah. Yes, that is about 36 hours after the Wedding Carnival.  We will be getting Tessa to her new college apartment a mere 12 hours before she starts her first class. We’ll all a little stressed about this and I don’t think there will be [Continue Reading…]

Back to School Breakfast -2011

BACK TO SCHOOL Breakfast.jpg

Today is the first day of school for kids here in Portland.  Except there isn’t anyone at my house starting school today.    My college kids started last week and my law school kid started two weeks ago. So I borrowed some kids to celebrate the first day of school around here.  Monday morning Jim and I hosted a back to school breakfast for some of our neighbor kids. I made a quick trip to the Dollar Store for some decoration items and then combined them with things I had around [Continue Reading…]

Back to School Breakfast


Today is a sad day. It is the last first day of school we will have at our house. My baby begins her senior year of high school today. To mark this momentous occasion and in an effort not to be too sad I decided to host a back to school breakfast for Tessa and two of her friends. But I am a realistic too.  I knew that there was no way I would get three teenage girls up and ready for a nice sit down breakfast before school starts [Continue Reading…]