Prayers for Megan and a Special Request


I have a favor to ask. Just over a month ago, Megan entered the hospital to give birth to her first baby.  After routine blood work they discovered that Megan  has AML which is Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  After holding her newborn baby for a very short time Megan was taken to a local cancer center where she has been undergoing very aggressive treatments to save her life.  She has had two rounds of chemo and is preparing for a bone marrow transplant. Megan is married to a friend of my [Continue Reading…]

General Tso’s Chicken & Green Beans


We’ve got a bumper crop of green beans this year.  Fortunately my husband staggered the planting so they are not all ripening at once! I have been going through all my stand by green bean recipes and trying out a few new ones too. A couple of our favorites are: Pan Seared Green Beans – had these this week and I had forgotten how yummy they are! Tropical Green Beans Last week was my husband’s birthday so I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner.  His usual response [Continue Reading…]

Cul de Sac Girls


Last week, a few nights before we left for Utah, Cali had a cul de sac girl reunion.  Growing up there were five girls Cali’s age within a 3 house radius.  They went through elementary, middle school and high school together.  Two of the girls families have now moved away from the cul de sac, there have been divorces, deaths, all kinds of “life happens” kind of stuff.  The girls have gone off to college, studied in foreign countries, gotten jobs and one of them will even graduate this year.  [Continue Reading…]

S’mores Bar


In my last post I shared the Popcorn Bar we had at the birthday party I recently hosted. Well, before they watched the movie in the backyard the kids wanted to have a fire and make s’mores so I put together a s’mores bar for the party too.  Yikes – two bars at a party for high school kids!!  Ha, ha!! The s’mores bar consisted of five different kinds of marshmallows. We had regular marshmallows in both regular size and JUMBO.  There were strawberry marshmallows as well as chocolate and [Continue Reading…]

Popcorn Bar


As I mentioned the other day Tessa and I recently hosted a birthday party for her sweet friend Katy Jo. Katy Jo’s mother recently passed away so we wanted to be sure and make this birthday extra special for Katy Jo.  I never met Katy Jo’s mother but I wanted to do for Katy Jo what I  hoped someone would do for my daughter in this situation.  Love her and celebrate her. I think the biggest hit of the party was the popcorn bar.  The kids were going to watch [Continue Reading…]

Cake Bunting

Make your Own Cake Bunting in minutes!

Make your own cake bunting in minutes with these easy to follow directions. Dress up any cake for any occasion. A week or so ago my friend Meg sent me a picture of a darling cake bunting.  I immediately fell in love and knew I needed to have one. It just so happened that Tessa and I were planning a birthday party for one of her friends so I had the perfect opportunity to make my first cake bunting. You may be wondering, “O.K. Leigh Anne, what is a cake [Continue Reading…]

Sundried Tomato Pesto Palmiers

sundried tomato and pesto palmier

One of the savory treats I served at the recent baby shower I hosted were some yummy sundried tomato pesto palmiers.    A palmier means palm tree in French.  Called such probably because of its shape. They  look pretty fancy but are actually quite easy to make when you use store bought puff pastry. You can actually fill them with lots of yummy things. This time I used a sundried tomato pesto which I bought ready made from Trader Joe’s.  If you are not lucky enough to have one near you, [Continue Reading…]

Finding 50}Days 218-231


This last week I was so busy showing you all my pretty photos from Paris I neglected to share my Finding 50 daily pretty with you.  So today you get two weeks worth of pretty.  The last few weeks we have truly been enjoying the prettiness of the Pacific Northwest.  It is weeks like these that keep us going during the somewhat rainy, dreary winter weeks. Despite the rains we LOVE living in the Northwest and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  So enjoy  the pretties I found in Portland and [Continue Reading…]

St. Louie Ooey Gooey Cake and a Vintage Baby Shower


This ooey gooey cake was the perfect addition to my recent baby shower.  Everyone loved it! Earlier this month I hosted a baby shower for a new mom from church. Every woman who has a baby deserves a party. The menu included: Fruit salsa and cinnamon chips Pita chips and hummus Sun dried tomato pesto palmiers (recipe coming) Lovely lime cupcakes and today’s recipe St. Louie Ooey Gooey Cake. For more details on the party and all the pretty decorations head on over to Your Homebased Parties.  But here is a little [Continue Reading…]