April, May, June 2015 Recommended Reads

April, May June 2015 Recommended Reads

Today I am sharing my list of Recommended Reads from April, May and June of 2015.  I didn’t read a ton but there are some good ones on the list.  As always, I’d love for  you to leave a comment and let me know what you’ve been reading and loving. April Recommended Reads Me Before You by Jojo Moyes was recommended by one of you and I liked it, didn’t love it.  It is by the same author of another book I read, The Girl You Left Behind which I enjoyed [Continue Reading…]

January, February and March 2015 Recommended Reads

What I read in January, February and March of 2015.  Add them to your list!

The other day when I was looking for a new book to read I realized it had been 3 months since I posted a reading list.  I love to back to my old Recommended Read posts and read your comments for new book recommendations.  I love sharing what I have been reading but I love it even more when you leave me a comment and let me know what you have been reading.  It’s been a busy first quarter so I haven’t read as many books as I usually do. [Continue Reading…]

20 Top Books of the Past 10 Years

Top 20 Books

  Sharing my 20 Top Books I’ve read in the 10 Past Years Last week I shared with you my Top Tips on How to Read More this Year.   For the past several years I have shared with a list of the books I’ve read each  year.  Today I wanted to share with you some of my all time favorite books, at least from the last ten years! Do you keep track of the books you read each year? I’ve been keeping a list since 1998. If you don’t keep a list, [Continue Reading…]

How to Read More Books This Year

read more books this year

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know how I feel about reading.  I love to read. My love for reading comes from my mother.  She is an avid reader and as children she would take us to the public library almost every Saturday to pick up a new pile of books.  As a young girl I loved reading biographies of famous women and of course, Nancy Drew!  Mysteries were always a favorite of mine.  As I have gotten older my tastes have grown more [Continue Reading…]

October, November and December 2014 Recommended Reads


This Fall was a busy one with lots of different projects and unfortunately not a lot of reading got done.  In fact when I went to put my list together for the last quarter of 2014 I was shocked to see that I didn’t complete any books in December.  Shame on me! I started a few but didn’t finish them.  I think the reason is I decided to watch all the seasons of Parenthood and that took up my reading time!!  Must do better next year. Be sure and leave me [Continue Reading…]

July, August, September 2014 Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads

Time for another Recommended Reads post!  I hope you enjoy seeing what I’ve read because I know I really enjoy hearing from you what you’ve been reading. I’m not sure what h appened in July but it must have been a busy month because I only got one book read! July Recommended Reads The Girl in the Blue Dress by Gaynor Arnold.  The one book I read in July was for Book Club and I liked it, I didn’t love it.  By the author’s own account this is a work [Continue Reading…]

May & June 2014 Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads

I’m a little late with this Recommended Reads post.  I like to do them every two months and it’s almost time for the July & August one so I figured I better get this one done! I’ve got some good books for you this time!  What have you been reading lately?  Be sure and leave me a comment to let me go.  I love hearing what you are reading and I add many of them to my list! May Recommended Reads Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford.  This book was [Continue Reading…]

March & April 2014 Recommended Reads

March & April books

Time for an update on my recommended reads. The thing I love most about these Recommended Read posts is when you share with me in the comments what you’ve been reading lately.  I do keep track of the books you recommend and add them to my list! I made some good choices on what to read in March & April and I’m excited to share them with you.   So here we go: March Recommended Reads Speaking from Among the Bones by Alan Bradley is a continuation with the fun Flavia [Continue Reading…]

January and February 2014 Recommended Reads


It’s time for a  Recommended Reads post!   My favorite thing about this type of post is when you share with me what you’ve been reading.  I get a lot of my book recommendations from you!  Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been reading lately.  Be sure and leave a comment and let me know. January Recommended Reads Tell the Wolves I’m  Home by Carol Rifka Brunt was my first book for 2014.  I am still not sure if I really liked it.  It is a story of love, grief, [Continue Reading…]