White Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

White Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie Bars @yourhomebasedmom.com

Pecan Pie is not just for Thanksgiving.  You are going to want to enjoy these White Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars all year round! *This post is sponsored for One2One Network on behalf of ACH Food and Karo® Corn Syrup.  I am partnering with them as a Become a Better Baker Blog ambassador.* I was lying in bed reading in the evening after having made these White Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars. My husband had been out and I heard him come into the house.  A few minutes later I heard him [Continue Reading…]

20 Cookie Recipes Everyone Should Have

20 cookie recipes everyone should have!

There are certain recipes that every cook or baker should have and today I am sharing 20 Cookie Recipes Everyone Should Have! Do you follow me on Instagram?  Please do!  I share lots of pretty and delicious over there. Every one should have a complete and proper repertoire of cookie recipes. Today I’m sharing with you  20 Cookie Recipes Everyone Should Have, or at least I think they should have!  Most of these recipes are ones I have been making for years because they are classics.  You probably have many similar [Continue Reading…]

Triple Chocolate Mint Cookies

Triple Chocolate Mint Cookies

Celebrate St. Paddy’s day or any day with these yummy triple chocolate mint cookies. So when my kids were young and living at home I pretty much ignored St. Patrick’s Day. Call me a bad mother if you must.   Even though I have Irish blood in me, it just wasn’t my thing.  Some years  I didn’t even wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m a bit of a rebel!  But living in the blogging world that I do, I’m not sure I could call myself a real blogger if [Continue Reading…]

BYU Mint Brownies

BYU Mint Brownies

I’ve spent the last 10 days in Utah, the home of my college alma mater.  One of my favorite things to do when I visit there is buy a BYU Mint Brownie in The Wilkinson Center.  With today’s recipe I can make them at home too.  This recipe was originally posted August, 2008.  Enjoy the recipe and some pretty new pictures. After a long drive we have arrived in Provo, Utah.  Cali is moved into her dorm and we are enjoying our last couple of days with her visiting some [Continue Reading…]

Lemon Thumbprint Cookies

Lemon Thumbprint Cookies

When I shared my recipe for lemon curd last week I promised a few recipes using that lemon curd.  I keep my promises.   These Lemon Thumbprint Cookies are the perfect way to use some of that lemon curd. And I’m always looking for excuses to use that yummy sunshine on a spoon. The dough for this cookie is a combination of powdered sugar,  finely ground walnuts, flour and cornstarch which makes for a very light, melt in your mouth cookie.  They are little too so you can eat lots and [Continue Reading…]

The Perfect Rice Krispie Treat

Rice Krispie Treats

Do you think you know how to make a Rice Krispie Treat?  Today I’m sharing a few secrets on how to make the Perfect Rice Krispie Treat. Everyone knows how to make Rice Krispie Treats right?  You just follow the directions on the back of the marshmallow package or the cereal box.  You can do that and you will get an average Rice Krispie Treat.  Today I want to share with you a few secrets on how to get the Perfect Rice Krispie Treats.  Who wants to be average when [Continue Reading…]

Oatmeal Carmelitas


The other day I was having a major chocolate and caramel craving.  No amount of water or healthy eating could satisfy the craving.  So I caved. I made a batch of Oatmeal Carmelitas.  When I went to get the recipe I realized it wasn’t on the blog!  How could such a cookie staple not be on my blog.  Oatmeal Carmelitas is a recipe that any serious baker/cookie maker should have in their baking repertoire! Oatmeal Carmelitas are a classic.  I have made them for years and years.  The original recipe [Continue Reading…]

Chocolate Dipped Meringue Cookies

Meringue Hearts

Creating the perfect meringue cookies is easy with this step by step tutorial.I love meringue.  I love the taste of it, the texture of it and I love that it is naturally gluten free.  I’m not gluten free but several people in my family are so it is a cookie that we can all  enjoy.  I also love how light and airy it feels in my mouth – there must not be any calories in it, right?  As far as cookies go, it is pretty low calorie and there is no [Continue Reading…]

Pistachio Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Pistachio & Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

The name of this cookie may be a mouthful but y our mouth will love these cookies! Today I am participating in a fun Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap which was hosted by Julie Espy of White Lights on Wednesday who puts together all those amazing roundup posts here on the blog.  I chose one of my favorite Christmas cookies and gave that recipe to another blogger and then they gave me one of their favorite cookie recipes.  We then make each other’s recipe!  Lucky me got matched up with Aubrey [Continue Reading…]