You Can Make This – Really!!

For several years I ran a children’s sewing school out of my home.  Twice a week I would have 30-35 children (mostly girls) in my home where I taught them to sew.  I had to find someway to put that Clothing & Textiles degree to use!

I was always amazed that the majority of the mothers of my students knew how to sew themselves but they chose to pay me to teach their children.  At the time I was the mother of small children and my understanding of certain aspects of mothering was rather limited.  As my own children grew I quickly realized that many times the smarter and easier thing to do is to pay someone else to teach your children certain skills.

I was sure though that I could teach my own girls to sew – couldn’t I?  Well, I am ready to confess to  you today that I couldn’t and I didn’t!  I did make a few attempts.  There was the summer we pieced a simple quilt together and the time we made pajama bottoms for a youth activity at church.

But can my girls actually sew a real piece of clothing, put in a zipper or make a buttonhole?  No!  And evidently one other thing my college daughter can’t do is thread a sewing machine.

As part of her theater class she has been volunteering at the local high school helping with one of their theater productions.  She was asked to help with costumes and actually sew a few!  One day I received a phone call from her, asking me how to thread a sewing machine.  I knew then that I had failed.

So over the phone I tried to explain to her how to thread the machine and put the bobbin in.  Thanks to technology and a few texted pictures she figured it out.

While attending a conference in Utah in September I met Kris and Kim.  Not only are they darling (they are identical twins!) but they are brilliant!  They have come up with an answer for all of us mothers who didn’t manage to teach our daughters to sew or for those of you whose mother’s didn’t teach you to sew!

They have created an amazing website called You Can Make This.  Through their site you can purchase down-loadable patterns and instructions for hundreds of projects.  You download the patterns right onto your computer, print them out and you are ready to go.  The patterns have wonderful step by step directions and photographs!  The site is not all about sewing though, there are lots of other fun craft projects and there are directions and recipes for baking a pie, decorating a cake and making cookie bouqets!!  A virtual Home Ec class!

You can subscribe to their monthly newsletter to receive FREE monthly down-loadable patterns too.  One of the free patterns this month was for a darling reversible headband.  I decided they would be the perfect thing to make for the girls in the class I teach at church.  I downloaded the pattern and instructions, printed them off and couldn’t believe how easy it was.  Even for an experienced sewer as myself,  having easy to follow directions and pictures is great!

I am excited to share with you that Kris and Kim will also be sponsoring a giveaway here at Your HomeBased Mom.  I will have more info on that in a post to follow this one!  Be sure and enter to win the giveaway valued at $50.00!

In addition to their website they also have a blog where you can get more great ideas!  Last week they posted a video on how to turn the headbands into a darling flower bouquet.  I followed the directions and look what I made!

headband bouquet

flower bouquet 2

Here’s Tessa with one on – aren’t they cute!?

Tessa headband

I can’t wait to try some of the other patterns – I think one of the darling apron patterns will be next!!

You can check out their site by clicking on their button that is on the right hand side of the blog – let me know what project you are going to start with!!

Be sure and enter the giveaway they are sponsoring for $50.00 of down-loadable patterns by scrolling on down to the next post!

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  1. says

    Those are adorable! I have all boys so far, but I might just have to try making some for my cute nieces. It is such a cute idea to present them tied up like a flower. Love it!

  2. Tessa says

    Wow, is all I can say. I love to craft and wish I had more time to do so. I can’t wait to check out the site and get a lot of ideas. Thanks.

  3. Joanne says

    My daughter has been begging for a new apron since she is outgrowing hers and it’s for “little” girls! (She’s 5 now and VERY big! LOL). I would love to make these items.

  4. Annalece says

    LEIGH ANNE! I’m so glad you found me…and as a result I found you! Ok…problem…I just got onto this website (YCMT) and was instantly obsessed…uh oh. Those head bands are adorable…the aprons, to die for…and the she loves me knot bag???? oh my goodness!!! I already have my fabric in mind for that one! But do you think it’s too hard for me? Oh dear…this domestic thing is more fun than I thought it would be! xoxo!

  5. says

    I was very interested in this post since I enjoy sewing, but my daughter doesn’t….yet. I get motivated by seeing patterns along with the finished product made from the pattern. Thanks for the chance to enter this contest.

  6. says

    WOW this blog thing is so great! Thanks for the ideas. I think I will put this in my girls stocking to w/ a coupon to make them sometime. I think I found your link through Secret in the Sauce (sorry new to this whole blog thing!) thanks again.

  7. Ann says

    Thanks for the tip on the You Can Make This site! I’ve picked out several things I will make over my Christmas break from school!

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