Winter Wonderland and Cookie Baking Time!

We are having some unusual weather here in Portland – snow!  A few days of snow once every couple of years is normal for Portland – not 7 straight days of snow!  For the second Sunday in a row church has been cancelled.

As a result, our backyard has turned into a Winter Wonderland and we have had lots of time for baking!  I thought I’d share a few pictures of the magic all the snow has created in our backyard and what we’ve been up to in the kitchen.

Winter WOnderland (5)

Winter WOnderland (2)

Winter WOnderland (3)

As you can imagine the kids have had a great time playing out in the snow – even my big kids.  Snow is still considered a novelty around here!

We ended up with a house full of neighbor kids on Saturday as they came in to warm up and have some hot chocolate so I decided to put them to work – helping me bake cookies.

Cooking Baking (1)

We made a batch of Lemon Drops, Snowballs, Snickers Cookies and Almond Sugar Cookies;

Cooking Baking (2)

Cooking Baking

And if you get really lucky you will have a sweet five year old neighbor like I do who loves to do dishes!!

Cooking Baking

Of course, the big boys, were too busy to help with the baking….

Cooking Baking (3)

There was ballgames to be watched and naps to taken!

Cooking Baking (4)

Let it snow!

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    Your home looks very inviting! I fondly remember the days when cookie baking was a neighborhood event, too. Don’t recall I ever had such a willing dishwasher though! Lucky you! A house bustling with the activity and laughter of children is something we miss. My son-in-law just yesterday suggested to Marci, my daughter, that they should rent-a-kid! Their two are not older teenagers…and the excitement of even shopping for a young child is missing. Not that their house isn’t bustling with activity, but it’s not the same as that of a 5 year old or even of a ten year old. I remember that transition…

    Thankfully, I have a great-grandson arriving from Southern California Christmas Eve…and a new baby (from Denmark) and a 1 year old from the Bay Area, too! A new generation! Merry Christmas!

  2. says

    Forgot to mention how beautiful that snow looks. We have to go to Tahoe to find such scenes. If and when it snows here it doesn’t last long enough to take a picture. I went to college in Portland – love that city, although the rigorous academic life at Reed didn’t allow much time for exploring.

  3. says

    What a great day you had!!!

    Today Church got canceled which meant the children’s program was canceled as well… We have been creating gifts and beginning to wrap presents… My boys just get too cold to stay out for more than about 5-10 minutes… And it is still snowing.. This is crazy snow!

  4. says

    What a super way to spend a snow-bound day. In Scotland we don’t have this tradition of cookie baking at Christmas but I like the idea of it – especially the way recipes get shared and passed on from generation to generation. It’s just not the same opening a packet from the store :)

  5. says

    You think your neighbor would rent out her little dishwasher? LOL. I agree with Joan, your home looks very warm and inviting. Just the place you want to spend a cold snowy day – baking and eating cookies, then watching the big game and taking a nap. What could be better?

    Oh yes, that 5 yr old dishwasher!!

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