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If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that my blog is all about sharing. I enjoy sharing with you my life and everything that I love about life – food, parties, crafts, my family,everything pretty and delicious.  I love that you take the time out of your busy daily lives to share some of it with me.

Something I do not actively share on on my blog is my religion.  But my religion is a large part of my life, it is my life.  It is not just something I do on Sunday.  It effects every aspect of my life -my attitude, my lifestyle, my choices, my mothering, my marriage etc.

Through all of this sharing you have probably figured out that I am a Mormon (a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.) There has been a lot of “Mormon” talk in the media lately because of a particular presidential candidate. (I don’t blog about politics either) Much of that talk has been good, some of it not so good and I realize there may be a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings about what we as Mormons, truly believe. Whenever I have a question about a certain topic I like to go to the source. When I have a legal question I don’t ask my doctor just as when you have a question about Mormons you shouldn’t ask your Catholic friend, you should ask your Mormon friend and I hope that I am your Mormon friend.

Recently I joined together with an amazing group of women bloggers, who also all just happen to be Mormons. You may recognize some of them on the list. Many of my favorite bloggers are on this list. There are a lot of Mormon bloggers out there. Every wondered why? You may find this post by Mormon Blogger Sydney of Daybook interesting.

In an effort to combat  the negativity and uplift and inspire and help answer your questions about Mormonism, Mariel from Or So She Says asked a group of Mormon bloggers to share their testimonies about the church and a few of our most favorite scriptures.  I am honored to be part of that group.
Mormon bloggers

If you’ve ever wondered why I’m Mormon—or why anyone is Mormon—now is your chance to find out. Because this project involves thoughts and stories dear to our hearts, we are making it available only to those who truly wish to read them. On that note, please respect our beliefs as I promise to do the same.

Book of Mormon mommy bloggers
Here’s how it works:

If you are genuinely interested in learning more about why many of your favorite bloggers are Mormon, send an email with your name and address to me at yourhomebasedmom@gmail.com.  You can also just ask me a question that I will be happy to answer in an email or you can receive the packet we have put together. 

Due to the nature of this post, please keep your comments upbeat and kind. We are lucky to live in a free country where we are able to share our feelings and thoughts, whether or not we all agree, so let’s please encourage one another and help each other along this journey of life 😉

Please feel free to privately email me any questions you might like an answer to.

If you’d like to receive the packet here’s what you’ll receive:

A packet filled with the personal thoughts of the following bloggers:

Mariel ~ Or So She Says
Leigh Anne ~ Your Homebased Mom
Megan ~ Brassy Apple
Reachel ~ Cardigan Empire
Carrian ~ Sweet Basil
Melissa ~ 320 Sycamore
Shandra ~ Deals to Meals
Kristyn ~ Lil’ Luna
Kelli ~ Lolly Jane
Stephanie ~ Somewhat Simple
Becky ~ UCreate
Arianne ~ Still Parenting
Shawni ~ 71 Toes
Lindsey ~ The R House
Melanie ~ Sugardoodle
Shelley ~ How Does She? 
Caroline ~  Armelle Blog

Along with the blogger packet, you will find our favorite scriptures and a free copy of The Book of Mormon. Why a copy of The Book of Mormon? It would be pretty difficult to truly understand us without it. It is, as we like to say, the keystone of our religion. From Mariel:

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It is the ancient records of prophets who lived in the Americas before, during and after Christ’s time on earth. Honestly, I think it’s the coolest book ever.

And FYI, if you do request a packet, I will not use your address for any purpose other than sending your packet.  No strings attached!   If missionaries show up on your doorstep, blame it on or thank someone else.

Also, this weekend is kind of a big deal for us Mormons.  Twice a year we are able to enjoy General Conference.  We get to stay home, in our jammies, and watch and listen to the leaders of our church provide us with counsel and guidance on TV.  It is truly one of my favorite weekends of the year.  If you get BYU TV (Channel 290 at our house) you too can tune in and listen.  The Mormon Tabernacle choir will be singing!

General sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. MST

Here’s a quick little video that explains a little more about General Conference.


Leigh Anne
Hi – I’m Leigh Anne! I have been a homebased mom for 30 years since my first baby boy was born! I love working with women and helping to inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams while still maintaining motherhood and family as their number one priority. I blog about everything I enjoy – creating treats and meals in my kitchen, spending time in my garden, entertaining and party planning, reading, self improvement and tips and ideas on style and fashion.
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Leigh Anne

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  1. says

    what a nice thing to share!! by the way, I HAVE noticed that most of my favorite bloggers are LDS. I love that you (and they) share their values and beliefs, because they are just great and wonderful things to be proud of. I especially love my favorite Mormon fashion bloggers, they show that great style can be modest!!!

  2. Kathleen says

    Thank you for sharing! I am a Mormon and you inspire me! I’d love a list of all your favorite scriptures!! 😀

  3. says

    What a great idea!!! to share our beliefs with others through doing this!! It is so amazing that once I started looking at blogs most of the ones I stumlbed across and fell in love with were done by LDS women just like me although I do enjoy many that aren’t as well. Such a great way to share with others what we believe!!!

  4. Tamara says

    Thank you Leigh Anne for your courage, strength, and sharing another part of who YOU really are. This is an AMAZING post and makes me feel warm inside. I so look forward to the words of our inspired leaders this weekend. In these days of uncertainty it is a blessing to know where to look and what we should hear. THANKS!

  5. Dana says

    I’ve always looked at your blog as educational as well as pretty and delicious – keep it up. You make learning fun.

  6. Mrs. Plank says

    I have been reading these posts and noticed a long time ago that there are many creative Mormon bloggers that I enjoy reading. I think its very admirable that you ladies are promoting your beliefs and way of life in this manner. It would be great if bloggers of other faiths could unite and provide the same respectful forum to share their beliefs. It would go a long way towards tearing down misconceptions about all different faiths. It would also be a great example to set as a group: that we can share and those that believe differently can also share and we can still walk away friends with a better understanding and respect for each other.

  7. says

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with everyone. Blogs are such a great way to share our feelings and favorite parts of life. It’s a blessing to be part of this too. I love it!

  8. says

    I think this is a wonderful idea, and I would be honored to be included if you ever do something like this again. Thank you so much for sharing. HUGS!

  9. Sherry says

    Thank you so much for your comments!! You expressed it so beautifully!! Couldn’t have said anything better myself! Very well done! love your inspiration and those of your fellow blogger-while I’m not good at that myself, I love reading others–I do well to follow pinterest and facebook and struggle with them at that ha ha ha! Thank you so much!!! What a great way to end my night!!!

  10. says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I really don’t know much about LDS and I appreciate learning more about this uniquely American religion. All I know is that the recipes come from a great mind! Thank you and keep up the wonderful job of being you.

  11. Rachel says

    Wow!! For some reason, I knew that some of the posts are most definitely from LDS. I have been a member since I was 8 years old. It was really wired for me though when my family decided to be converted to the church. For my first 8 years of my life —- my family certainly wasn’t the “ideal.” It was crazy difficult for my brothers & I to get adjusted to the “new lifestyle” that was the complete opposite of what we had been living. To be boldly honest, we didn’t enjoy or understand why we had to go to church every Sunday for three hours.
    As for now….. I have been inactive for about 21 years. I still long for the comfort and love that I felt when I was so young. Life has its own journey, and my life ….. Well…….
    I am ever so thankful for life’s lessons, and for my blessings that have been so generous to me. It hasn’t been easy, but maybe it would have been had I have stayed close to The Lord . I highly admire you for your strength & someday ……I will be back. We all learn in different ways, & I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have been blessed with.
    Love & blessings to all!!!


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